Sonic Boom Podcast Discussion Released




So, you may have heard that a new tier of the Sonic franchise is on its way. A little thing called Sonic Boom. Of course this news brought The Sonic Stadium and The Soni Show crew together last week to discuss their thoughts, dreams and worries about the latest announcement which can finally share with you now!

This episode was hosted by Tanner, joined by Jay Egge Mann, Tom and Fuad. Featuring special guests, VizardJeffhog of The Sonic Stadium and TitansCreed (Pete) of Project Phoenix Productions

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  1. Same here I can’t wait 🙂 I wonder how it’s story is going to be don’tcha think so

  2. Same here I can’t wait 🙂 I wonder how it’s story is going to be don’tcha think so I really exited

  3. This is so weird… I’ve never seen the majority of Sonic Fan base actually all agree and accept and get excited for the same things before. Looks like Sonic Boom is doing more than attracting new members to the fan base, but also uniting the already existing one. Can’t wait for Boom! 😉

    1. I totally agree,but it’s also kinda tearing us apart.We all have different opinions,and everyone is being so negative towards Sonic Boom.Can’t we all just give it a chance?

      1. I think once the final products come out, people will show how they truly feel about the whole subject, whether they give it a chance or not. For now, maybe they just need a little more info in order for them to give it a chance. Opinions are opinions and people are people.

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