Freak-Out Friday: Winter Run – Join with perfect Bob the hedgehog in this endless running game


Winter Run – Join with perfect Bob the hedgehog in this endless running game

…I’m not kidding. That’s the actual title.

In a move that surprised absolutely nobody following the god awful monstrosity that was “Jiffy and the Super Hedgehogs” in YOLOLabs’ now nonexistent A Hedgehog Dash (feel free to check out Sonic Retro’s review on that particular Sonic knock-off), yet another faker has emerged on the iOS market – introducing perfect Bob the hedgehog!

But you need not hear me spill out the questionable contents of this completely original game! Here to provide commentary is our special guest from The Sonic Show, my good friend “Let’s Player of the North” Tanner!


Thank you Tanner, for your great and noble sacrifice. I will carve your face into a continent in remembrance.

Oh, and get this. There’s actually an in-app purchase in this title, “copyright” to Lambro Solutions. Just one.

Remove Ads.

Pay a dollar to remove the one and only thing that makes up Winter Run.

WELP, let’s break this down real quick, TSS Review style!

+ Absolutely nothing!

– Ads everywhere that you have to pay to remove;
– ‘Solo Bobico’;
– No single player mode, bad news bears for those without internet;
– Collision detection out the wazoo, floors don’t exist;
– No really, literal stacks of ads;
– “Oh my freaking god, how does that thing even LOOK like a hedgehog!?”
– Yourself if you actually used up iPod/iPhone memory space for this (unless you’re Tanner for the sake of this article);
– Did I already mention ads?

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m not willing to “join with perfect Bob” on his winter run anytime soon. 

Back to Soleanna for me then!



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  1. I’d like to give thanks and thoughts to Tanner, in hopes that he may regain some sanity (and a whole lot of dignity) after playing this abomination.

    1. I think he has a whole lot of dignity for tackling the… whatever it is. And he was only capable of surviving it because of his stored up sanity of you think about it. :O lol

  2. ..First jeffy (or whatever the fuck that thing is called), now this? ..It’s only gonna snowball from here.

  3. To be entirely honest, I think the music for the game is alright, but I still want to drop a nuke on these guys and yolo Labs for making these clearly obvious rip-offs. (Especially YOLO labs because the name of their “Labs” isn’t even respectable. 😐

    1. Yeah. Look at Freedom Planet. It’s actually inspired by Sonic and meant to be a fan game… and somehow it ended up being original enough it could actually survive being it’s own series without really having to worry about copyrights all too much. At most, anyone who didn’t already know it was a fan-game and saw it being officially sold would probably just think it has mild similarities to Sonic. AND IT’S FUN!!

      Yet this is trying to be more and is SO SO much less. IT’S FUNNY!! lol

  4. I can bet a million dollars that there was already a “Bob the Hedgehog” OC that looks like a fox.

      1. For I, VIZARD! MASTER OF AVOIDING SHOVELWARE KNOCKOFFS!, refuse sully my touchscreen-based mobile interface with drivel as foul as ‘perfect Bob’! Nay, I shall not!

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