Sonic Generations: Dreamcast Era Trailer



Coming from IGN is the latest trailer for Sonic Generations. This one covers the Dreamcast era. This time, we get a very tiny bit of Speed Highway to check out in both classic and modern. Now this kind of video I can handle. Not a spoiler-filled half-hour playthrough. Just a teeny taste of what’s to come.

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  1. Holy christ! Speed highway looks sick, I’ve always loved night time settings in games too. Seaside looks sooooo beautiful! And dat ending!!! Dat ending!

      1. I kno! The inner child in me screamed when Shadow did his opening scene grinding like he did in SA2/Battle. And did that whale/Orca spit out modern sonic @0:27? 0_0

        1. Looks like it! It would be a nic homage to Sonic Adventure if it did…

          That Speed Highway Retro remix… I am SO getting the soundtrack to this game…

    1. i say 9 stages….this game deserves a 9/10. at maximum.
      If sega decide put Sonic 3 stage…then, the game can easily reach a 10/10.

      1. sky sanctuary is a sonic 3 stages sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles were orginally one game but to big so they had to split it in half

        1. @damnhedge
          Originally, but they released as seperate titles. Even if they’re going for a “Sonic 3 & Knuckles” thing, they didn’t do too well since there’s NO sign of Sonic 3 at all.

          However, they did make up for it by giving Classic Sky Sanctuary a gameplay gimmick originally in Marble Garden Zone from Sonic 3. haha

          1. sonic 3 level design appears throught the full game (such as hydrocity sections in seaside hill) so not all is lost =)

    2. Even if by some miracle IGN gives this game a 10, I’ll still complain that it wasn’t a good enough score.

      1. That comment made me laugh….IGN giving a Sonic game a 10…yeah right. Would be a miracle indeed.

  2. am i the only one to notice the speed highway music and the title says dreamcast era trailer but sonic heroes is in that trailer?

    1. As far as I’m concerned, Sonic Heroes fits in the Dreamcast Era nicely, despite it being the first game NOT made for a Sega system. It fits in nicely with the Adventure series, so “Adventure” or even “Gamecube” Era might be more acurrate. Three zones per era. That’s the deal, and I think heroes fits in better as the Dreamcast Era rather than the Modern.

    2. It was in the same generation of consoles. It would probably have been on the DC if the thing didn’t die a death.

        1. “Die a death” is actually quite a common phrase. If you want to challenge it, hunt down the person who coined it ๐Ÿ˜›

    3. I think they only put Sonic Heroes in the Dreamcast era trailer for 2 reasons.

      1: So that they coul show off 3 stages for the era

      2: Because the marketing people don’t really know what they’re doing. They’re just there to make trailers. lol

      Obviously Sonic Heroes can’t be part of the DreamCast era. It fits in more with the Modern Era. In style, character designs, being cartoony, etc. But I think they only seperated it that way cuz Sonic 06 was called “next gen”. lmao

      1. Espy already hit the nail on the head. It was released during the same console generation.

        Personally, I think “Transition Era” would have been the ideal name here, but it doesn’t really matter one way or another.

        1. They could have called it the ‘Adventure’ era. I know there’d still be people nitpicking that Heroes wasn’t an ‘Adventure’ title proper, but it might fit just a little better.

  3. This trailer…it’s…it’s…AMAZING!!!! City Escape look good as usual, Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure looks beautiful and Shadow at the end…he entered in just like he did in the opening of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle!

    I guess they pushed Sonic Heroes in the Dreamcast area because the Dreamcast doesn’t have that much games, unless they put in Sonic Shuffle XD and each era must have at least 3 games in it. Classic Era: Sonic 1, 2 and Sonic & Knuckles. Dreamcast Era: Sonic Adventure 1&2 and Sonic Heroes. Modern Era: Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours.

    1. If they had included Sonic 3 (or if you count Sonic CD even if it’s only there as a boss) then you could say it’s..

      1st Decade
      Classic: 4
      Dreamcast: 1

      2nd Decade
      Dreamcast: 1
      Modern: 4

      See? That’s even. lol

    2. Sonic Heroes is included in the Dreamcast era since it was part of that specific generation of the console (i.e. Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox), the way I see it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I like that nod to the SA2 intro at the end XD. Speed Highway looks good.great.awesome.outstanding. fuck it, AMAZING!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING’S SHINY. I knew shit was gonna go down when speed highway was confirmed

  5. I think I would have preferred the temple level if I was to choose one from Sonic Adventure. Speed Highway doesn’t look fantastic, and a bit too dark. Not to say that’s detracting from my excitement for the game!

