Mash-Up Monday: Afro Circus Zone

This was borderline Freak-Out Friday material… But hey, why not start our week off with this?

Like a bad joke, Arique¬†decided to combine the infamous Carnival Night Zone’s music with the hypnotic Afro Circus by Marty, the zebra of¬†Madagascar fame.

The result? This addicting mash-up!


Okay, now remove Carnival Night from the equation, and replace it with Oil Desert.


This reminded me of the last time the line between Freak-Out Friday and Mash-Up Monday was blurred!

Special thanks to Max Firestorm for the heads up!

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  1. Now we need the cave zone from Sonic 2 and we realistically won’t need to produce music as a species for another century.

  2. Just imagine this as the actual music for Carnival Night, and on your first time trying to get past…THAT cylinder, you’re driven slowly insane

  3. Oil Desert sounds more fitting than Carnival Night. I would love to see if this and some generations music mashed up!

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