Sonic List: The Top Official/Semi-Official Sonic Pairings (Valentine’s Special)



I hate you Google Image. I put two Sonic characters in your search bar and you provide me with these horrifying images of Sonic couples. The safe search, it does nothing! Why are they inflated?! Why are they centaurs?! Why are those things a fetish?! GAAAAAH!

Anyway, it’s Valentine’s day, love (or some other foul stench) is in the air and it’s the perfect time to talk about everyone’s favorite Sonic relationships. While I’m sure there are many of you who like to ship their own fictional Sonic couples be it straight, gay or “call the police”, I wanted to focus on the ones that have been made official or even semi-official through the games, comics or cartoons be they full blown couples or just one-sided love interests. I’m not much of a shipper myself, but I wanted to look at them from a writer’s perspective to see what works about them. So in no particular order, here’s my list of what I personally think are the best couples in the Sonic Universe.

"I just wanna borrow it for a short time for...reasons."
“I just wanna borrow it for a short time for…reasons.”

Knuckles and Rouge

From the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack…

Yeah Rouge, she’s sexy and smooth.

A double-crossing thief that’s out for my jewel.

I feel for her in mysterious ways.

That’s why I stay on point like, every single day.

Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald. A task handed down to him by his family that he honors greatly because he is the last of his kind. He’ll protect the Master Emerald with his life. Then comes in Rouge, while being a spy for G.U.N., her other hobbies include being a treasure hunter and a jewel thief. One of those jewels she has an eye on is the Master Emerald itself. This makes for a VERY interesting relationship as they are both enemies that are attracted to one another giving a Batman/Catwoman vibe. Knuckles finds her attractive, but can never fully trust her while Rouge will flirt with him any chance she can get if it gets her closer to her prize. Does Rouge actually have feeling for him or is he just an obstacle to overcome? Will Knuckles give in to temptation? Can they ever get together or will the Master Emerald keep them apart? Who knows?

With Sonic drugged, the shapeshifter opened it's maw widely to consume his face.
With Sonic drugged, the shapeshifter opened it’s maw widely to consume his face.

Sonic and Sally (SATAM Only)

At one point in time, Sonic and Sally’s relationship was well written and warranted. Dr. Robotnik had completely taken over the world and the Freedom Fighters could only manage small victories for the most part. Even then, there would be times where they may shut down the power at Robotniks’ plant only to have his backup generators come online. They needed each other just to help cope with this post-apocalyptic world. They and the other Freedom Fighters were like family. She would help him try to be less impulsive and he would help her loosen up. You wanted them to find happiness in each other because there was so little happiness in their world.

Nowadays, it’s just not the same. In the comic, the full game cast is around, Eggman is usually on the losing end, Sally’s father has come back and their kingdom returned as well. In my eyes, there is no real need for this relationship as there once was and when it does come up, it tends to drag the book down horribly.  “Oh no! What will Sally wear on her first date with Sonic in over a year?!” Who the hell cares? Plus if she wasn’t a……..I’m gonna say it, Mary-Sue before, she sure is now. Always perfect, always self-sacrificing. When she feels bad and sobs, everyone has to feel sorry for her and pat her on the shoulder. It makes for a boring character. Sonic’s arrogant, Knuckles is gullible, Amy’s immature, where’s her flaws? Being too perfect?

I know there are many of you that are still fans of Sonic and Sally’s relationship in the comics and that’s fine, that’s great but I wonder just how much of that is holding on to what you loved in the cartoon rather than what’s in the book now? If you feel I’m wrong, let me know in the comments. I’d like to hear your side of this issue.

Love is "Gran"
Love is “Gran”

Eggman and Ella (Sonic X Comic)

Awww yeah! Make way for some B&B (big and beautiful) lovin’! One is near 300lbs of cellulite sexiness and the other is…Ella the maid. In Sonic X #34, after bribing his way into winning a contest for a pool party at the Thorndike’s home (the same Thorndikes he kidnapped a few issues before), Eggman was looking for Grandpa Chucks’ latest powerful engine he was keeping in his garage at the residence. This plan came to an abrupt end for him when he spotted the Thorndike’s maid Ella in a one piece bikini. He immediately became love struck, but his affections were not met in return. However, Ella did have a crush on Eggman’s luchador persona “El Gran Gordo” (NOTE: The Sonic X comics were really silly) making for a Superman/Lois-type love triangle. Unfortunately, this came at the end of the series, so it went no further. A shame since this kind of romantic situation could have proven most humorous, especially if it had happened in the cartoon as both characters were voiced by Mike Pollock.

