Sonic Boom: First look at the Toy Line

Fresh from New York Toy Fair, and Tomy’s official Facebook page comes our first ever look at Sonic Boom’s merchandise: the action figure line!


As you can see, only Sonic, Tails and Amy are shown here with no sign of Knuckles, Dr. Eggman or even any accessories to be packaged in with the toys. The figures look to have some basic articulation in the arms, legs and head.

The toys shown also look to be early prototypes, featuring only basic paint schemes and figure moulds. This is probably evidence that the line is still in fairly early development and these figures will  probably be updated, and the rest will be shown later on.

The picture’s description also held another interesting tidbit of information:

“TOMY, the new master toy partner for Sonic, is proud to show off the first of many great new Sonic toys at New York Toy Fair!”

This would mean that the principle creator of Sonic toys in the future now lies with Tomy, and NOT with the current producers Jazwares… Interesting. Also interesting is that Tomy also sounds to be planning a lot more for Sonic in the future. Very promising stuff!

We will keep our eyes on the New York toy fair to see if further images surface!

A big thanks to Paper Mache CC14 on SSMB for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. IMO I think they look nicer than how Jazwares made their figures. I now await for a Knuckles with punching action. Hopefully they’ll actually make figures of more than just Sonic, Tails, Knux, Amy, Shadow, and Silver. Jazwares always was dead set on constantly making figures of just them and none of Rouge or Blaze, those retards never even made a Percival figure.

    I’d also love a Blaze figure with Jeweled Scepter included if they do the main modern characters.

      1. I meant taking them this long to actually make a Blaze figure was bull-crap.

        Then why there is one of Galahad (Silver)? Last I checked, Galahad was a multiplayer character that wasn’t even part of the story. Why make him instead of a figure that is part of the main characters of Sonic and the Black Knight?

        If anything there’s nothing special about Sir Lancelot

    1. for the record, to date Jazwares has made 37 different characters for the 3 inch line alone, 40 if you count the Free Riders versions of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, and 44 if you count characters exclusive to the 5 inch scale (Excalibur Sonic, Lancelot, and the red and white wisps) Personally I think they only need to make 5 more characters to boast a “complete” roster. Rouge and Omega to round out team Dark, Cream and Cheese to round out team Rose, and Classic Knuckles to complete the classic set. Whether they’ll get around to them before Tomy takes over the line or not remains to be seen.

  2. Ew…I’m not doubting anything but these look really, really bad. I really hope these are just prototypes and that the real-deal looks a lot more like the 3.75 inch figures.

  3. Really dont like them, they look cheap and outdated. The lack of articulation really bugs me, and lets hope the final product will be much better.

    Also does this mean Jazwares will stop making the Sonic toys 🙁 I really hope not, I think they are doing a perfect job!

  4. Tails and Amy look decent enough for just prototypes but Sonic looks a little off to me. Not sure why. Im sure they will look so much better once they are finished.

    Now Jazwares, about the Silver the Hedgehog Super Poser and Rouge 3.75 figure you promised us a couple of years ago…seriously, please hurry up with those.

  5. Anyone who thinks they don’t look great…who cares? I’d rather have these than ANOTHER Jazwares 3.75″ modern Sonic figure. I must have at least 7 of that same figure, so something new is welcomed with open arms!

  6. It doesn’t have it at Toy R US of Sonic Boom toys like Sonic, and Tails, or Amy Man I wish I could get one Sonic toy for my collection of my room well It’s alright I have only one Luigi toy of year of Luigi collection room of two Luigi games I got Luigi Mansion, in 2012 and Luigi Mansion Dark Moon from last year.

  7. Is it just me. or do these look a little white-washed? Y’know, like they’ve been in the sun too long.

  8. Its so inconsistent, Amy keeps her beige arms but not Sonic, guess they thought no hair on arms was not American. Idiots.

      1. Will you stop banging on about Sonic’s freaking arms? They don’t change a thing!

        Were you one of those idiots who hated Sonic’s green eyes too?

          1. I loved his green eyes, there is good change then there’s bad change, not everyone can be a art director.

          2. PS. Those who hate his green eyes are idiots because when Sonic Adventure came his whole design was changed not just his eyes. I am an artist, there is balance in colors and shapes you must use, it is not an easy thing.

            I bet if I told you guys who dont care about his arms ‘draw sonic for me’ youd end up drawing something like this.

  9. Amy looks cool, Tails looks fat, Sonics body shape is wrong, just wrong.

    They’ll most likely come with accessories, look at their kung-fu grips.

    Wasn’t expected to see toy picks so soon since finding anything Jazwares at a Toy Show was a journey and a half

  10. If anything, it kinda looks like they adapted sonics body/chest with his Werehog model…

    Although pretty off-putting at the moment, I believe it’ll be changed up a bit before these are all released.

      1. Ok, now… It’s great that you have an opinion. I respect that. But when you try to insult people just because they have a different opinion to you, that is not cool. Many people like the new designs. Many people don’t. There is no right nor wrong answer.

        1. I did not insult anyone I just said I found someone with a brain, if you take that personally its your fault not mine. And I have been called an idiot by other people here, scold them too, go on.

  11. My opinion of these toys mimics my opinion of this whole ‘Sonic Boom’ initiative. It didn’t immediately offend me, for whatever that’s worth.

    They didn’t display Knuckles because he kept falling over.

  12. Guys give it a chance.These are PROTOTYPES!I mean seriously.
    I’m personally hoping for a plush line,and what really sucks is that I just bought an Amy and Eggman plush (both $30) on eBay,and now they redesigned both characters.

    1. We have given them enough chances, dont let a company bend you over, but punch them in the face for trying to sell us garbage.

  13. hmm, the sculpts look like good representations of the characters, but the articulation is lacking compared to the Jazwares line. Of course these could just be fresh out of a 3-D printer or something so I’ll wait until the line is closer to release to see if the final ones will have things like elbows and knees.

  14. First and foremost, why didn’t jazwares even make Sonic Boom toys?
    Second, they look like a mashup between Toy island (articulation) and jazwares (sculpt)!
    Third, I own the Sonic Colors Sonic figure and it has the worst joints and break extremely easily!
    Fourth, I hope Jazwares don’t stop with the Sonic figures. I know we have had them for years, but they are well articulated and well done overall. And we will not get classic stuff for years then.

  15. I personaly like tails, he looks kinda cute, I also think amy looks the modernest and probbaly the most normallest one of the three, although sonic…. hes a total dissapointment!!!!!! wheres knuckles anyway?!?!

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