    1. Maybe Night Palace DLC? There’s a chance it could be in the 3DS version as well, based on that 20th Anniversary video.

      1. Yeah, that 2oth aniversary video is why I think that as well. CD got the Metal Sonic Boss but what would Secret Rings represent? I think it’s an underated Sonic game and deserves something in Generations.

        1. Then you’ll get people asking why there’s Secret Rings, but not Black Knight. Would be cool to have a level like, Camalot Castle to run through in HD. Without a sword of course.

          1. Cuz Black Knight wasn’t in the video, nor was amy Riders series title. Sega is going for games that made people want to play more and Secret Rings is the amazing yet confusing game EVERYONE wanted more of.

            โ€œI’m not a rat…………..I’m a fucking hedgehogโ€

    1. Yes.. it’s in the Dreamcast Era.

      As in the period of time the Dreamcast was out in.

      The same period of time that included the Gamecube, Playstation 2, and Xbox.

      That era.

      1. They should really rename the era “Mid Era” or something. I mean it’s not “Genesis, Dreamcast and NexGen” eras. It could be “Classic, Mid and Modern” eras. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Sonic’s pose at 0.40 will undoubtably attract a new generation fangirls. And Fangirl squealing.

  7. Yay! A piece of the intro sequence to the boss fight with Shadow! Speed Highway looks amazing as ever too!

  8. Daytime sonic unleashed sonic in nightime setting…good stuff.

    Also can’t wait to hear the full speed highway remix playing while i’m enjoying the game.

  9. Crap! >.< If I wasn't already pre-ordering another game, my cash would go towards this. Maybe I'll attend NYCC this year. It's been three years and I'd love to play an updated demo. Mark my words, no doubt this game is the next one on my list!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. almost cried when i heard speed highway music(specially classic ver) and seeing shadow is like all the good memories just came back to me. they still should of made a dreamcast ver of sonic but another then that i am so ready.


  11. The next Generations trailer will probably be dubbed “Modern Era” and it’ll contain footage of Crisis City, Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp. We’ve heard the Rooftop Run music, so I assume either Crisis City or Planet Wisp will be playing in the background… And then at the end of the trailer, a shot of Silver ๐Ÿ˜€
    The trailer will most likely be up around October.

  12. *jaw drops to the floor*……Speed highway………loooks glorious…….and shadow…….*falls out*

  13. Sonic Heroes is part of the “Dreamcast era” because the Dreamcast was a 6th generation console along with the GCN, Xbox, and PS2. Dreamcast was just released earlier than the other 3 and we all know the (unfortunate) rest…….

    The “modern” era consists of Sonic games on 7th Generation hardware (Wii, PS3, and 360).

  14. At this point, screw the game!! I want the soundtrack!!! Bah who am I kidding, I had a dream just before I woke up about me playing Generations and I was at the hub world looking at Speed Highway thanks to those German people and now I see a trailer right when I get up…creepy. November, move your ass in getting here.

  15. If you guys actually notice, when Shadow enters he’s not in a city. He’s in Space. And at the end of the rail is has a green X like in the SA 2 space levels. im pumped. The ARK fight will be glorious!!!

  16. Yeah, that ยฝ hour was way too much (didn’t watch it).. that’s like a portion of the game … don’t know how people can watch it

  17. “It all starts with this… A jewel containing the ultimate power!”

    Awesome. Speed highway looks amazing as expected. At first i was dissapoint with the choice of it, but now I see it works perfectly. That tidbit of Shadow means the fight is probably gonna take place on The Ark, with awesome turbo-boosting, chaos control, and chaos spear-spamming goodness!

    1. “Now I know what’s going on. The Military has mistaken ME for the likes of YOU. SO, where do you think you’re going with THAT emerald.” Runs after shadow, “Say something you fake hedgehog!”

    2. โ€œNow I know whatโ€™s going on. The Military has mistaken ME for the likes of YOU. SO, where do you think youโ€™re going with THAT emerald.โ€ Runs after shadow, โ€œSay something you fake hedgehog!โ€

    3. Yeah. I could only remember thinking how Speed Highway had long roads perfect for Modern Sonic and rotating platforms and buildings perfect for Classic Sonic. And of course the whole mix perfect for a better version of both. I have a feel helicopter-riding will be there a bit more often too.