"Call me in about 6 years"
“Call me in about 6 years”

Sonic and Amy Rose

Ah, the eternal chase! If there’s one thing Amy’s never kept secret, it’s her love for Sonic. If there’s one thing Sonic hasn’t kept secret, it’s that he’s just not interested in her like that….at least for now. Sonic is a free spirit who does not want to be tied down by anyone and Amy wants him to marry her….at the ripe old age of twelve. So what makes this One-sided relationship work? Their friendship in part. Sonic doesn’t hate Amy or push her away (unless she’s glomping onto him), he just sees her as a close (if a bit scary at times) friend. Amy keeps trying to get Sonic to be closer to her, but in the meantime, she has become a bit more independent and has become an adventurer in her own right. It’s as if she’s trying to make herself more desirable through self-improvement.

There’s some symbiosis here. Sonic keeping Amy at a distance makes her try harder to be more mature while Amy’s love for Sonic helps feed his ego. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if she actually ignored him for a while. Would that sudden lack of worship make him come after her? You kinda want them to get together and yet you don’t because it would ruin the dynamic they have. Yet if there’s one thing Amy has, it’s time. Sure, she’s too young and immature for Sonic now, but that will probably change over time even if we, the audience never get to see it. Sonic and Amy, keeping it platonic whether she wants it to or not.

"Lemme think. Girlfriend or dinner? Girlfriend or dinner? I can't decide!"
“Lemme think. Girlfriend or dinner? Girlfriend or dinner? I can’t decide!”

Vector and Vanilla (Sonic X Japanese Cut)

If you have only seen the 4Kids cut of Sonic X, you have missed this interesting dynamic to Vector’s character. In the original cut, Vector and the Chaotix went out into space to deliver some supplies to Sonic’s ship and to check up on Cream as a favor to Vanilla just because Vector’s a nice guy. In the Japanese cut, Vector does this favor because of a deep crush he has for Cream’s mom, going so far as to kidnap Cream in an attempt to bring her back to her mother. In the final episode, Vanilla rewards the Chaotix for their efforts with a large amount of pastries she made that they happily wolf down. Later, Vanilla and Vector go walking off together side by side.

I’ll be honest, this is my personal favorite Sonic couple. There’s a very interesting “opposites attract” romantic angle here that could make for some fun stories. Vanilla appears to be fairly wealthy and is very cultured and mannerly whereas Vector is a poor, uncouth slob. Not only that, they’re on opposite ends of the food chain (although I doubt Mobians eat each other in that world. Maybe the Flickies). It makes me like Vector’s character even more. He’s a guy who really reaches for the stars in spite of his own shortcomings. He became a fledgling detective despite not being very bright and he fell in love with a woman that’s high above his own class. It’s a shame this pairing came along at the very end of the series and only in Japan because I would have loved to see where they would have gone with it.

All I can think of is “That is a super large skate ramp in the distance”.

Antoine and Bunnie (Rabbot) Decollete

I think if there’s one pairing out of all the Sonic couples that no one has an objection to, it’s this one. In the SATAM cartoon, Antoine was a cowardly coyote who was played up as a romantic rival to Sonic for Sally’s affections. However, he was also the comic relief and was made so very annoyingly cowardly and inept that it became obvious he had no chance with Sally at all. This became very apparent in the second season when he became so annoying you just wanted to punch him in the face.

In the comic’s though, his character slowly matured into a brave soldier that would willingly sacrifice himself for the greater good. This was in large part due to his relationship with Bunnie Rabbot.  Before Antoine finally gave up on Sally and turned his attention on Bunnie, he was just poor comic relief that was starting to become an irritating character. Bunnie helped mature him into a soldier and he showed her a very strong love despite half her body being mechanical. Both characters matured and evolved in the comics because of their strong love for one another through good times and bad. It’s rare that a relationship can be so well done that characters are much improved together than apart, but this is one of those rare occasions. I doubt there’s many that disagree that Antoine and Bunnie are one of if not the best Sonic couple.

So which couple is your favorite? Lets us know in the comments below.

Seriously though, what’s with the characters as centaurs? Why is that a thing?!




