Has a Sonic Costume Been Added to Fall Guys Season 2?

We’re chalking this up as a rumour for now, but there is some widespread chatter on the internet today about a Sonic the Hedgehog costume buried within the code of popular knockout party game Fall Guys on PC and PlayStation 4.

According to Twitter users KrxnkyFG and JpDeathBlade, the above and below images can be found when datamining the game following its Season 2 update. If this is legit, it seems like this top-and-bottom combo costume will be held back for rotation on the game’s online store, where players can buy cosmetic upgrades for in-game currency.

Fall Guys launched on PC and PlayStation 4 in Summer 2020, and became the darling of Twitch streamers and stay-at-home gamers worldwide for its ’90s aesthetic and fun approach to minigame madness. Working a little like It’s A Knockout or Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle, players enter a pool of 60 and compete in wacky challenges to be the last one standing. Winners earn crowns while contestants get Kudos coins for taking part.

The game has become such a phenomenon that multiple brands have asked to participate in costume collaborations. We’ve already seen a number of game crossovers in the past season, including characters from Valve’s Team Fortress games. It was only a matter of time before the meme-aware Sonic the Hedgehog brand team in the US caught wind of the game and asked to be part of the action.

Having said all this, none of this is confirmed right now. There’s little to doubt the legitimacy of these, but we’d rather wait until we see it for ourselves before calling it. But, if true, we’re keen to get ourselves a Sonic costume and dash past those obstacles in the coming weeks!

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  1. This actually seems really appropriate, considering that the little Fall Guys creatures already have the famed “mono-eye” that Sonic does!

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