Sneaky New Team Sonic Racing Character ‘Dodonpa’ Revealed in Famitsu

Some new details on Team Sonic Racing’s story mode has been revealed in the latest issue of Japanese games magazine Famitsu – and we now have a better idea about who the mysterious raccoon-like character is as well.

Scans from pages of Famitsu, shared with us courtesy of ‘Azul 35’ on Twitter, showed off new key art for a character that appears to be called ドドンパ – ‘Dodonpa’. Images including dialogue from ‘Dodonpa’ and a stage select screen – most likely intended for a potential Story Mode – are also published.

Another Sonic fan on Twitter, ‘AAN’, did the kind thing and translated a section of the page as well, so we can understand what’s going on here a little better. It sounds like this ‘Dodonpa’/’Dodompa’ character is the ringleader of the main storyline for Team Sonic Racing and his motivations will be revealed as players progress through the game. A bit like Team Chaotix receiving a strange assignment from an ‘anonymous client’ in Sonic Heroes…

All sounds very intriguing, and quite bonkers too. Especially given the design of the sneaky-looking git. His vehicle looks like a badnik, he’s rocking an Eggman-esque moustache… hmmmmmmmm.

We’ll report on more details of Team Sonic Racing’s Story Mode – and all other modes – when we get them.

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  1. His name could be a reference to an amusement park, or Dragon Ball Z (which I wouldn’t be surprised by) which has an attack called Dodonpa… Or litteraly translated in English “Boom Wave.” Hmm…

  2. I swear if Team Sonic Racing pull a King Doc (Free Riders) on us, I am going to be pissed.

    Especially when I actual LIKE new playable Sonic characters, and while aside from that, this game seems to be a generic Sonic racing game (minus the SEGA crossovers).

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