Official Japanese Sonic Mania Website Launches

SEGA Japan’s official Sonic Mania site has launched this week, complete with slick animations and rammed with information on characters, stages and other game content.

While the site only contains information that is already general knowledge, it will no doubt be a source of information in the near future.

Additionally, the placeholder site for the Official Sonic Forces Japanese site is also active, depicting two giant Eggman robots attacking a city, and the phrase “join the resistance”.

As always, we will keep you up to date on 2017 Sonic title announcements as they come.

Official Sonic Mania Japanese Website

Official Sonic Forces Japanese Website


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  1. That has to be the coolest site in existence. I’ve never had so much fun scrolling up and down.

  2. Guys, I got an email from Amazon today containing a new release date for my PS4 Mania Collector’s Edition, screenshotted it, and emailed that to you at the news email. Did you see it?

  3. Oh cool. The site has a screenshot with Heavy Gunner. Is this the first time they’ve shown what he looks like in game?

    1. Not sure how accurate Google translate is in this case, but the site seems to claim that Mirage Saloon has a different stage layout when you play as Knuckles. (I don’t know if that was already known or not. Sorry if it was.)

  4. I’m still hoping classic Amy will be confirmed for an appearance in Sonic Mania before the release, not as a playable character, but just like she was in Sonic CD where she would run up and hug Sonic.

    She could also be used as the hint system like Omochao in the modern games where you could talk to her in a level and she would give you tips and tricks.

  5. Anyone notice Knuckles has blue eyes rather than Sonic and Tails’ brown?
    What a fantastic website by the way, this is web design at it’s best.

  6. A couple of new things we can see from the videos on the site. We can hear the
    music for Green Hill Zone Act 2 – previous videos played the Act 1 music. Also we’ve seen the stars around the checkpoints for the first time, this implies some sort of bonus stage, presumably like Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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