Very high-res capture of Sonic Boom concept art surfaces

Sonic Boom LogoThe following is a ginormous pic of Bob Rafei and the board full of concept art from Sonic Boom as seen in an earlier video, but this capture might be a proper photograph as it is way too high resolution to be a snippet from a video. At the moment we have no true source of the picture. But nevertheless, it’s here and for you all to see!

Bob RafeiClick the image for the full 3000×2000 version!

One of the most interesting characters shown is what appears to be Marine from Sonic Rush Adventure making her comeback.

Marine BoomMy boomerang’s a little Ty’d up at the moment…

Not only do the colors and the patterns match up, but she is also stereotypically carrying a boomerang and she did speak in an Australian accent before.

Another character, is what appears to be a robot that looks to have very similar features to Emerl, last (and only seen) in Sonic Battle (not counting Gemerl’s appearance in Sonic Advance 3).

Emerl BoomGod dammit Mad Doctor, we didn’t need to turn Emerl into a Beetleworx!

While we don’t have a definite source for the image, we have Eitarou and A Real Human Bean to thanks in our forum for finding (Eitarou) and posting the full image (A Real Human Bean). We also have an adjusted (albeit smaller) shot of the pic by Storme Prince so you don’t have to strain your eyes as much.

Sonic Boom Concept Artwork AdjustedWe had to cut corners to bring you this piece, we apologize.

So there you have it! Enjoy! 😀

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  1. Is it just me, or is that a concept art of Tikal on the bottom bottom right hand of the board. Second to last picture.

    1. It’s really hard to tell, plus she doesn’t have the tribal look and the face seems more… Hedgehog? It’s flatter than an Echidna’s typically.

      In the Sonicverse.

      And thank you spellcheck for recommending “Echidna’s” be corrected to Enchilada’s. LOL

  2. Great concept art of Blaze the cat, is the nurse and Trkai is the mother carrying the babies! Then the rest all the Sonic characters new design are good or bad.

    1. That’s not Blaze, I mean, LOOK at it. It’s purple, yes, but where’s the cat tail and ears? or anything looking like it’s Blaze the Cat?

    2. Um, NO. Not Blaze, and not Tikal. I’d say get your eyes checked…but everybody still has to strain their eyes just to make anything out on this image.

    3. That had better not be Blaze! It looks like some looney toons reject with too many chromosomes.

      If that is Blaze then she’s going to need a nurse.

    1. Alright, I’ll bite. Why do you think it’s not supposed to be Emerl? The art style period is a major departure from the usual Sega Sonic style and as far as I’m seeing with the colour scheme and the fin on the head, it’s closer to Gizoid than being a whole new robot type.

      Considering that this is the series where we’ll be seeing some really different redesigns I’m really not buying the “not a Gizoid” angle you’ve been taking.

  3. Yeah, it may be similar to Marine, but she lacks the raccoon tail, and a few other note-able features that make Marine who she is, but who knows.

    Also, now that I see it clearer, that purple character is so not Blaze. But it does look like some of those robots are inspired by the Emerl and the Gizoid’s designs.

      1. @juvi
        Dude… His name is Back the Weasel…. Fang the Sniper just sounds stupid.

  4. I like the designs of Marine, Emerl and the second-to-last character in the bottom row (Vanilla?), but the style of the other characters make me cringe so hard. Their look nothing like Sonic characters; instead they feel like something out of a generic western cartoon. It’s DiC all over again, ugh.

  5. So it looks like Sonic Boom will take place in a mobius-like world rather then earth like the mane series games. also, whats the logo on the computer screen in the first pic? SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!! 😀

    1. Mobius…that’s just a name, there’s no real difference between the two. The places that make a “Mobius” like world are places that can just as well be on the “Earth” in the main games.

  6. I am fairly intrigued to see how the enemies and NPCs alike will work.

    I also applaud your Ty the Tasmanian Tiger pun.

