UPDATE: Amazon Points to ‘September’ Release Date for Sonic Mania

It looks like we might have an idea as to when Sonic Mania may be released – and for those of you banking on a ‘Summer’ window as described by SEGA America recently, you may want to try asking Father Time to re-adjust the seasons so that Summer also includes September 4.

Reports are coming in from multiple users receiving release date change notification emails from online retailer Amazon, for the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition package. These emails state that “the release date… has been changed by the publisher” and a new launch has been set for September 4, 2017.

The game was originally due to release in Spring 2017, but SEGA America recently announced a delay that pushed it back to ‘Summer 2017’. This new date, if confirmed by SEGA, might indicate a second, potentially unexpected hold. It might also be mere coincidence that Amazon users received these emails roughly the same time as the launch of the Sonic Mania Japanese website – albeit a rather creepy one.

We’ll reach out to SEGA for comment on the date.

Thanks to all who submitted tips in about this, including ‘TheTimmyBoy’ for providing the snapshot used in this article.

UPDATE: Aaron Webber said on his Twitter that Amazon’s new date is just a placeholder. The final release date will be revealed in the future.

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      1. Probably a placeholder date since Sep. 22nd is the last day of summer calendar-wise.

          1. look at the image in the article,Eric. It shows September 4th. So no the game will not be ready on June 23rd.

  1. *sigh* I was hoping it come out mid summer or on sonic’s birthday no less but this is fine. A bit close to sonic forces which might come out October, November or December. Mainly December by my guess.

  2. Ha! I made it onto TSS! Too cool haha. 😀

    But yeah, hopefully this is just another one of those placeholders. Although, it is v strange that it went out on the same date as the new site and that the date is so specific. Usually these dates appear on the beginning or end of months, such as 11/1 or 12/31.

    Either way, all we can do is hope that the final game is exactly what it was made to be. If it takes some extra months to perfect those roll physics, so be it. Blast processing isn’t a one-night affair.

  3. Is it only Amazon customers in the USA that got the email because I pre ordered it in U.K. From Amazon and never got an email.

  4. I really hope it’s releasing a bit sooner than that, at the very latest by the first week of August. September is practically Fall at that point, as far as school is concerned. I was really looking forward to having a Summer of Sonic to look forward to. But then again, if it does end up being the release date, at least they would be getting some extra time to finish things up, depending on how far along they are now. I’m still hoping they’re far enough where releasing it earlier wouldn’t compromise anything, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Oh sure when I say something about Amazon’s expected release date for my preorder fitting with a time frame given, everyone calls it dumb cuz it’s me. But THIS is totally news worthy. Also, Summer DOES include September. And now we know it’s just a placeholder too. XP lol

  6. Is it just me or does the website not showing Steam/PC as one of the platforms for this game? I’ve pre-ordered the Steam/PC version as I don’t have PS4, Xbone or Switch. I’d hate the idea of re-ordering for another platform.

  7. Honestly, I really want it, but with the way things have been with Sonic games, it’s personally refreshing to see Sega and the team taking their time with the game. Some of the best games in the world have had very long delays, so here’s hoping this is them really working hard on getting Mania working properly.

  8. On checking the status of my order for it, I accidentally cancelled it and now it’s completely out of stock and Amazon said: no we cannot reinstate your order.
    Does anyone know where you can order the ps4 version!

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