Releases Two New Sonic Adventure 2 HD Screenshots

Sonic Adventure 2 has returned to after a long time away following its initial leak on the website back in June. Ten screenshots were posted back then with one of them of Sonic and Shadow racing showing a PlayStation circle button, but this time that screenshot has humorously been replaced with one of both characters jumping so as to not show the brakes option. The Chao Karate screenshot has also been replaced with one of Sonic in the Chao Kindergarten. You can view both new screenshots in our gallery below.


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  1. God, I really really hope we can transfer our Chao from the SA1 port!

    I’ve spent the last couple of weeks building up a Chao Armada just in the hope that I can blaze through all of the Chao Emblems on SA2 within the first hour of getting my hands on it :p

    1. It only listed local the last time it was up. It’s a real missed opportunity. Online leaderboards just don’t cut it, especially when they always get hacked.

  2. is still displaying the old pic with the PlayStation button in the upper right corner for me. Weird.

    It would be nice if they’d at least add some sort of bot option to the 2P Battle mode if they’re not gonna bother with online. Such a shame, because this game could be a really fantastic online title.

  3. The chao picture makes me think sonic takes care for shadow’s chao. XD! But online chao trading, bot racing, TWO PLAYER CHAO GARDEN and trading from the sa1 port chaos would make this game head-explode worthy. Heck even add the costumes from the dreamcast for dlc FREE or atleast unlocking them by beating a number of people online. That would be even more awesome!!!

  4. The vs screenshot kind of hurts my eyes alittle. The main thing is because of Shadow on the right, where his ‘shadow’ is chopped up with the STOP on the ground. Was it always like that?

    1. Not only that, but the 2P mode is clearly still using to much lower res models instead of the ones used in 1 player.

      Yet the special outfits will be better models like they were before.

      Seriously…This is such a waste. >>

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