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  1. Odd… I was expecting a flame war in the comments section, but I guess this topic isn’t as interesting anymore… or something like that. It is actually a little disappointing. 🙁 Maybe Sonic Boom is just THAT big a topic now. Maybe the Sonic fan base really has changed. 🙁 Oh my…

  2. Wow…I actually agreed with most of that…how did that happen? I mean…I’m not the only one who likes Sonic and Amy as a couple? Seriously!? Seriously dude, why can’t people like you just write these articles all the time!? Well, anyway, a few comments.

    This one is just a general comment, no criticism included. I never really bought that Amy was 12. For the first few 3D games sure, but after sitting through Sonic X and seeing how mature she became in both the games and the comics, she comes off more as 14 to me. The whole 12 (sorry, 13 now) years old thing came from the Japanese manuals and Sonic Channel website, but it just doesn’t click to me. I mean, how could a 12 year old have more of a developed chest than Blaze the Cat, who is 14 years old by the way! But whatever, the comics seem to be a little more ambiguous on that topic, and for the most part, so are the games. And who knows, maybe in Sonic Boom they’ll give Amy a more appropriate age, because in America, crushing on 13 year olds is no good (in Japan however, it’s perfectly legal…for some reason…).

    My other comment is on Sonic and Sally. I do agree that the pairing did have a little more of a “purpose” in the show and the first 50 issues of the comic series, but I don’t think that it has gotten as pointless as you say it is. Sure, the team tends to be on the winning side more often than not…but look at how much shit they got put through in the last five years!! Knothole burned to the ground, an evil king replacing both the senile one and the young one, the world being reset not once, but TWICE, their leader turned into a killer robot, a soldier put in a coma, a Freedom Fighter turned powerless, and the freaking planet blew up!! Things always seem to turn out, but that’s still a lot to go through. And that’s not nearly all they have been through either. And through all of that, Sally ultimately has to be the one to keep a level head so she can reassure and lead everybody through the tough times. She is skilled in a lot of things, sure, but she’s far from perfect. Most of her faults come from her no-nonsense attitude, while Sonic has gotten her to lighten up a bit, she still frets over lots of things. The relationship ending the first time? Yeah, that was on her. Sure, Sonic did have a thing for constantly risking his neck (if they have necks…), but Sally got too clingy to just let someone she loved go like that. After a year of being alone, that’s understandable, but she still forced Sonic to choose between who he is and who he wanted to be with. Another fault is that she occasionally lets her emotions cloud her judgment. She can be so caught up in how dire everything is that she can become what she tends to fear the most, being indecisive. I understand from experience that when you can’t choose between two or more things, it kills you, especially when your decision matters. She always comes to a conclusion in the end, but she still has to deal with the responsibility of her position every day. She can handle it more often than not, but she is also a human-sorry, Mobian-being, so no matter how much she CAN do, she knows that there are some things that she CAN’T do, at least, not on her own. And if you were a killer robot who was going to kill all of your friends, don’t you think YOU would get teary eyed just thinking about how unrestrained you were? She’s not looking for a pity party, she’s just looking for reassurance and closure. I think often times most people tend to confuse keeping a strong face with being perfect all the time. If Sally didn’t have weaknesses, she wouldn’t be going through such turmoil. She wears that confidence because she’s a leader, and a leader has to appear that way, otherwise the troops’ morale would be put into jeopardy, which makes for a disorganized unit. She uses that confidence and level-headedness not to look perfect (she knows she isn’t), but to unify her friends and teammates so that everyone can do best of what they’re good at, because she knows it takes a team to do everything, not one princess. Sally never once appeared as a Marry Sue to me (well, except for that one time she was a romance columnist…what the hell WAS that!?), I always saw her as a Marry Jane…a Marry Jane who kicked ass!!

    Anyway though, I think you did a nice job in explaining these couples. I think the way you described Sonic/Amy was probably the best explanation as to why it works that I’ll ever hear from another Sonic fan. If more fans looked into these things nearly as deep as you do, then the world (and internet) would be a much better place.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

        1. Well- spoken, ma’ man! With words like that, you put the “hero” in “Hero”! HOW do you not already have an account? SERIOUSLY!! I would pay money to read an article published by you!

