Sonic Lost World TGS Trailer Includes Amy, New Cutscenes


A brand new TGS 2013 trailer for Sonic Lost World has been released on the game’s Japanese website, and it features a whole cavalcade of new things to see. There’s what appears to be a gorgeous CG intro scene of Sonic and Tails chasing something in the Tornado on their way to Lost Hex, as well as our first (brief!) glimpse of Amy in an in-game cutscene. We also see interactions between the Deadly Six, and Eggman preparing to fire some sort of gun. For people hoping for a deeper and slightly darker story compared to Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations… it looks like you may be in luck!

There’s also plenty of new gameplay footage to see too, including a good look at all of the levels revealed so far – especially recently-revealed ones like Tropical Coast – and a more detailed demonstration of how the Wisps will work in both the Wii U and 3DS versions, showing how the GamePad in particular will bring new ways to control Sonic’s alien-powered abilities.

The Japanese site for Sonic Lost World also includes a few new pieces of art, included below. Thanks to SSMB member Woun for finding all of these new goodies!

With so much new stuff to see, that means there’s lots to discuss! Let us know what you think of the TGS trailer in the comments!

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  1. Nice… I can’t wait for the English translation. I only viewed this once, but I see that they seem to have Eggman doing things — pointing a gun at the camera: though we have no idea what it’s for and if it succeeds. That’s nice. And Amy… seems to be doing something… magicy? Hmm. Maybe Amy and Knuckles will be there for more than cheerleading. Good.

    Also, it appears my prediction of Amy and Knuckles just being on the 3DS is thankfully wrong.

    1. Let’s just hope that Amy’s voice actor is either changed or improved a Hell of a lot since Sonic Generations.

      1. Whoa. How did I miss this comment the first time? *Looks Around*
        ….I second that Sonicfan. 😉

  2. OMG. Views of those gorgeous looking levels, im so hyped. Soooo much variation, not a city themed level in sight! I see they took inspiration from Donkey Kong Country for one of the levels, it looks fantastic!

    Then we have views of the cutscenes, looking awesome, leaving me guessing. What was that contraption! Why was the Lost Hex being all sucked up? What the hell is Eggman up to? How does Tails’ translator thing end up with an Amy who appears all alone? Im sooooo hyped.

    When you guys post a review, I want no story spoilers, lol

    1. ‘not a city themed level in sight!’ is that a good thing? While I’m sure a city themed level would feel out of place in this Galaxy-esque theme, many of the city levels in Sonic’s games have been great and have become fond favourites in the community!

      1. Isn’t that Casino Night styled stage a city level? Even the actual casino night level in Sonic two has a city in the background.

        1. Because a City is in the background, the entire stage is a city level apparently. So spring yard, star light, casino night, etc. all count as city levels.

  3. A second look at the trailer reminds me! A FULL 3D water level… I believe this is a Sonic game first. Water levels make me nervous, but the drill wisp made the one in Colours fun, so im pretty excited for a full 3D one. Poor Amy, her face doesnt spell good news. Some bad stuff is happening to the characters there. I also notice on the tornado, Sonic looks really angry for a moment. Maaaan, I feel like a kid, did I mention that im sooooo hyped?

  4. All Wisps fully operative in 3D.


    Darker story indeed, though I don’t think anyone could possibly find this “too dark,” just from the presentation. October can’t come soon enough!

  5. Looks great, but where’s Knuckles? Is there any other events like TGS before the release of Lost World?

    1. Well, there’s the Eurogamer Expo at the end of this month, but I think that’s it until the game is released.

  6. EPIC! Not enough words can’t describe the music, cutscenes and levels. Good, great, awesome, outstanding? AMAZING seems fitting enough.

  7. I haven’t been this excited for a Sonic game since Generations. Then again I’m always excited for a new Sonic game… XD Anyway, looks insanely awesome, can’t wait.

    1. “I haven’t been this excited for a Sonic game since Generations” Since Generations was the last main Sonic game and was only two years ago, your point?

      1. Well, other than that game, the other ones that came out in the main series didn’t excite me very much. Colors did a little, but I was really disappointed by that.

        And I keep forgetting that Generations came out just two years ago. Oops.

