Freak-Out Friday: Sonic 06 – The Musical

I just don’t understand why people like Sonic 06

How could a game that gives you so many horrible experiences…

…be good?

Like a Disney film itself, these were the words which began something special over on the SSMB forums. As a debate rages on in our Sonic 06 topic, member Indigo Rush appeared to spin a musical tale of just why he couldn’t understand anybody who would enjoy the game. Then, it escalated further as another member, Discoid, decided he would sing the song… and now, the world has this wonderful creation. Open your ears and listen well. Lyrics are below the video.


Look at this game
Doesn’t it suck?
Wouldn’t you rather be hit by a truck?
What would you think of a game
A game that just
Really stinks

Look at this game
Glitches untold
How many problems can one game disc hold?
Looking around and you think
This game really stinks

It’s got glitches and plot holes aplenty
It’s got lame villains and bad design galore
You want loading screens? They’ve got 20
But who cares, no big deal
They’ve got moooooooore

I wanna see
Wanna see Silver fight
I wanna see
Sonic get trapped by a wall
Slamming back into his – what do you call ’em?
Oh – rings!

Touching your controller you don’t get too far
Automated segments are required for moving quickly
Running along down a – what’s that word again?
…Mach speed section!

Up where they crash, up where they fall
Up where they glitch all day with those balls
Loading a screen, for eternity,
In Sonic o’siiiiiiiiix

What would I give, if I could drown in 1 feet waters…
What would I pay to spend a day, stuck on a wall…
Bet’cha in 4, can’t fall through floors
But you can
Stand up on the ceiling
Scripted loops here
Tails is poop here
Ready to gliiiiiiiitch

I’m ready to know what the people know
Ask them some questions and get some missions
What’s an Iblis Trigger, and why does it – what’s the word

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love, love to explore the empty hub worlds up above?
Out of this plot
Wish I could rot
In Sonic O’siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix

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    1. Don’t make us butcher another Disney song.

      …just kidding, like what you want, bro.

    1. Sonic! The internet, it’s a mess. Life in Mobius is better than anyting they got up there.

  1. Woah…watching that video…something inside of me is happening…like my…opinions are changing or something!!!……..Nah, I still like the game.

    1. While I do not share your opinion in the fact that it’s my favorite Sonic game, I have to admit, this game was pretty freaking up there! I’d put it HIGH on a top ten list any day!

      1. Yea you know, it wasnt there fault that Sonic 06 was bad they werent able to finish it in time, so I cant hate them for that, yes there were some issues, Elise definitely, but other than that, I love it to this day, now it may be settled at Number 2 if Sonic Boom does well

          1. We can only speculate how good it would have been had Sonic Team had enough time to polish the game. It could have been a lot better. Even without bugs and bad controls it might still have been very mediocre.

            Five, ten years down the line when this technology becomes old hat I can see fans getting together to polish up the game.

        1. Oh wow, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 8 years since Sonic 06 and people still believe that!

  2. This Disney movie song is forgot was is it the Princess and the frogs let me know in the comments is this The Princess And The Frogs some thing else?

    1. Yeah it had a good soundtrack and the few true CG cutscenes were nice though I feel Sega blew the entire game budget on that meaning they only had $5 left to design levels and gameplay and they spent $4 on pie.

  3. Actually, Sonic “06 is one of the main frames that made me become a Sonic fan. Just because YOU can’t stand it, doesn’t mean you have to point it out for everyone. Sure it’s not the best game made, but that also depends on how you look at it. There is a difference between Gameplay, The History Behind It and Style.

  4. Dear crazed Sonic fans who defend Sonic 06. You can post as much whining you want about how “biazed” the game media is and how everyone rips on some game you liked because you played it as a kid before you had a sense of good taste. Get over it. The game is broken. The story is lame and involve Sonic being in love with a human girl. Sega admitted the game was a rushed unfinished mess. No amount of your internet whining is going to magically change the majority of people’s opinions on this game. It’s been 8 years. We’ve moved on, so should you. If you’re still having trouble letting this go, the Animaniacs have a service to help you.

