A not-so-little look at: First 4 Figures’ Shadow The Hedgehog

It’s been a long while since First 4 Figures’ Shadow statue was unveiled in May of last year, and after an appearance in Summer of Sonic’s merch cabinet in 2013, it seems like only yesterday that I was putting it together to go inside said cabinet…

Well, not really. The wait has still been a very long one. It’s finally over though, as First 4 Figures’ Shadow the Hedgehog statue has finally been finding its way into the hands of Shadow fans and collectors everywhere over the past couple of months or so. Here’s a little look at how much Shadow $230 will buy you. Brought to you with some absurd-resolution images:

Shadow shipping box

 You get a very big box with some basic details on the side. “Shadow Sonic”… Hmm. Have fun with that idea fan-fic writers! That’s not what you’re here to see though, so inside we have…

Shadow Statue Box

 Another box! This time with pictures! Inside this box we find…

A big brick of Polystyrene! Some writing on the top and a pretty, 3D picture on the reverse.

Here’s a look at all the bits and pieces you get inside. The statue is split into multiple parts (base, Shadow’s body, both of his hands and batteries) to make the journey over from China a little easier on the fragile parts. Building the statue was a little bit fiddly, but everything went together easily enough once the main body was fitted into place.

The statue certainly isn’t one for people who don’t have a fair bit of space. At a solid 15 and a half inches in height, he’s certainly imposing. To give people a sense of scale, here’s a vanilla copy of Sonic Adventure 2 by comparison.

Shadow size

And so wraps up this not-so-little look at First 4 Figures’ Shadow the Hedgehog statue.

At the time of writing, The exclusive version of the statue has completely sold out in Europe, but not quite in the US and Australia. The regular statues are still having their wait lists sorted out.

Over to you: Were you lucky enough to pick one of these up for yourself? What were your thoughts?

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  1. I saw an unboxing of this on Youtube, I have to say that it looks magnificent. I wish I could get one but I have no room and little cash.

  2. Wait, does that mean that this statue is actually taller than the Modern Sonic statue? Why did they make it so absurdly huge!? It still looks awesome though.

      1. It’s the perspective that makes them look the same size. Sonic is in front of Shadow by several images. Shadow might not be too much bigger than Sonic, but he might not be on the same scale as Sonic either. All I’m saying is I can’t be sure about their scale until somebody posts a picture of them side by side for comparison. I’m hoping that they are scaled to each other and that Sonic’s position and distance away from Shadow is what’s confusing me.

          1. …must be the elevation of the boots then. It’s so confusing with these sort of things, I was under the impression that the Sonic statue was the size of an iPhone, but I guess it’s taller than I realized.

        1. You also need to take their poses into consideration, sonic is clearly bent down and leaning forward while shadow is more upright

  3. I have the Shadow exclusive statue as well. It’s awesome, and it’s a low number (33 of of 600)!

  4. looking forward to seeing that guy who reviews the sonic merch – review this.
    apparently he is part of the sonic show but iv never paid attention to the channel after iv extaticly found a video.

    looks really cool, wonder who will be next on the statue list. hope its Amy or someone interesting.

      1. oh really ^^” aha ~
        still looking forward to it :3 i like listening to your metalsonic review and such.

    1. Actually, they’re working on an Eggman statue currently :D. Not sure if another one comes out in between now and Eggman (pretty sure its Classic), but I’m hoping he won’t be like $500 XD

      1. well thats interesting :3 shame its not modern eggman but interested to know the pose and such.
        uhh the ModernSonic+ClassicSonic city escape should come out between now and eggman.

  5. Shame I couldn’t get this, but as much as I love the character I can’t afford $230. Seriously, I have college to pay for X_x

    Still a shame. It would have been lovely to have, seeing as it’s a rather gorgeous statue.

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