Freak-Out Friday: Barking Off More Than They Can Chew…

…are Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite, for this week’s Freak-Out Friday! (Sorry lassies! No dog puns today!)

Recognized by many as one-shot characters, Bark and Bean made their first and only appearance in the series within the 1996 beat-em-up Sonic the Fighters. Following that, the two were never to be seen, heard from, or playable again in a future Sonic title.

What many fans do not know, however, is that the duo made one more playable appearance following Sonic the Fighters! Bark and Bean have both returned to the ring once again in Fighters Megamix, a Virtua Fighters and Fighting Vipers crossover on the SEGA Saturn, with the two being unlockable characters!

With the game’s release back in late ’96, a Famitsu guidebook for the fighting game hit the shelves in Japan. Interestingly, the Fighters Megamix guide featured more than just  character profiles for the cast; they’ve each had a short comic as well! And yes, that includes Bark and Bean!

Check out their comics down below! (Warning: It’s a tad Engrish.)

Bean’s comic is found after the jump!

Special thanks to The-Master-Board for his finds!

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  2. I saw why Jeff said it was a tad Engrish (The warning post outside of Bean’s Bomb Labortory says “Dangar!” instead of “Danger!”).

  3. Leaving all those refrigerators open like that in a closed room will do nothing! The condensers must be put in a different room or outside.

    1. That comment had me giggling like an idiot! haha

  4. One thing’s for sure: No matter how much how little love the games will give them, The Dysfunctional Duo will always have loving home in the funny papers. Someone aught to forward this to BumbleKing Forums and see if Ian could do a shout out in some way.

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