          1. Ehhh….well, I have a lot of goals to do things like that on the internet…but none of the drive to follow through on them. Trust me, if I was a member, you would see 2, 3 articles from me tops. But who knows, maybe I’ll mature a bit and it will be enough for me to actually follow through on some promises I’ve made to myself. Till then, I enjoy being (mostly) anonymous. But thanks for the thought! ^_^

    1. I agree with you on that age thing. Even though it is said in the Sonic Heroes game manual that she is twelve, I never felt she was twelve at all. Sonic X didn’t help by giving her that chest either (But I don’t believe it was as developed as Rouge’s if I may add). But for a guy that grew up playing the Advance games, including Sonic Battle, I didn’t have much characterization to work with. In fact, if my memory serves me right, I think the first time I ever discovered the fact that Amy likes Sonic was in Sonic Battle and there is a reason why. The Advance games had little to no character interaction at all. When I saw Amy running around and doing all the things that the rest of the cast could do, I just assumed that she, well more like all the characters, were at least the same age. Actually, I wasn’t even thinking about age at the time. There is no indication that age matters to be honest. No character ever says anything like “Amy, you’re only twelve!” or “Amy, he is much older than you!” They just awkwardly stumble upon the subject like it’s the fan base’s problem to worry about. All I can say is, if Sonic is too scared to tell it off to a girl who is 3 years younger than him, or in Sonic Battle’s case, too scared even ever be around, than there must be a little less thought given to age in their universe. I just hope that Amy’s redesign for Sonic Boom also includes her being older so people won’t have to ponder about this anymore.

      1. My head canon theory is that Mobians age faster than humans, they are closer to being adult that their age suggests. I actually decided on 50% faster so everyone but Tails and Cream is “technically” an adult, but it could be a little less.

      2. Well again, it could either be related to Japan’s views of age of consent…or like you said, it really doesn’t matter in the end. I mean, there are couples who date with about 3 years of difference between them, and neither of them are even of legal age yet…whatever that age is, but again, it probably doesn’t matter, since there is about as much sex in this series as there is in the Mario franchise, which is none at all(unless you’re on Newgrounds, but anything goes over there). Ultimately, the line between ages doesn’t really matter in this universe. This world, despite having a mostly teenage cast, works nothing like high school. All of the characters address and interact with each other as characters, not as age types. The only exceptions are the extremely young characters like Cream, Tails, Charmy, or Marine…and even then, that double standard doesn’t last long enough to really hold any weight, as the only real “children” of this franchise constantly put themselves in danger time and time again, to the point where it’s practically redundant to tell Tails or Cream to “Wait here while I go handle the big scary monster-robot-thingy”. So even though characters like Cream are treated differently, it’s more because of how their character is written, rather than their age. Cream is timid and nervous, so naturally she is afraid to face the scary stuff sometimes, it has nothing to do with her age…well, probably not. But she’s still brave enough to join her friends or go out on her own despite all of her insecurities. I’m kind of getting off track, but the point here is that age, while helpful for character bios, means little to ultimately nothing in the Sonic universe. If anything, it’s only used to justify the characters’ demeanor or level of maturity, which can still change over time, even if their age doesn’t. Amy started out as, for lack of a better term, an “immature brat”, but has become more independent, mature, and reliable as time went on. Shadow clocks in over 10 years old since his creation, yet is biologically 16, like Sonic, if not a bit older. His demeanor makes him in level of maturity around that of at least an 18 year old, but added to all of that, he is also immortal, meaning that he will either reach a level of physical maturity that will remain that way for the rest of time, or he’ll just pull an Edward Cullin and stay this way for all eternity. Knuckles is technically older than Sonic, but Sonic can still get the best of him, and Rouge is definitely old enough to try to seduce every male character in this franchise. Silver and Blaze are both 15 by this point, and yet show two different levels of maturity compared to Sonic. Blaze is angsty (or was) and wants to remain alone to complete her duties (until recently), and Silver is naive and idealistic, and will go to any lengths to fulfill his duties, even if it makes him look like a bad guy some times. Despite these strange tendencies, they both understand one fundamental thing: the greater good. Blaze understands that her duty often means some sacrifice towards her personal life, and Silver knows that while some things have to be done, there are other ways around them…eventually.

