Tommy Tallarico To Be Special Guest At Sonic Revolution



This just in! Video game composer and co-creator of Video Games LIVE!, Tommy Tallarico has just been announced as a special guest for Sonic Revolution in Anaheim on June 15. Tommy is famous for composing many video game soundtracks including Earthworm Jim, MDK and even worked on Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonic Revolution’s announcement is below.

We are proud to announce another special guest to Sonic Revolution: Tommy Tallarico from Video Games Live! Tommy will be present on stage during the convention to talk about his work with Sonic music, as well as a Q&A about creating Sonic music.

Most known for being the co-creator of the concert series Video Games Live, Tommy Tallarico is also known for composing music for many major video games such as Bloodrayne, Earthworm Jim, and Pac-Man World. In the Sonic Community, he is known as a composer for the music of Sonic and the Black Knight.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! Every bit of support helps the cause. 🙂

    The event is on June 15th, not 18th, as a minor correction.

  2. Sounds way past cool of Tommy Taillarico is the special guest of Sonic Revloution!

  3. Oh nice! This news coming in as I debate whether or not to attend the July 24th Video Games Live concert during Comic-Con

    1 year in and a big-wig is already involved 🙂 Good luck with Revolution!

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