Meet Belle, IDW Sonic’s New Character

A brand new character is coming soon to the world of IDW Sonic, just in time for a new story arc. Ahead of New York Comic Con, IDW has revealed Belle, a robot that is made out of wood.

There’s not much more than that that has been revealed about Belle for the time being. Evan Stanley, the new writer for the main IDW Sonic comics, has only confirmed that “I was responsible for the concept and design”, and that Belle will be “introduced in the #33-#36 story arc”.

However, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way, and the wait won’t be for very long. New York Comic Con is in just a few days, and there is an IDW Sonic happening on the 9th. So, we might learn a little more about Belle then.

Even we don’t, Stanley said that “you can learn about her when the books come out”. Issue #33, which will be Evan Stanley’s first as head writer for the comic and the first issue of the story arc that Belle will be introduced in, releases later this month.

It’s unknown if Belle will be a permanent part of the IDW Sonic universe after the arc concludes, but if the rest of IDW Sonic’s original characters have been sticking around, then it’s likely that Belle will, too.

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  1. Oooh, don’t like that character design. It’s the unholy lovechild of Sonic, Pinocchio, and the Keebler Elves with a big red clown nose on top just to really drive away any aesthetic pleasure.

  2. The freckles look like a disease, it’s kind of unsettling for a Sonic character but if she’s a one-off no harm no foul.

  3. It does seem like they are trying to replace the freedom fighters. I hate it, too. #Rally4Sally

  4. It’s a little weird all the new good IDW characters are female (Tangle, Whisper, Jewel), and all the bad ones are male (Rough, Tumble, Dr Starline).

    1. To be fair, Amy’s the only girl in the core set of Heroes. Rouge is a regular here but she’s rarely seen otherwise and Blaze only appears in spin-offs (and Generations), so the new girls make sense to round out the roster. As for the villains, Eggman’s the only constant, so there’s not really a roster to round out yet. Now that you mention it though, I am curious if we’ll ever see female antagonists in the future.

  5. Honestly kinda like the design. It’s unique and while it looks like a actual marionette puppet and goes with a leprechaun inspired color scheme, it’s definitely a good experimentation on Sega’s part to make a character that’s fresh and different from the regular couple animals or robots

  6. I’m not gonna judge until she is seen in action. We don’t even know her personality, or if she is a one-shot character or not.

  7. My bet is that she’s a creation of Mr. Tinker and that if she’s introduced as a good character she’ll become a villain. Actually, I think she’ll swap sides despite what faction she starts off on.

    I don’t particularly love her design, especially after IDW gave us such visually amazing characters like Tangle, Starline and, heck, even the “Lanolin” fan cameo but I really don’t see where all the problems are and why people are complaining so much.

  8. This is AWESOME! her design is amazing and the freckles are adorable! i cant wait to read the next issues. New sonic characters are always great and i hate when people compare characters to archie characters just because of a simple design, sally to tangle and now bunnie rabbot to belle. its just odd how there cant ever be new sonic characters without them being accused of replacing an older one. i love the archie and i love the idw. but sometimes you just gotta pave way for newer things and there is no reason to be upset about it.

  9. It’s an interesting design and I like to see where the comic does with the character. Although after looking up Eggman’s Mr. Tinker design my money is that he built her while he was Mr. Tinker since they both have similar outfits.

    I can see her either switching sides for a bit and possibly have Metal Sonic as her own personal; foe.

  10. I really love her design. A lot of people are saying she might be a new villain or antagonist but I don’t believe that. I think she was built by Eggman when he was Mister Tinker and will now that he’s back to being Eggman this new Belle character will have his good nature and might try to persuade him to go back to being Mister tinker again. A course that won’t happen.

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