        1. Since Generations, it was the last main game(game)to come out. So unless you cared about Sonic 4, the statement is kind of redundant

          1. I… just said I forgot it came out only 2 years ago, and yes, I DID care about Sonic 4, actually. (It was a pretty good game, TBH)

  8. THIS LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD. Now all I need is a Wii U. XD

    And try turning on the automatic captions. It’s hilarious, and reminiscent of Tails’s Wisp translator. XD

    1. Don’t predict Super Sonic will be in this game just yet. Sonic Lost World may pull a Sonic Battle on us when all seven chaos emeralds are indeed in Sonic’s possession, but he just doesn’t go Super Sonic. Instead, he gives them all to his robot friend. 😀 Sonic Battle was a good game.

      1. Well, you see the 7 Chaos Emeralds in an icon in the top right corner, so it seems pretty likely that Super Sonic will be in it. Besides, Sonic Battle was a spin-off anyways.

  9. My analysis:
    0:07 Tails’ plane is damaged, probably from some sort of fight.
    0:24 Some sort of a silhouetted Ruins-Water level, probably a part of Tropical Coast. Looks kinda like where you fight Zor the scond time… maybe this is Silent Forest?
    0:30 And there’s Tropical Coast’s outside. Looking good, although the water looks odd with it being a half cylinder.
    (I’m really liking that main theme.)
    0:46 CHAOS EMERALDS CONFIRMED (if they haven’t been already). Look at the top right; there’s the 7 emeralds symbol.
    0:48 More fruit.
    0:55 It’s official: Eggman has full control over the Deadly Six in Windy Hill. Also, interesting to note that characters besides Zavok are in shadow until their respective world.
    1:06 Man, that song… I can’t wait for this game to come out, if only for an OST rip.
    1:07 There’s more Tropical Coast.
    1:13 Windy Hill? It looks like a windmill…
    1:19 Look, it’s that bear-thing from Star Light Zone!
    1:37 All Wisps are playable in 3D. Also, Drill is working underwater in 3D, and heck, an underwater 3D level!
    2:09: Orange Rocket controls like the cannons in Super Mario Galaxy. That’s not a bad thing.
    2:24 Nice looking World Map.
    2:33 Not sure what this cutscene’s for… maybe the Master Zik boss fight? Zik isn’t visible in this scene, though.
    2:41 The 3DS version also has Zazz using that mech-ball thing for the boss fight.
    2:51 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT’S OMOCHAO! (Otherwise, the RC vehicles look pretty cool.)
    3:03 Looks like the 3DS has a 4-player Battle Mode.
    3:07 Tails’ plane isn’t damaged, and Sonic looks upset. Maybe this is during the fight where the plane gets damaged.
    3:15 Nice.
    3:19 There we go. They’re chasing Eggman, who has one of those capsule devices.
    3:20 There’s the official Super-Mega-Ultra-Evil Machine.
    3:21 That machine seems to be sucking the life/color out of Lost Hex. (The end result looks a bit like the White World from Generations.) Also, Amy’s in the game, and she’s holding a Miles Electric. Hmm.
    That’s it for new stuff.

    1. “1:19 Look, it’s that bear-thing from Star Light Zone!”

      Scrap Brain.

      You mean Scrap Brain.

      1. No! So close! I need to play Sonic 1 again; I couldn’t ever get to the later levels as a kid, so I tend to get the two mixed up due to similar design.

    2. If you check Sonic Lost World’s Japanese website, then it explains the gun and why the Tornado is damaged. (HINT: The gun did it)

    3. “There’s the official Super-Mega-Ultra-Evil Machine” You mean the Super Mega Ultra*explodes* OH MY GOD MY HAND!

      Lois: Oh my god!

      1. Knuckles: What happened? OH MY GOD!!!

        Charmy: You know, no huge hurry, but I seem to be sort of out of juice over here. Bone dry.

  10. Wait, what’s this? A hint of Amy actually being more than just a pyschotic stalker, and having a bigger role in the plot?

    1. Let’s just hope that Amy’s voice actor is either changed or improved a Hell of a lot since Sonic Generations.

      1. I honestly think that Amy’s current voice has a lot of potential – but right now she sounds too much like Minnie Mouse. Hopefully this should change if the writers give her more of a direction if Amy has a bigger role.

  11. Can Somebody PLEASE Tell me how to get the Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition? Can I just pre-order from Gamestop to get it?