    1. I had my acquired taste already thank you. I played generations and colors beforehand. As well as the classics and adventure games. I still prefer it to all but one classic and one adventure title. I knew it was bad, I payed 15 bucks anyway. I liked it. The end. And next to that, you do know youre being biased right now. OF COURSE ITS BROKEN! ITS AN UNFINISHED MESS THAT NEVER SHOULDVE BEEN RELEASED! BUT PEOPLE LIKE IT! So,when you want people to stop having their opinions and stop defending it; Try doing the same and stop having an opinion and bashing it. Its only fair. And you have just disgraced the Animaniacs. Thanks a lot.

    2. Ok I hate this game the only good things about it was the music, Mephiles the Dark (DAN GREEN!), and the creation of Silver, but sending people who grew up with it to the Please Please Pleese Get a Life foundation is going too far.

  5. Dear Symbotic:
    After much thinking, trying to reason with Sonic 06 fans is that you must look at something that’s equally awful and stupid that also has a rabbid following that defends it to the death.
    The Twilight Series.
    Think about it. Twilight is a terrible written books series with terribly done movies about an idiotic love story between two characters with no chemistry whatsoever. Most mature, intelligent people know it’s trash. It’s been panned by book and film critics and yet there are legions of fans who defend it to the death convinced that it’s some hidden genius that we mortals can’t understand. Even if you point out the flaws to their face, they’ll simple put their fingers in their ears and ignore you.
    All this can be a parallel to the Sonic ’06 fans. You can tell them it’s crap and that the love story is stupid and unrealistic, that the characters are flat and one dimensional but they’ll simply ignore it. And if you’ve noticed recently, now that the series is over, the Twihards are slowly disappearing or at least growing quieter. Basically the Sonic 06 defenders should be treated the same way as Twihards. Simply ignore them. Don’t engage them and just remind yourself that they’re probably just crazy and will eventually grow out of this phase or have a psychotic meltdown.

  6. I love this game. No kidding. The last good Sonic game in the series that still has a substance to it.
    Lame villains and terrible plot? I am sure you describe all the games AFTER 06.

  7. What’s the big deal? So Sonic 06 had a ton of glitches, does it really make it a horrible game? It still had enjoyable content in it in my opinion. I enjoyed playing Silver because this still remains the ONLY game we have gotten to hone his psychokinesis, Sonic Rivals only used part of his power to attack your opponents, but Sonic 06… We got to GRAB enemies and throw them as well as paralyze them! We got to fly despite that the meter ran out quickly. I enjoyed Silver’s game play a lot. Despite what most people think, I actually enjoyed Mephiles parts and I did not mind Elise. The kiss at the end of the game never made me hate her or anything. The music was amazing, and I really liked how serious this game was as well. I may have gotten frustrated plenty of times by the glitches and difficulty, but I never threw my controller down and shouted at the game saying it was the lamest game in history or anything. I do tend to rage quit for any of my games but I return to them later on. I took a break from it for a bit because I wasn’t progressing in it and I kept getting angry, but I completed the game 100% last year and I’m pretty satisfied. People can hate what they want, but what do you gain from hating a game? Sonic 06, in my opinion, should not be hated. I heard SEGA was rushed to complete this by Microsoft and Sony as well as the fans, and here we have all the fans complaining about it. Well, that’s what you get when you rush a game company to finish their game, so don’t complain about it. Several of my friends are also fans of this game and we agree fully that this would have been amazing, had SEGA been given more time to work and plot out their game and tweak it to its fullest. In conclusion, I stand by my view of Sonic 06, and I don’t care if people tell me the game sucks because I do not agree at all. We all have our own opinions. The people who don’t like this game just need to understand and respect that not everyone hates Sonic 06 and that’s that.

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