        Ok, I’m going way too deep into this, so I’ll bring it to the point. Age definitely doesn’t seem to hold much weight here in this universe. If anything, it only serves as a basis or starting point for the characters’ level of maturity, which over time begins to evolve enough to the point where it completely overshadows their initial age entirely. Characters like Sonic and Amy really don’t have any barriers preventing them from having a relationship other than personalities and level of mental maturity. While age can help for some concepts, it’s ultimately just a guideline. I mean, Sonic Channel lists both their age AND weight, but for characters who constantly break the laws of physics, does an exact measurement really matter? Well, if you’re a female character I guess, but it still has to be incredibly generous, considering how they constantly burn through carbs and are all about the size of Mickey Mouse. Details work well for understanding concepts and guidelines for the characters, but in the grand scheme of things, they don’t really matter or even contribute that much. But if everyone is still going to nit-pick on this sort of thing, then yeah, I wouldn’t mind some kind of “age-equalizer” to be used with the Sonic Boom versions of the characters, but if they don’t, I honestly doubt anyone will really care. It’s just the characters themselves we care about, and nothing else…well, aside from what color their eyes are, apparently.

        1. All very good points. To be honest, we are probably thinking deeper about this than SEGA ever even attempted to! 😮 It’s quite possible that they lazily threw ages on these characters just so people would stop asking, “How old is _______?” on their forums and whatnot. Anyways, I agree with you. The personality comes before the age in every character’s case and a likely age is nothing but a convenience……. No, Sonic, age can no longer protect you; you’d better start running now before the news comes ’round to Amy. 😀

    2. “I never really bought that Amy was 12. For the first few 3D games sure, but after sitting through Sonic X and seeing how mature she became in both the games and the comics, she comes off more as 14 to me. The whole 12 (sorry, 13 now) years old thing came from the Japanese manuals and Sonic Channel website, but it just doesn’t click to me. I mean, how could a 12 year old have more of a developed chest than Blaze the Cat, who is 14 years old by the way!”

      “If a girl says she’s 20, and looks 16, she’s 12.”
      — Chris Rock

  3. “Lemme think. Girlfriend or dinner? Girlfriend or dinner? I can’t decide!”

    Okay I lost it at that. Well done.

  4. NO SILVAZE????!!!!!!IM SO ANGRY I WIL NEVER VISIT SONICSTADIUM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. To be fair, most of their relationship tended to focus on their friendship…and then they just kept being reintroduced to each other after that. Don’t get me wrong, Silvaze is one of my favorite pairings, it’s just that SEGA didn’t really seem to know if they should make them a pair like they’ve been making Knuckles and Rouge or not. Hopefully, they will start using them again like they are using Knuckles and Amy, and they’ll take more time to reestablish a relationship between them, because I really want to see that happen.

      1. There’s one problem with that, 06 never happened, and Blaze is from the Sol Dimension. She wouldn’t just up and leave the Sol Emeralds to be with Silver, a person whom she never even interacted with for more than a few scenes in 06 and then everything in that game being retconned.

        1. Well, they DID share a few scenes in Sonic Colors (DS) and Sonic Generations (HD), but other than that, they have been seriously denied some much needed screen time together…or even individually at all. Seriously SEGA, I know you want to play it safe and emphasize the core classic cast, but that doesn’t mean slowly trying to make us forget all of the great characters you introduced within the last decade! Trust me, you WOULD NOT get any complaints if you put Blaze in anything again. And any complaints with Silver would be moot if you just present him correctly. There IS demand for these characters, so stop hiding in your bunker and using only the “tried and true” pieces that you’ve had for all these years!

          1. I agree on the fact that we need more interactions with other characters more, but Silver and Blaze should be seperate. Whenever it comes to having them together, they give Silver the spotlight and just put Blaze as a sidekick where she is far more capable than Silver is. This is especially true in 06 where Silver get the spotlight for the entire story and Blaze is pretty much just an unimportant sidekick character that doesn’t even have anything with him except one scene at the end of the game.

            I just don’t think Blaze and Silver have anything to work off of than just the fact that they may have teamed up in a timeline that never even happened. I’d rather see Blaze and Sonic team up together in another Sonic Rush instead.

          2. That only happened once. I think they should be paired together, they work off each other great. Silver doesn’t have to be the leader, and neither does Blaze. I much rather see them work as a team, it’s what they’re good at. Somebody taking charge would be just too predictable. So would a Sonic and Blaze team up, but hey, I’d much rather see Blaze at all.

    2. Actually, they WERE originally on the list. I had it all written out too, but I couldn’t really come up with enough reasons why they work good together outside of Silver not having to worry about a relationship with Blaze making him his own great, great grandpa. Plus, I wasn’t 100% sure they were an official couple. They were very close friends in Sonic ’06, a duo in Sonic Colors DS, but recently Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics did have them as default A.I. skating couples along with Sonic and Amy and Mario and Peach. Also, there were some loading screens of them together sledding, so that kind of put me in the “maybe they are” spot, but I felt it wasn’t enough. They are VERY close, but still seem to be on the edge of platonic.

