SEGA Launches Official EU & US Sonic Generations Website

SEGA has today finally launched an official Sonic Generations website for Europe and the US. Unfortunately, right now there is nothing new to be found apart from three new screenshots of City Escape, Rooftop Run and Seaside Hill in the home console version of the game. There is plenty of content locked out to look forward to until the game’s release, though.

We’ll keep tabs on the website and update you when new content is revealed.

You can check out the new screenshots below.

Thanks to Woun and frokenok3 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. *SPOILER ALERTS* so in thehalf an hour video we saw speedhigh way so sega might as well just show a trailer of the last three levels crisis city planet wisp and speedhighway or we might get another 3 era’s trailer so like 2 SONICS 3 ERAS ONE EPIC ADVENTURE and then show city escape seaside hill and speed high way

  2. On the site, if you hover over the pics of the stages, it’ll say when the stage was first seen, but they say Rooftop Run was first seen in 2009. I guess they’re going by the Japanese release of the ps3/360 version.

  3. did anyone notice that there are 9 levels for the console version (if u don’t know this you are a failure) and 8 levels for the 3DS… yes 8, not 7 like we were told (forgot from who…), but 8 levels!!!!! My guess, S1 – Green Hill, S2 – Casino Night, S3&K – Mushroom Hill, SA1 – Emerald Coast, SA2 – Radical Highway (according to TSSZ), Sonic Rush – N/A, Sonic Rush Adventure – N/A, Sonic Colours – Tropical Resort.

    1. I hope not Radical Highway as it’s basically Speed Highway only browner. I hope that the 3DS takes the opportunity to visit levels that are completely different to the HD version. And Sonic never set foot in it, anyway.

    2. I hope that this 8th level allows at least one of the Advance games to get a main story representation.

      my guess : S1 Green Hill,
      S2 Casino night,
      S&K Mushrom Hill,
      SA1 Emerald Coast,
      SA2 – Radical Highway(still don’t buy it, but..)
      Sonic Advance 3 Chaos Angel (Sky Sanctuary is said to have a reference with that spinning top that looks like the one in Marble Garden Zone)
      Sonic Rush – Altitud Limit
      Sonic Colors: Tropical Resort.

      Metal Sonic @ Casino night
      Big Arm @ Launch Base
      Shadow @ Radical Highway (still don’t believe it)
      2nd Dreamcast boss( your guess is as good as mine)
      Blaze@ Dead Line
      Mother Wisp @ wherever that boss took place

      OR that 8th stage is that thing that Dimps does like the Final Zone.

      1. Yeah, I really hope it’s not a Final Zone thing.

        Considering the days of guessing stages are almost gone, let me try one last time.
        Not a wish list, it’s guesswork.

        S1 – Green Hill
        S2 – Casino Night
        S3&K – Mushroom Hill
        SA – Emerald Coast
        SA2 – Radical Highway
        SR – Water Palace or maybe… Mirage Road
        SRA – Coral Cave or… whatever, I hardly played this game… Sky Babylon?
        SU – Tropical Resort (I preferred Sweet Mountain)

        But, if there’s a Final Zone, what could it be? Probably something new.

        As for bosses, we’ll definitely be facing Blaze. But I think, instead of Metal Sonic, we’ll face Knuckles. That was way too good to be ignored. However, this game seems to have a different structure from the main one. So, it’s possible that we get one boss for each zone. Actually, I consider that likely. We might get something from Advance series… Love Sonic Advance 2 bosses!

  4. Pretty lackluster site if you ask me. Oh well, Just can’t wait until they show off Crisis City. I’ve been dying to see how that would play with Unleashed/Colors style gameplay. Though the high Speed tornado section will be easy to mimic, since Sonic has quick step now.

  5. Hey did anyone notice these moving platform in the first rooftop run screen. It looks a lot like Hill Top’s platforms from Sonic 2.

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