Cindy Robinson “Loading Out” From The Amy Rose Voice Acting Role

There has been another confirmed departure from the Sonic voice actor cast, the second in just the past week. Cindy Robinson, the voice of Amy Rose, has announced that she is no longer going to be voicing the character.

As was the case with Roger Craig Smith’s departure, she made the announcement herself on Twitter. When a fan asked her if she’ll still be a part of the cast, she replied with “It’s true. I’m loading out with my brilliant compadres”.

15 minutes later, when the same fan said that they’ll miss her, and thanked her for being a part of the Sonic community, she said “And thank you! It has been my honor”, confirming her departure even more.

Robinson had joined the Sonic voice actor cast around the same time as Roger Craig Smith. And now both are departing, which has raised serious question marks about the fate of the rest of the cast.

It is also raising serious question marks about what, exactly, SEGA’s currently planning. The departure of 2 Sonic voice actors, combined with heavy suspicions of Ken Pontac and Warren Graff are done writing for the games, have a lot of fans speculating of a major Sonic shake-up going on behind the scenes at SEGA. Whatever’s happening, it probably won’t be too much longer before we find out.

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  1. At this rate, the next sonic game won’t even feature Sonic!
    In all seriousness, I really liked this cast. Its the cast that played big roles in my younger days. I wish them all luck in their future endeavors.

  2. What’s next, Kirk Thornton stepping down as Shadow? If Jason Griffith comes back, then he’ll not only voice Sonic, but to save money, he’ll voice Shadow as well.

  3. Another case of the character being portrayed differently so I could never get used to this voice. I really enjoyed Lisa’s version because she was short-tempered, and aggressive, which fits with her hammer-wielding design.

    On the bright side if Disney’s ever in the market for a voice for Minnie Mouse, ammirite?

  4. I think Lisa Oritz is by far the best voice actor for Amy but Cindy was actually a good Amy.

  5. Could this be the end of the Sonic game franchise, given the failure of Sonic Forces and not much celebration going on for the 30th anniversary for the blue blur? Even if it isn’t, at least we’ll have the Sonic movies. I think that Colleen, the now-departed actress for Tails, was confirmed to voice him in the sequel. Maybe we’ll see a similar story with Cindy.

  6. I’m calling it now. If Amy appears in the movie sequel, whoever voices her there will voice her in the games too.

  7. Sonic, Knuckles and Amy are now gone. Hopefully some of the 4Kids cast can reprise their roles again (especially Jason Griffith and Lisa Ortiz). Mike Pollock better not leave.

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