      1. Yeah, I keep getting that vibe too. I wish SEGA would stop teasing us like this…or maybe actually tease us if it means doing more with these characters, because I’m really frustrated with how much they want to limit the character interaction these days!! Just because Mario hardly ever shares a mainstream game with Daisy or Wario doesn’t mean that you should do the same thing with Sonic SEGA!! Just use these characters again already!!!

  5. Happy Valentines day Sonic Stadium Sonic The Hedgehog have two girl friends is Amy Rose and Extra girl friend is Sally maybe Sonic like Sally more then Amy Rose would be Jealous of Sally would go with Sonic The Hedgehog a boy friend! Also which one you prefer for Sonics girl friend to hang with Sonic The Hedgehog you would agree Amy Rose, or Sally?

  6. Love Antoine x Bunnie’s relationship. They really did better each other. I also like Sonic x Sally but agree that it’s not the same as it was in the SATAM series or in the early days of the comic. Their relationship seems a little forced now which is kind of disappointing. I’m probably one of the few fans, but I’ve never really been into the whole Sonic x Amy pairing. Amy has always annoyed me too much but I do have to admit that I am finding her less annoying as she matures and goes on her own adventures. Maybe I’ll be converted into a Sonic x Amy fan eventually. I’m a little surprised that no one mentioned Sonic x Blaze, Tails x Cosmo, Silver x Blaze, or Shadow x Rouge as I thought those were pretty popular hook ups, too. There’s also the future relationship of Tails x Mina, although that one was always kind of weird to me. Another sonic couple that I liked that wasn’t mentioned was Knuckles x Julie Su (the only Ken Penders character I liked).

  7. There’s only 2 couples here I actually like and that’s Knux X Rouge and Vector X Vanilla.

    Hate both Sonic X Amy and Sonic X Sally, to me, Blaze is a way better fit for Sonic than either of them.

    1. As a fan of Rush, Rush Adventure and Black Knight, I highly agree with you there, my friend.

      While I don’t hate SonAmy or SonSal at all, Sonaze definitely makes the most sense to me.

      1. It’s not that I hate Amy, I just don’t like having them together as a couple since Sonic just seems to on the run for her, and to me, Sally is just a boring character that isn’t even part of the actual cast.

  8. Are we talking purely romantic relationships? Because by far the best dynamic connections in the show come from strong, close friendships. Blaze and Silver is probably my personal favourite (one of the few things 06 got 100% right), though Shadow and Rouge (and Omega to a lesser extent), Team Sonic’s bond, and Orbot/Eggman with Cubot thrown in for good measure are all fantastic *relationships* worth noting. Not necessarily to be celebrated on Single’s Awareness Day, but if you want relationships, all of these hold up stronger than the likes of Sonamy or Knuckouge.

  9. While there is no OFFICIAL couple in the game canon, i know that SonicXAmy, TailsXCream, KnucklesXRouge and SilverXBlaze are very popular “fan couples”. In Sonic X, there were strong hints at SonicXAmy , TailsXCosmo and VectorXVanilla, but since that was only a TV show outside the games canon, you really cant call them official either. And the Comics….Heck, thats FULL of Couples.

    1. I’m calling Official/Semi-Official as they were involved in a romantic entanglement in some way either from game cannon or Comics and cartoons. Even if it was just one-sided.

  10. The Sonic x Amy relationship is something I have a conflict in my mind about what to feel about. I firstly think that in many of her incarnations (especially her game one) Amy is a badly written and annoying character that just seems to tick the “I’m a cute, dumb girl” box. The other part of my mind thinks the two characters are cute together.

    1. I’m going to guess that you would be interested in her Sonic Boom redesign since it looks like it takes a lot of that out of her. It also looks like it makes her older, but nothing is confirming that yet either.

  11. I have literally one couple I feel strongly about and it turns out it’s directly clashing with your favourite, lmao.

    Not that I dislike it, mind; my stance is that it’s cute enough in Sonic X, but doesn’t particularly fit the games due to Vector’s differing characterisation.

    1. Plus the only games you ever see Cream’s Mom in are Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3. Then never again.

        1. Oh! Yeah, I forgot about Sonic Rush… oops. Either way, Vector doesn’t make an appearance in any of those games so the point is still valid.