  12. Looks really good! The game play looks very appealing! I’m glad that’s it’s different from the past Sonic games; Makes me more eager for it!

  13. If you look closely, you can find new stage names: ラバーマウンテン (Lava Mountain) and スカイロード (Sky Road).

  14. Looks like the 3DS version has Chaos Emeralds too. Look at the touch screen when Windy Hill is being compared for both version at the start.

  15. Can someone please tell me the deal on the NiGHTS DLC?!? Do I have to pre-order a different version of the game, or should I just get a download code on my receipt when I pick it up?

  16. Oki asked this question before but I want to be absolutely sure. I went to gamestop to preorder the deadly six edition but they only had just lost world. Do I only have to preorder the game or do I have to order it online. Since the deadly six edition has its own case I assumed I has to order that one exactly. Is it not really its own case just the game with a dlc code. I really want the deadly six edition.

    1. With Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, It was the same thing. There was no separate Bonus Edition, or Limited Edition if you live in Europe, to order. There was just one SASRT for pre-order, yet the day the game was released onto shelves, Nearly every single copy, no, every copy was the bonus edition. I am going to have to say that it is the same thing going on with Lost world. If you really want to play it safe, pre-order it from amazon, but I am sure that pre-ordering Lost World from Gamestop will also get you the Deadly Six Bonus edition.

  17. Why do I get the feeling that this game’s storyline is going to be fantastic? I mean, I thought Colours was light-hearted, charming and funny (and introduced the series’s best voices, in my opinion), but didn’t have that heart-pounding action that I like from a good plot. Generations was a MASSIVE disappointment in terms of story – they could have done SO much more with it. But this is looking extremely promising. Definitely darker than the past two Sonics, but not overbearingly so unlike SOME past Sonic games, but still keeping that lighthearted humour which suits the Sonic series so well. In short, it looks EPIC. 😀

    1. Well, we got Dr. Eggman joining with the crew for most likely the majority of the game so something Golden is bound to happen there. Speaking of the crew, there actually is a crew this time because it isn’t just Sonic & Tails, it is Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles! So the possibilities are endless! Not to mention how at the end of the game, Dr. Eggman can’t possibly stay teamed up with them so we will get some thrilling climax of how he will decide to leave them. I just can’t wait for this game now! I don’t know what else to tell you. It may not entirely seem like it, but this Sonic just may be the one that has eluded the franchise for several years….. a perfect one. If the story, the gameplay, and all that extra stuff is great, what can stop it from being perfect?

      1. Not to mention that it looks like that for the first time in about four or five years, there’s going to be an epic CGI opening! I have missed that so much! XD

        I think that people will complain about the gameplay being “different”, though. I think it looks amazing, but people may get confused by it, declaring the game as “terrible” because of it. And people are bound to complain about the voices – they always do.

  18. I just saw one of the things I missed in a sonic game since adventure 2 battle
    (Since 06 never happened)
    Multiplayer battles
    Different from races
    But battles
    One of the most epic parts of sa2b story mode, was when you fought the other hedgehog
    Sonic against shadow, or vice versa
    Even more epic was the final battle against each other when they use powers like chaos spear or sonic wind.
    Now, in up to four player battles
    We can use the kick attack or that wind kick attack, and we can use color powers
    Imagine blowing your opponent away with cyan laser
    Or indigo asteroid
    Even the new homing attack will put a twist on these battles
    But These multiplayer battles will be awesome and has got to be one of the biggest reasons I want this game other than the parkour system.

    1. Only The Mech characters, Heroes and Shadow had actual battle multi-player. In Sa2 and Heroes racing, you can still attack eachother but it was not an actual fight.

        1. Sure heroes did it during story
          It’s not the same as a one on one epic battle
          Or at least no teams anyways

  19. Plus Sonic Lost World is going to be an awesome game like Super Mario Galaxy the Gravity was made in 2007 or Sonic Adventure 2 2001 the stage of mad Space anyone or Final Chase who agreed with me is Sonic Adventure 2 2001 or Super Mario Galaxy 2007 I think I will choose Sonic Adventure 2 2001 because Super Mario Galaxy was in made in 2007 didn’t copy. But I saw in my eyes That boss battle of Zomom copy of He did was spinning a Toronto just like in Luigi Mansion Dark Moon 2013 of green ghost and Zik level like in new Super Mario Wii.

