Freak-Out Friday: The Original Sonic Underground Concept & DiC

HA HAR! GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Now… you’re probably wondering whats happened to your usual Freak out Friday staffer? Well he’s helping me with an experiment. Hmmmm? No Vizard… you may not come out…

Remember that cartoon? That one with Sonic and his siblings who made a vow their mother will be found? They saved the world using the power of music! Yeah… what where they thinking when they decided that? Well do we have a treat for you, earlier this week some very rare concept art went up on ebay and we thought you’d like to see this incredible bit of Sonic history!

There you see, I’m being nice, just a cool ghostly image of Robotnik looking down with a cybernetic arm, nothing to worry about, and next up we have one of the most dramatic changes.

Hey this is something! Queen Aleena is completely different, both in colour and design. Quite interesting compared to how she looked in her final form. And if you can’t remember Aleena looked like, here is what she looked like when she eventually got broadcast.

See… I can be nice, nothing scary or freaky… HAHA FOOLS!

Sonia! Manic! What have they done to you! They look like they’ve had a glossy finish! Maybe they were born in a car showroom? Or before this was drawn they entered a car wash and took the hot wax? And if it wasn’t for the bow in her spikes, Sonia really doesn’t look too much like a girl does she? (notice how she’s missing that tuft of hair in this concept too). Aleena also has problems, she appears to be missing bones in her arm? Hmmm but someone is missing? Wheres the blue guy? Wheres Sonic? Oh there he… OH MY GOD!

WHAT!? NO! SONIC! Why are you wearing a nappy!? Your arms are blue! And why!? Just, WHY!? And Aleena! Why have you stolen Princess Sally’s legs! Those are her boots! Give them back!

We’ve always joked about how bad Sonic Underground was, yes ok, there are fans of some of the characters, but in terms of a cartoon it’s bad, although if this was concept artwork, is there any wonder why it turned out as bad as it did?

Anyway… this was my first Freak Out Friday and… I feel bad, no really I do… I feel terrible about posting the Nappy Sonic. It wasn’t a very nice thing to do. I should make it up with some nice cartoon artwork, some from a much better show! An epic image! Showing the human body in all it’s beauty! A fine specimen of a man! Excited yet!? You should be! From the worlds greatest Sonic cartoon, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog! FEAST YOUR EYES! On… THIS!


Goodnight Blue Believers, whatever you are! *evil laughter*


Queen Aleena image source: Sonic Retro.

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      1. The sad thing is, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from clicking on them even if you did post more. XD

  1. Like the finished cartoons were any less creepy and crappy than that concept art. I swear, if I had a time machine, one of the first things I would do is go back in time and prevent Dic’s Sonic cartoons from getting made. Yes, that includes SatAM, which is nothing more than a streaming pile of shit (even if a overrated one) filled with plot holes, terrible writing, bad ideas, and awful character designs (Sonic isn’t supposed to have a mohawk nor is meant to have only four fingers, dammit!).

  2. I actually liked all three of the US Cartoons. AoSTH was funny, Sonic The Hedgehog (I refuse to call it SatAM!) was dark with a hard rock soundtrack, and Sonic Underground had cool music!! Each one had features that I enjoyed.


    1. How do you expect them to get the placement correct without drawing the obscured parts as well?

      Art 101, kid.

  4. AOSTH Robotnik isn’t the Freak-Out…we all know he’s TV’s Most Sexiest Fat Man for a reason. XD

    But yeah those Underground shots…..IT BURNS US.

  5. ……thank. god. for Sonia, Manic and Aleena’s final designs. I would of killed someone if they were aired like that… Or at least given them a stern talking to. Lol

  6. I guess snooPING AS usual on Robotnik has caused us to learn that he has no PINGAS…No wonder his black pants are always so smoothed over perfectly with no bump in the crotch area.

  7. Getting back to the main reason for this post, this concept art looks very much like Penders work in terms of pencils and inks.

    Goodness I’m glad Aleena and Sonia were redesigned, a single spike does not make a hairstyle, plus Aleena’s design at least makes her look less like Sonic in drag…

    I’ld much like to see someone find the script for the last batch of planned episodes, so we can find out if the mother was ever found .

  8. Huh. The full picture doesn’t look too bad to me. Looks pretty cool except for Sonic’s arms. Kinda the diaper thing but I guess if it represents the age. lol

    They just look like a mix of style from SatAM and AoSth. But the overall art looks cool.

    The cartoon also wasn’t that bad. It was cheap, but it wasn’t THAT bad. It was as good or better than a lot of other “classics” I’ve seen. lol Big deal.

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