  12. I half-heartedly support sonamy, but can’t stand any other Sonic pairing.

    I have nothing against Blaze and Sally as characters, but I believe Sonic should be tediously hesitant to actively work for love, to only accept it if it’s being forced on him by circumstance. Tails had to chase him down to befriend him, and now they’re family. At her best, Amy is no different. But when fanworks go a little too far, and have him being unfathomably in love with her, or have her getting all uppity and swearing him off, causing him to break down, something deep within my soul cries spoiled milk.

  13. I just remembered that Knuckles x Shade is also a couple, and probably one of the better ones, but seeing how Shade only appeared for Chronicles and, if Penders gets his ways, will probably never be seen again; I can understand why you left the pairing out.

    1. That’s more of a fan-pairing. It’s left pretty ambiguous. If anything, they have a strong and close friendship bond and will always be there for each other, but other than that, there isn’t as much romantic tension between them as there is between Rouge and Knuckles. I don’t exactly disagree with the pairing, I can just see why there was no reason to put them up here. I would have liked to see Tails and Cream up there, but even I know that there has so far been no canon material to work with.

  14. Sonic and the Whale from Sonic Adventure.

    As well as Big and Froggie.

    Best. Relationships. Ever.


  15. I half-heartedly support sonamy, but can’t stand any other pairing with Sonic.

    I have nothing against Blaze and Sally as characters, but I feel that Sonic should be tediously hesitant to actively work for love, to only accept it if it’s forced on him by circumstance. Tails had to chase him down to befriend him, and now they’re family. At her best, Amy is no different. But when fan-works go a little too far, and have him madly in love with her, or have her get all uppity and swear him off, causing him to break down, something deep within my soul cries spoiled milk.

    1. Yeah, keeping them in character while only making slight and subtle changes is a must in fan-works. Even a few pairing fan fics I enjoy do take a couple of strange turns that don’t really have any purpose in the story.

        1. I also can’t stand any other pairing with Amy. Like wow, all that passion and conviction really was as shallow as a puddle after all.

  16. I agree with everythin said here, I only wish there were more couples explored like that.

    Also I have to say this, I loved the small hints of a Shadow and Blaze relationship in the comics, I think they could make a great couple mostly because of their back stories and their and their sober look at the world, but since the comic got reseted perhaps that relationship will never evolve.

  17. Whoa whoa whoa. Where is Sonic x Blaze? Eh, whatever.

    I actually agree a lot with the Antoine X Bunnie pairing, they definitely both improved after they got together. I also like Knuckles x Rouge. Who can resist their flirtation?

  18. Nice work 🙂
    I’m a TailsXCosmo shipper in truth (though I despise the word shipper) to the extent where I write fanfiction on deviantART under the name djaik-niffsta. Not sure why I like it so much. Probably because: a) Tails is my favourite character and Cosmo is the closest thing he’s ever had to a canon girlfriend (with the possible exception of Fiona Fox); and b) there story is tragic. But hey, nice article.

  19. I’m gonna be the one to have to say it.

    Tails/Cosmo= awesome. It’s a romance that develops out of natural affections and continues to bloom just because the characters cared for each other. It made me actually mind/tolerate romance in general.

    Vector and Vanilla doesn’t exist. Vector just had some crazy far flung ideas I don’t think he himself really thought out the ramifications. That’s the way I feel. Dump that and put Tailsmo on there this would, ya know, be inclusive maybe.

  20. Rouge just likes messing with Knuckles’ head and his emerald.I can see where your going with Shadouge as a fan couple though.
    But KnuxOuge (or whatever)is one of my least favorite couples.I HATE Sonally,it’s just irritating.But hey,think of Shadouge like this,”It’s better than yaoi.”

  21. I agree with most of these, even Vector. Granted, I always paired Shadow and Vanilla up because I placed Vanilla as being around late 30’s to early 40’s…and technically Shadow could be counted as being 50. Ehehehe. Maybe it’s just because I want him to get slapped with culture or that I adore Cream and she needs a father figure, and it would be absolutely hilarious if he had to be that figure. I don’t know, but it’s a strange pairing XD

    I adore Vector though, and I support Sonic and Amy…with the hope Amy continues to mature. I wanted to strangle her half the time.

  22. I support Sonic x Amy, Tails x Cream, Knuckles x Rouge and Silver x Blaze. In my opinion, those are the most logical and cutest couples.

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