  20. Is that in-game HQ CGI at 3:22? I think it is! I’d be happy to see those high-quality cutscenes return like in Sonic Unleashed, I kind of missed them in Sonic Generations with the exception of that promo scene that played if you wait for a bit on the title screen.

  21. Ah!! I’m super excited for this game now! Some of the gameplay actually reminds me of Adventure-style stuff, but with a mix of Colours in it too. I like that.
    Also, I’m not so sure that the CGI with Sonic and Tails on the Tornado will be cutscenes. Generations trailers showed a few pretty CGI bits, yet none of them were in the game! I could be wrong though, the last scene with Amy looks really cool!

    1. Yeah because those scenes have nothing to do with what’s actually happening in the story. Like Sonic and Tails chasing Eggman, or Sonic clearly pointing and inaudibly speaking, or Amy being there for no apparent reason and holding another MilesElectric…these can’t possibly have anymore context in this game than the CGI clips from Generations trailers, even though they appear to have more Context having something actually happening in them that seems like it could totally be placed in the game at the right times and not just running through levels(that we already knew were in the game)with no context other than time travel.

  22. Wait a moment did Sega put Special stage for Sonic lost World for Wii U back. Then so Sonic Lost World have 2 player battle like is it going to a street pass or spot pass for 3DS or Nintendo Wii U It will be happy If sega did that!

  23. “For people hoping for a deeper and slightly darker story compared to Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations… it looks like you may be in luck!”

    …. c:

  24. Man I can wait to get my hands on this game. Since I pre-ordered the “Deadly Six Edition” of the game. I wonder what all that will give me. Like back when Sonic Generations was released whoever pre-ordered the game got the Casino Night DLC for consoles, which in its self wasn’t even a full level but a pinball game. But from the previous trailer that was shown they made it seems like it be a lot more. Anyway though I also can’t wait to play as Super Sonic in this game. I hope they fixed how he was before in Generations because in that game it was like almost impossible to even complete a level with him because he ring consumption was so high that it would only last like 10 seconds. Also I hope that the way we collect Chaos Emeralds are more of an extra thing instead of something that was part of the story. At leased give some Special Stages on the console version of Sonic Lost World. I know the 3DS version will have it but I kinda want to see a Special Stage in HD. Anyway great looking game Sega! Can’t wait to play it on October 22nd!

    1. The Deadly Six Edition gives you the NiGHTS DLC where you fight the Deadly Six atop some iconic bosses from the NiGHTS into Dreams game. Completing the DLC gives you access to the Black Bomb Wisp at any time I believe (otherwise it’s only available via Miiverse sharing).

  25. Wow, this game…so far it’s had a strange affect on me that I don’t get with most games. There are times where I’m feeling interested in idea of a new game, then there are times where I start having my doubts after seeing it and hearing about other people’s complaints. Then I see new trailers and gameplay videos that get me pumped again, and then I read or hear about peoples’ hands on experience with a demo and I suddenly feel at odds again. And then THIS happens. A multitude of environments, CG cutscenes (why no CG in Generations? WHY!?), a huge Unleashed-esque story (maybe even BIGGER), a decent sized cast, ….everything else!! Thanks to this trailer, I think I now know what my stance is on the game: I’M EXCITED!! I only hope that Tails, Knuckles, and Amy (especially Amy) play a HUGE role in the story, that the story goes into a lot of depth (but not enough to make it as convoluted as 06 was), and that they have another theme song played by a band. I’d like to hear Crush 40 again, but if they get another band/artist, that’s fine by me, as long as there’s an awesome song I can sing to!

    1. I agree with everything you just said. I couldn’t have said it any better. I am sure this game will truly be a perfect Sonic game, one we haven’t seen for a long time. 😉

  26. …Wow. This is the first time the Sonic cycle’s been broken for me in 8 years. This looks freakin’ amazing. Shame it’s only on Wii U. ):

  27. This looks flippin’ amazing!! I can’t believe that it’s coming out next month! I don’t have a Wii U, but I do Have a 3DS, so I will definitely get the 3DS version of this game.(Does anybody know what the third game in Nintendo’s and Sega’s partnership will be?)

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