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It wasn’t us, we swear!

…oh right, you just want to know who we are, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This is the Staff page, where you can get in touch with the right person if you have a triviality with something or other. You can also get the contact details of each staff member here so you can send us praise, gold pieces, dirty socks and “OMFG ju siet teh PwN k!”. All our complaints get sent to the janitor though. We don’t let him out of the house so it’s the only contact he gets with the outside world. You’re doing us a service there.

You’ll also find people who used to work on The Sonic Stadium – their names will forever be remembered as people who did stuff. They are listed underneath the “Legends” section of this page.

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TSS Staff

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SSMB Staff

TSSnet Staff

The Sonic Stadium Network spans a few different websites with different ways of promoting the Sonic online community, be it via artwork showcase, video podcasting or spinning some decks on a radio show. Below you can see a basic list of staff who work on the Network. For contact details, please refer to their respective websites, or approach them via the SSMB Forums.


The guys and gals who have helped us in the past, their names are listed here so they will not be forgotten. In one way or another they have either maintained the site, helped moderate the forums, or have otherwise been a key part of TSS. We salute you!

  • Andrew Paulson – Sonic News
  • Blackarms – Sonic News
  • Biafra Republic – SSMB, Sonic Fan Club
  • Blizooka – SEGASonic:Radio DJ
  • Cyberblade – SSN, Shadow Team
  • DarkNoise – SEGASonic:Radio
  • Fastfeet – Fastfeet Media
  • Flint – SSMB
  • Gameforce2006 – Sonic News, SSMB
  • God of Egos – Guest Sonic News Reporter
  • Hawkz – Server Administrator
  • Hogfather – SSMB
  • Hypersonic – SEGASonic:Radio
  • Iceman – SEGASonic:Radio
  • JJ4Eva – SEGASonic:Radio
  • Kirbopher – SEGASonic:Radio DJ
  • LADude – Guest Sonic News Reporter, E3 2006
  • Lily Valdemar – Sonic Showcase Network
  • omega13a – SSMB, Coder, SLIMY_G
  • Phr0zen – Sonic News
  • Poridet – TSS, Sonic News
  • Psychobob – TSS, Sonic News
  • Rick Danto – SSMB
  • SEGASonicMaster – Support
  • Slingerland – TSS, Sonic News, The Sonic Show
  • Sonic Guy – Support
  • Sonic Neo – Support
  • SpawnofSonic – SEGASonic:Radio
  • Speedknux – SEGASonic:Radio
  • Strong Bad – Sonic Showcase Network: Contributor
  • Tasakeru – Sonic News
  • Tweaker – Sonic News, SSMB
  • UltimateVG – Support
  • Urtheart – Sonic Showcase Network: Contributor
  • Violet – SSMB, SSN
  • Way Past Cool – SSMB
  • Xnic – Sonic News
  • Roarey Raccoon – SSMB Admin
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