Freak-Out Friday: The Original Sonic Underground Concept & DiC

HA HAR! GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Now… you’re probably wondering whats happened to your usual Freak out Friday staffer? Well he’s helping me with an experiment. Hmmmm? No Vizard… you may not come out…

Remember that cartoon? That one with Sonic and his siblings who made a vow their mother will be found? They saved the world using the power of music! Yeah… what where they thinking when they decided that? Well do we have a treat for you, earlier this week some very rare concept art went up on ebay and we thought you’d like to see this incredible bit of Sonic history!

There you see, I’m being nice, just a cool ghostly image of Robotnik looking down with a cybernetic arm, nothing to worry about, and next up we have one of the most dramatic changes.

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