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Here is where you can learn more about the hog, the legend, the Super Sonic. As a franchise, the blue blur has seen himself on more than just computer games – he’s been on comics, television and countless bags of merchandise. You can drill down TSS’ exhaustive post list into the below sections so you can find our content easily.



Catch all the long-form articles by The Sonic Stadium writers. Reviews, previews, interviews, retrospectives, opinion columns and all kinds of other special features will go here, whatever the subject.


Game List

A source of information for those who want to learn more about the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. Facts about the stories, characters, Zones and other trivia can be found here.


Comic List

Sonic was just as huge on paper as he was on plastic. Americans enjoy the Archie comics that still run to this day and assimilates the game story into Knothole, Brits once had Fleetway produce faithful game adaptations and awesome side stories, and there were many more comics around the world. Learn more about each here.


Cartoon List

Need a cure for the Scratch? Want to reminisce about that Metal Sonic scene (not that one… that one), or just abuse your ears to Sonia and Manic’s percussion abilities? You can find all our information for the Sonic cartoons right here.


Merchandise List

Backpacks, stationary, CD singles, posters, spaghetti hoops… there’s nothing that Sonic the Hedgehog hasn’t had his face on. A lot of the merchandise you hear about appeared during ‘Sonic Mania’ between 1993-1994, but even today there are some nice new sought after collectibles. View them here.


Site Legacy

The Sonic Stadium has been at the forefront of the fan community for a long, long time. It’s evolved a number of times over the years, and you can learn more about this site’s history here.

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