The Summer of Sonic 2012 Shorts!

From SoS’12, we managed to bring you the Crush 40 concert, the Club Sonic setlist, NiGHTS’ and Reala’s unveiling in S&ASRT, as well as a contest to win some goodies (just closed!), but there’s one thing we’re missing: the shorts! To those who haven’t had the chance to see them up front and live: no need to fret! As of yesterday, all shorts featured have been uploaded!

A total of three animations were featured in front of a live audience. First up is Shadow the Hedgehog in Brief, followed by Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 in Brief, both parodies handled by Frobman, who previously animated Ring Energy’s Before the Machine and Sonic Heroes in Brief, the latter having been made for Summer of Sonic 2011. Though some would say they’re parodies, some would say both shorts depict each game as is… but that’s for you to decide!

The third and final animation is brought to you by Sonic Paradox! Instead of going with Shorts, the team took a more different route through Sonic Heroes with a music video. With Recorderdude on lyrics, Seaside Denied is split between four animators to handle the four different teams with numerous singers and voice actors, poking fun at every opportunity at both the game itself and the Paradox’s signature Shorts.





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  1. Not sure how being Canadian is supposed to make anything cooler.

    Let alone for RD’s patented phrase to be used with it.

      1. It doesn’t. Just pointing it out from the section that’s about you under it. :3

        And how utterly random it is. Much like my own post, I suppose. ¦D

  2. In the Seaside Denied parody:

    *listens to Sonic’s voice* o__Ollll *cringes*
    *about to turn it off*
    *suddenly hears Sonic’s SINGING voice*
    Oh my god o_o . . *listens to the rest*

  3. I didn’t find the 06 in brief that funny….in all honesty.
    I loved Seaside Denied though!

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