Summer of Sonic: Final Ticket Wave and Q&As Announced!

Crikey, it’s less than 3 weeks until Summer of Sonic is upon us! Where did all the time go? At any rate, we’ve got two announcements to share with you all and they’re pretty big ones at that!

First and foremost, a release date and time for the ‘Last Chance’ Wave of tickets has been revealed. This is the third wave of tickets to be released for Summer of Sonic and will also be your very last chance of scoring yourself entry to this year’s huge event!

The full details and other announcement are both after the jump.

Are you ready for the last batch of Summer of Sonic 2012 tickets? We’ve rummaged deep into our metaphorical pockets, and can happily announce that we will be offering an extra 140 tickets in this forthcoming ‘Last Chance’ Wave. They will be released on Friday 22nd June at 18:00 BST.

Just like the second wave, Groups will be limited to two people per ticket, and not four. This is so that children who will need to be accompanied by an adult to the convention can easily have a parent or guardian added to an application. You will be able to do this by clicking a “+” icon on your application form and adding the full name of the additional guest.

Considering we were only going to release two waves of tickets, this is exciting news indeed! And, it continues to amaze us just how popular Summer of Sonic has become! Thank you all for your support, Sonic fans!

Before we wrap this up, a reminder: your registration of tickets, like all the tickets released before them, are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Entry. You can read this in advance by clicking here.

Now, onto the other big news! This year there will be two Q&A panels where Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka and SUMO Digital’s executive producer Steve Lycett will be answering questions submitted by you! Details on the panels, how to submit your questions and some general guidelines are below!

The SUMO Digital Q&A will take place first, at around 14:00 on the stage. Steve Lycett will present the game formally, and will answer your questions for about 30 minutes. There will also be a special surprise in store for the audience at Summer of Sonic this year…

This will be followed by our Ask Iizuka-san Q&A panel, which will last for an hour from 15:00 to 16:00 on the stage. The Sonic Team studio leader loved interacting with the crowd so much, that he’s ready to take on your biggest questions.

Just like 2011′s convention, we will be asking questions directly from you guys! How can you take part? Follow these steps and guidelines:

  1. Simply write your question down in the comments section of this page.
  2. Be sure to start your comment with either ‘SUMO’ or ‘IIZUKA-SAN’ so that we can easily tell who your question is intended for.
  3. We will sift through all of the questions on this page and cherry-pick the best ones to ask SUMO and Iizuka-san on the day.
  4. Try to be creative and original in your questioning – things like “Why is Sonic in a car?” are not likely to get picked.
  5. Our guests cannot give answers to probing questions about future products or game features. Asking Steve Lycett what characters and tracks are going to be in SART is going to be a waste of time. Similarly, asking Iizuka-san what he’s working on at the moment isn’t going to get you a decent answer.
  6. Please be respectful in your questioning. These guys work hard to create games for a franchise you all love, and are essentially your heroes. Try to remember that when thinking of a question. :)

Let’s get asking!

 Remember to post any questions you might have on the SoS page as specified above (through here!), any posted under this post will not be seen by the SoS team!

Still, be sure to tell us how excited you are for Summer of Sonic (or Sonic Boom!) in the comments section below!

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  1. —— Steve Lycett ——

    Q: During the development of All Stars Racing Transformed, did it ever occur to you to make the game foot-based? As for the transformations, when a water section comes, there could be a set of mini-boats that will drive you across the water, and a set of mini-planes that will fly you across the stage?

    (If you guys do choose this Q, please reword it a little to make it more understandable, if it is not already.)

      1. Yeah, when I saw that the quote said “this page”, i thought it mean this SonicStadium page xD. I already submitted my question hours ago. :p

      1. Thanks, I missed that. Do you know when open time is? I’m planning in advance with a mate to get there from Manchester! (sorry if I’m asking too many questions already, I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere on the SoS website).

  2. Posted my questions. One if more humorous, but hey, I’m sure Iizuka-San would love to get such a hilarious question/idea to break the monotony of expected questions XD

  3. In Sonic Colours was the “No Copyright Law In The Universe Is Going To Stop Me!” line a joke on Super Mario Galaxy or is it coincidence that there was the that line and Mario had a game with levels set in different planets first.

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