Team Sonic Racing story mode detailed

A Sonic game just isn’t a Sonic game without some kind of elaborate story mode, and it looks like Team Sonic Racing will be no exception. According to the same Famitsu article that was the source for our article about the game’s new character, Dodonpa, the game will give players a “Team Adventure” mode to race through. 

The following details come from Nintendo Everything, which posted a translation provided by Nico Traxton.

Team Adventure will be a brand new story centered around “Sonic characters,” though whether the story will feature the game’s entire roster or only select characters isn’t specified. The mode will have racers participate in a variety of events, including Grand Prix, regular team races, Survival Race, and Ring Challenge. Survival Race is a last man standing event, though it isn’t specified how the racers will be eliminated. Ring challenge gives victory to whoever collects the most rings.

Team Adventure will also be how new racers and custom car parts are unlocked. The mode takes place on a world map and will be divided into chapters, with difficulty that can be adjusted. When asked about the mode’s length, Producer Takashi Iizuka didn’t give an exact amount, but said that “it’ll take a bit of time to reach the ending.” He also confirmed that each stage has special clear conditions, and stars that can be collected for meeting those conditions.

This mode sounds fairly similar to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s “World Tour” mode, albeit with the addition of genuine story elements. It also featured a series of challenges, branching paths to those challenges, and was how the game’s characters were unlocked. In that game, the stars were used to unlock paths and characters, though they were earned by merely completing challenges on higher difficulties.

This will mark the first time one of Sumo Digital SEGA racers will feature a story mode. Anyone want to take bets on whether the big twist at the end will involve Dodonpa betraying Eggman or being Eggman?

The Famitsu article appears to feature screenshots from the story mode’s world map and cutscenes, which we’ve posted below. Stay tuned for further details of Team Sonic Racing, which will be launching on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One some time later this year.


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  1. The guy Dodonpa is probly Eggman or Eggman Nega in disguise hence why Blaze and Silver are in it with Vector to uncover the truth.

    Honestly compared to the amazing Sonic Racing transformed this game doesnt seem that exciting, im sure it will be a solid racer cause we all know Sumo is great at that but it’s just not the same without Sega All-stars and the variety of worlds we could race in.

    Plus tbh who plays a racing game for story….feels like they could have focused more time on other ideas then a story mode.

    1. Well, there is a story to the game Jak X that is a racing game. Also, that started out as a platformer so I guess it is a spinoff game. I have it on PS2 and also the 3 main games. Now that I think about it. I have yet to finish the second game and Jak X. The 3 game is still wrapped in its plastic.

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