Check Out the Launch Trailer for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

It’s been two years in the making, but Sanzaru Games’ Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for the Nintendo 3DS is finally upon us. Having launched for the Americas just yesterday, the third installment of the spinoff series will be arriving in Europe this Friday while Japanese hopefuls will have to wait another month. Promises were made about the game shaping up to be better and faster-paced than the preceding Shattered Crystal, and according to most critics, Sanzaru certainly delivered.

You can check out the launch trailer above, as well as a review roundup below!

At the time of writing, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice sits at a 61% rating on Metacritic.

SEGA has also provided us with a review copy not too long ago, so stay tuned for our own TSS review for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice within the coming days!

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  1. I feel like review scores are becoming less and less reliable. Whenever a game gets numbers across the board, which has happened quite a lot in the last year or two, I have no earthly idea what to think about it.

      1. Ok, it isn’t terrible, not even bad, but It’s not what I would call good. The game feels automated a lot of the time, The music isn’t all that great, the level design is kinda bland, and the game’s way too short Admittedly, I kinda trolling a bit when I said it was terrible, but I personally didn’t find it all that great, honestly.

        1. I can see what you mean. I haven’t played the game myself but I’ve seen it in action.

  2. Best Sonic game in five years. Really enjoyable. Every flaw in Shattered Crystal was taken into account and fixed. IT really puts SC to shame.

  3. review sites are really unreliable due to all the bias and dislike for franchises. from what ive seen its an improvement and has a lot of flow.

  4. To be completely honest, I’m having an enjoyable time with F&I. Haven’t played SC but the demo on the eShop was long, tedious, and slow. This game is essentially a faster SC with better controls, flow, level layout, and gimmicks. I like the reactionary element the fire and ice add to the game. However music and stages aren’t memorable, the character models are ugly, and the respawn mechanic is annoying. Overall it’s a decent time if you’re interested.

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