Eggman Boss Battle Added to Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash continues to get more love from it’s developer Hardlight. A new update is now live which adds more content and a community challenge.


Eggman has been added in the form of a new boss battle, as Sonic you have to dodge missiles and land mines planted by the bad doctor.

From what early commentators have said, the boss battle works very similar to the Zazz boss fight, anyone who beats the boss earns a huge bonus score.

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    1. The soundtrack is actually the boss music for the first Eggman fight in Sonic Adventure.

      Also, it’s hinted that the next Global Challenge will be to unlock Rouge!

  1. I wish the battles had sound cues for when the missiles and bombs are sent out, like how the stars in the Zazz battle have a noise that indicates they’re being placed down. Without the sound cues I find myself messing up a lot on the Eggman fight.

  2. While its nice to see Eggman FINALLY arrive on Dash, the boss is too similar to f-ing Zazz, even his speed!

    I think its….


  3. egg man is here wodering if there are more

    its such good egg man is here but what about ZAZZ weird name

    gees loo is

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