New ‘Market Street’ Track Revealed for Team Sonic Racing, Riffs Rooftop Run

SEGA announced a brand new track for Team Sonic Racing at Gamescom this week, and for those of you with steely-eyed nostalgia for Sonic Unleashed you’ll be pleasantly surprised as madcap city stage Rooftop Run is represented in the colourful ‘Market Street’.

No new trailer was released to promote the stage (we know a lot of you are asking), but SEGA did release a bunch of screenshots to the press. We have them, and you can take a gander at them all in the gallery below.

The Sonic Stadium is at Gamescom right now and has had a chance to play the latest track – keep an eye out for a new preview from us very soon.

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  1. Why wouldn’t they have tracks based around the dozens of iconic zones if they are just sticking to the Sonic universe? So far these courses look really bland.

    And the levels in Unleashed were based on real-world locations. Not exactly iconic Sonic levels.

    Some weird design choices in this game!

    1. theres 21 tracks in the game, some going as far back as Sonic 3, so says an interview.
      we’ve seen Planet Wisp, Ice Level (Cool Edge or Ice Cap), Market Street (Rooftop Run) – thats still 18 tracks we havent seen so dont start your complaining already.

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