  7. OH MY GAAWSH!! This is toying with my brain in too many ways!! Why did you cut corners!? Why!! Oh well, guess I’m just gonna have to be patient 🙁

    1. No corners were cut, they simply didn’t exist to begin with.

      If you notice, the picture becomes blurry the further to the right you go. This is Eitarou and A Real Human Bean warped to to not be skewed so we could see it more clearly.

  8. I really like that wallpaper on his computer. Didn’t see anyone mention that. The subtitle on it is hard to read though. I don’t think I’ve seen that image.

  9. Wait… in the first picture… whats that wallpaper that Bob has? Im sure it doesnt say Sonic Boom, and perhaps is not Sonic Boom related at all since Tails doesnt look like hes wearing his googles…

    1. Good observation that of the missing goggles! And I think it says Sonic Space or Sonic Stage.

    2. Good point, is strange that Tails doesn’t wear his Boom goggles in that logo, also I think it says Sonic Space or Sonic Stage.

  10. I highly doubt Emerl will be in there. because the fact there are no chaos emeralds the things Emerl hinged solely on. the robot thats suspected to be him shares traits with other robots so its probably just a mere eggman mook. The lack of Chaos Emeralds is also the fact i doubt Characters like Shadow or Chaos will appear.

  11. That logo looks strange maybe sonic team has a version of this game, because if you remember the dude from sonic team in the video that showed everything to do with sonic boom, said that “its good to see sonic in action adventure and sonic will be in an action adventure along side sonic boom or words to that affect.

  12. it would be cool if the tittle on monitor was for another sonic game for the other systems as in ps3, 360, pc, ps4, xb1

  13. Loving the new spunky design for Marine, but the robot designs have been so bland to the point of Sonic ’06 Badnik mundane that they have been forgettable. Not liking how Emerl looks.

    Snake in robot suit and Crab with robot arm seem interesting, though.

  14. Well, finally, even the orange female character’s design is far from being great!!…
    Poor Yuji Uekawa, what have they done to your art?!…

  15. Glad to see they aged her up, hopefully she’ll be less annoying now and if she ends up being playable in the game (which she probably won’t) her weapon will most likely be the boomerangs which is awesome

    1. Aging someone up doesn’t make a character any less annoying, She isn’t playable, no probably about it….that would detract from the point of focusing on the Main 4.

  16. Well, it was the case in 2007 with SONIC RUSH ADVENTURE… and at that time, we had well-designed NPCs!!…

    1. Agreed!! also Im still kind of upset because the 3rd Nintendo exclusive wasn’t Sonic Rush 3DS.

        1. Hopefully, or at least they should make a game similar to the Rush series, Blaze was one hell of a character and I think there are plenty of possibilities for good stories featuring her.

  17. Thank you so much for blowing up those pictures!! I spent an hour+ trying to blow up the Marine picture to no avail.

    She’s like my 3rd possibly 2nd favourite character of the series!

    1. I didn’t do those. 🙂 Check near the bottom to see who helped out, I’ll bold the names.

  18. There is a picture with knuckles and some device. In the corner of that picture it looks like it is a bike! So the theory behind the toys being vehicles could very well be true!

  19. If thats Marines new look, I like it better then the original.

    The original design was pretty much Cream with the racoon suit from Mario

  20. The concept art gives me flashbacks to AOSTH and Fleetways Sonic comic with the rapid shift between Sonic style characters and non standard designs for others.

  21. Well I’m all for this. Side universe in all that, I won’t turn it down and frankly… It’ll be nice seeing a universe that’s a bit more lively.

    Also turtle better hit someone with that stick at least once. It’s only proper, although frankly I’m just easily amused I think.

    I didn’t play Sonic Rush Adventure, so I don’t know much about Marine. Creepy Emerlbot though.

  22. The purpley pink thing reminds me of an Animal Crossing villager called… Marina… Marine… Marina.. Coincidence?

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