SEGA Shop Launches Awesomely Spooky Halloween Merchandise Range

Getting ready for Halloween? No? Yeah, neither have we – there’s just not been a reason to, you know? Until now, that is. SEGA Shop UK/Europe has launched a new range of merchandise that features Sonic, Tails and Eggman in appropriately spooky wear!

Let’s talk about the show-stoppers first. These two spooky t-shirts have shot right to the top of our wish lists, mostly because we get to see an evil ‘bony’ Eggman, vampire Sonic and mad doctor Tails. The Sonic and Tails shirt is even glow-in-the-dark.

You can also grab yourself a ‘Sinister Sidekick’ beanie which has a brilliantly-ghoulish embroidered pattern stitched on the front. For coffee fans, a Halloween-themed mug is available for purchase which features Sonic and a very spooky moon (SA2-referenced crater/s and all?)

If clothes and drinking fluids is not your thing, SEGA Shop also has some appropriately-themed accessories as well. The pin badges are available on pre-order, much like the rest of the range, while the scented candle tin is on a special offer, making for a cheap decoration this festive season.

See anything you like? We’ll probably be buying the lot – head to the SEGA Shop here to see the range and put in those pre-orders.¬†We have to say, it feels great to have some fantastic merchandise rep in UK and Europe for a change!

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  1. The mug and Eggman shirt are the best, love the Sonic Heroes pose, should’ve done like a mystic mansion background or something.

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