Sonic 4 Episode 1 & 2 Soundtracks Set For CD Release have recently listed the “Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I/II Original Soundtrack” on their website, along with details of what will be contained on the single CD album.

The soundtrack will boast 54 tracks, including 23  songs from Episode I, 30 from Episode II, along with a final “bonus” song. While many tracks are expected to be jingles, this will be an opportunity for fans of the soundtrack to pick up a physical release, at the bargain price of ¥1890 ($25 / £16) which is cheaper than other Sonic-themed physical albums currently available.

The current scheduled Japanese release date is August 1st 2012. As of yet there is no indication to an EU or US release, or whether this album will be available to download through iTunes*.

Props to bsquared for the heads-up!

*EDIT: Jeffhog has just pointed out that these soundtracks have already been announced for digital release on the SEGA blogs.

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  1. Bonus song is probably a medley with real instruments, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a studio recording of Splash Hill Piano.

    Interesting that they’re releasing the OST with only two Episodes out so far. Really makes me wonder about Episode III.

        1. That launch trailer is for Sky Fortress when it says “to be concluded” it’s talking about the final zone where the game concludes, launch trailer would never promote a future game when it’s supposed to encourage you to buy one that’s just coming out so stop spreading this hearsay.

      1. I think theres gonna be an episode 3. I think that because SPOILERS the death egg mk II is still in orbit with little planet still trapped inside. Unless sonic 5 continues that story arc like than thats ok. I dont play sonic for stories, but i would feel disappointed if there were no episode 3 and ended it like that.

        1. The good ending is supposed to show the fate of it, the audio sounds like the death egg being blasted away from the planet and it teleporting away. Like most lost content in Sonic game it was probably removed due to time constraints.

        2. I agree with u, i was so disappointed when there was no extra cutscene at the end after collecting the emeralds & red star rings. I wonder, tho, are the bad future versions of the levels in Sonic CD Little Planet inside the Death Egg Mk. II??? The sky in all bad future lvls are purple, and the glow around little planet in the death egg is purple in sonic 4 ep. 2. Bit of a long shot, i know, but just a thought….

  2. Great news! If the Sonic 4 soundtrack was any good, for me Ep 1 had catchy memorable music with poor instrumentation. Ep 2 had good instruments but forgettable tracks (with exception to Silvania Castle act3, Metal Sonic and Sky fortress act 3)

    1. YES!!!! i wanna see the sonic boom remix from when Eggmans’ TV descended toward metal sonic to re-animate him! and that (i forget the name) boom boom sonic warrior of whatever it’s called remix from when metal sonic was flying towards planet mobius! (or is it planet freedom??)

      1. The name of the song is Sonic – You Can Do Anything. And…um…Mobius was in western media, Planet Freedom was only the OVA. If you want to call it anything, Earth works. Or you can say “Sonic’s World” if you really want to be funny about it.

      1. And where did you hear that? Cus it sounds very very unlikely. If anything Knuckles will be included and maybe not even playable.

          1. @ Tim
            Slow down chuck, Sonic Labyrinth had some ‘okay’ tunes. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the game >O>

  3. Hope the bonus track isn’t just the Splash Hill medley from Mario and Sonic. It’s deserving of a spot on the OST for sure but I rather hope we get something we hadn’t heard before.

  4. Wait, the songs from Sonic 4? I think I’ll pass. I don’t know about all you, but that stuff gives me the worst headaches, with few exceptions.

  5. Ep2 has some nice tracks. I actually like the Oil Desert Zone music.

    I bought the Sonic CD 20th anniversary soundtrack because it’s a fantastic soundtrack (for a great game). The Ep2 soundtrack might be quite a bit cheaper, but there just isn’t enough quality music in Ep2 to justify purchasing that soundtrack. So I will pass.

  6. Not sure if I’ll buy them, maybe listen to them on YouTube when they get distributed.

  7. That would be great but I personally believe that those games had some of the worst soundtracks

  8. Hope the trailer music is going to be on there. (Ya know, the Episode 2 Gameplay Trailer music)

  9. Great, it’s dying cats: the soundtrack. At least Oil Desert and Sky Fortress act 1 had good music.

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