Sound Test Saturday: Summer is Upon Us!

Rocketing temperatures, trips planned to a number of resorts, schools closing their doors, burdens of all sorts being lifted from people’s shoulders… It can only mean one thing!

What time is it? Summertime! It’s our vacation!

And, to celebrate the oncoming season, it’s only fair that this week’s Sound Test Saturday joins in on the party as well, wouldn’t you say? We’ve got a total of five tracks to mark this joyous occasion (barring insanely hot temperatures), so kick back, take a nice swig of whatever you have in your glass or bottle, and relax!

First up on the playlist is a cover of Emerald Coast’s “Azure Blue World” from Sonic Adventure, put together by jparecki95!


A faithful cover of one of the most memorable tunes in Sonic history, there is virtually no fault in Jonathan’s interpretation of Emerald Coast. It does a truly fantastic job as it feels free, powerful, and passionate, as covers of this tune should be. Bonus points for highlighting Ready as well! That’s not something you see often.

Next up is a slick take on Isolated Island’s “Door into Summer” of Knuckles Chaotix fame, handled by WillRock!


WillRock‘s personalized Door features an erratic reinterpretation on the ever familiar melody, grabbing it and flinging it all over the place the closer it gets towards the end yet still keep things in tune. It’s crazy, bearable, and an absolute joy to listen to.

Now, how many of you will be going on an ocean cruise? Catch some waves? Invade pirate hideouts?


Taking the Pirates’ Island theme from Sonic Rush Adventure, recorderdude and Mystical Pyro Freak take on Captain Whisker’s crew as Sonic and Blaze respectively (lyrics!), and with the way they’ve interpreted the final zone before the showdown, I wouldn’t want it any other way. The lyrics (and especially the banter going on) are downright hilarious! In case you’re reading this during or before listening to the above track, I’ll avoid spoiling the best parts for you all: it’s one of those things you can’t really put into words without ruining it. The singing and voices for the 6 characters featured are spot on! Thanks a bunch for showing me this, recorderdude!

Now, as we conclude our weekly sound test, I ask you all to take a second to absorb that summertime is finally here. Yes, daytime is at its longest throughout the season, giving many various opportunities to do all sorts of things, yet there is one downside;

there is little time to appreciate the night sky, whether it is littered with the thickest of clouds, painted with the brightest of stars, or set aglow with the light of the moon.

This is why, in closing, I find it appropriate to give you all this one chance through song. And what song better is there to highlight the night than an unparalleled take on Sonic the Hedgehog‘s Starlight Zone?

Take it away, Tee Lopes!


And to all of our dear readers: good night, enjoy the time off you deserve, and get ready! Sonic the Hedgehog’s 21st Anniversary is next week!

Found an interesting remix, cover, or original song? Got something of your own you’d like to see featured on Sound Test Saturday? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, send them over to!

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Unparalleled Canadian greatness! Jeffrey is a writer for TSS and Gamnesia, a pianist obsessed with video game music, and a recent university graduate majoring in Communications. Loves all things Sonic and Nintendo to a fault.


  1. That Star Light cover is absolutely fantastic. Definitely has some nostalgia magic to it.

  2. That had to be one of the best “Sound Test Saturday”s in recent history. All these songs were phenomenal. I especially loved the Pirates’ Island lyrics thing. Very entertaining.

      1. Well, the only tip I can come up with is not to post anything related to Rebbeca Black (and I dare say Adele as well). Otherwise, nice finds! 😀

        1. Rebecca Black was a Freak-Out after all. xD

          …seriously, what was wrong with the Adele one? D: Hate over the MLP mash-ups, I get it, but Adele?

          1. I for one, can’t tell you. I liked the Adele one.

  3. Best sound test to date. I love the synchronization of the Sonic Adventure gameplay with jparecki95’s notes.

    And that Stardust Speedway mix should be an alternate mix if they ever do a Sonic Generations 2 or something like that.

  4. it’s not techicaly summer yet, but only 3 (or 2 if you reas this on monday) days till it is. but on the bright side, it’s nice to hear some summer related music 🙂

  5. Wow, thank you guys so much for featuring me and to all those who subscribed! All the comments you guys left were so meaningful! Hopefully the stupid faces I make while playing didn’t detract from the listening experience xD. But really, thanks again! You guys can definitely expect more Sonic from me in the future now!

  6. Wow.. Starlight blew me away. I love when a fellow fan understands the true jazz to some of Sonic’s best Zones. Also It’s pretty obvious that the music is also VERY good.

  7. This is an absolutely fantastic selection! A brilliant way to kick off summer if I do say so myself-that Azure Blue World rendition… <3

    BUT! Vizard, I shall never forgive you for that HSM2 reference. It was bad, and you should feel bad. XD

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