See Dr. Eggman Take on The Ghostbusters in Lego Dimensions

UPDATE: Check out the newly uploaded video after the cut which shows the battle in a different way, complete with Sonic Adventure boss music and even ghost Badniks!

ORIGINAL STORY: One of the things I love about Lego Dimensions is that they constantly merge the franchises they have license to as much as possible. If you haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters movie, there’s an action sequence where they have to take down some giant, haunted parade balloons. In the game, two of the balloons have been replaced with the Ice King from Adventure Time and Dr. Eggman. Watch the Ghostbusters take down the balloon Dr. Eggman with the help of a balloon Sonic in the video above!

Notice to commentators: No we are not doing this, we’re not going to have the comments turn into why the 2016 Ghostbusters is the best or worst movie since movies because movies. We’re talking about a video game here. If you feel so strongly about the movie, make a YouTube video.

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  1. “If you haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters movie”

    See the new Ghostbusters movie? Why would anyone do that to themselves?

    1. Give it a break. It did surprisingly okay to most people. Shadow the Hedgehog not only hates Sonic, but he hates GhostBusters of all brands and generations. I mean, he probably lost the Ghost of Maria Robotnik to a band of GhostBusters who went to the Space Colony ARK. Somebody better port Maria to GMOD and SFM, and I don’t care IF she’s dead!

  2. Why does Lego Sonic in this look different? Does that mean Lego Eggman will look different as well?

  3. I wonder how Mike Pollock felt having his balloon version getting beat up by the new Ghostbusters team?

  4. Awesome boss fight in Lego Dimensions Lego Dr. Eggman showing himself in a Lego game I like it a lot in Sonic Adventure of classic & now on Lego Dimensions wow I really don’t know how to expect from it of Lego Dr. Eggman was a quite surprising.

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