      But will the “At Dawn” section at the end be there??? Hmmmmm

      1. I bet the at dawn section will feature – it’ll probably transition seamlessly after you finish the running down the building sequence. Either that or it won’t be there at all – but I hope so.

  18. Actually, yes. Modern Sonic will race Shadow on the ARK.

    It’s been revealed by a pic some weeks ago.

  19. I don’t think speed highway for modern Sonic will have a remixed version of the song, its more of a revamped and it sounds AWESOME!

  20. DAT MUSIC. HOLY SHEEEET! My ears are in in love, that is all. Also its about tine they mentioned Speed highway.

  21. Hmm… It would be nice to fight Shadow to a remix of Live And Learn…

    And I hate the classic Speed Highway remix. It S.U.C.K.S. I hate that kind of techno remix, the way the music plays makes my ear drums want to rip open. That high low pitch change every one or two seconds urks me to no end. Muting the music on that stage when I play it. I’ll pass on that headache. *Pops my ears* Ahh… Much better.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of the techno/hip-hop style either, as I was really hoping for 16-bit remixes of the modern songs. Speed Highway Classic sounds pretty bad compared to the rock version, but City Escape sounds….. okay. I’m kinda afraid of the Classic mix we’ll get for Crisis City.

    1. How come? :O I thought you pre-ordered I was trying mine on MightyApe earlier it’s not going through at the moment though and now it’s been removed from my trolley…D:

  22. Because of a certain hedgehog, is the reason why I began to love EDM. I never could forget just humming a tune, and then something awesome happens later on. Those moments I can never forget. But getting to hear “Speed Highway” re-tuned in another format, I love it! I hope these tracks can be unlocked just like Unleashed let us find them.
    Could be fun to find the tracks on the labels of the OST’s. =D

    *Can’t forget Shadow, question is.. boss or playable? Hm..

  23. Classic remix of Speed Highway sounds like something from TRON. Shadow is epic as always and Speed Highway is cool. It looks like Sonic will be chased by police in this level. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!

  24. Shadow’s appearance made me shriek like a girl….I’m a 20 year old man =|
    I’m so happy to see the cutscenes with new improved visuals!

  25. It really shows how many newer Sonic fans there are when more people seem vocally over the top pleased that Shadow is in this game, and more excited for Adventure series stuff than to see the classic stuff remade after all these years. And what with all the “childhood screams” going on, I’m gunna take a stab and guess it’s cause a lot of you were kids when the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure series came out. That’s cool and all, obviously Sonic gets new fans at all different points of his series.

    It brings me back to when I brought my first console with money from one of my first jobs. I was so excited to see Sonic go into 3D, I couldn’t afford a VMU too so I left the console on overnight to beat the game the next day so I didn’t have to start again lol! But personally as beautiful as all three of these zones look, I’m still looking forward to the classic zones way more, and playing the newer ones in glorious side-scrolling 2D lol. It’s all got to do with nostalgia and childhood memories, much like with a lot of people that grew up with the Dreamcast/PS2/GC on here getting excited about the more modern stuff more.

    1. I’m a very old fan that grew up with the classics, but i’m very pleased to see more characters getting some love in this game like Shadow who we haven’t officially seen since SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (I exclude Colours DS and Free Riders) It just makes it seem like there’s a wider world to the games (1 reason why I adore Unleashed). I’m just excited to be playing some of the most iconic levels from the main games in both 2D and 3D and to revisit all of those memories from the classic era up to now.

    2. I am 14 but I love Sonic. First Sonic game I ever played was Sonic Heroes Demo. I was around 6 when I played it. I remember playing Seaside Hill 30 times a day! It was a great moment… However I never obtained this game at the moment because my parents couldn’t find it in shops. Same year I found Sonic Mega Collection under Christmas Tree. I find that funny that even through I meet Sonic in ,,Dreamcast Era” I played classics Sonic games. My Sonic-Mania ended and I haven’t played Sonics for a long time….. 2 years ago I run into Sonic Unleashed gameplay video and gone crazy about it. I wanted console so badly that I started to save money for PS3 and finnaly I bought my third console ever (my first one was DS and second PS2). Sonic Unleashed is the first 3D Sonic game I owned. Soon after clearing it I bought Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure (both for PC), Shadow for PS2, all DS Sonic titles and (even through everyone say it’s crap) Sonic 06 which is crap. I really can’t wait for Sonic Generations and if theres one moment that will be nostalgic to me then it will be moment when Modern Sonic run through Seaside Hill….

      1. It’s cool to hear that kind of a story from a more ‘recent’ fan who started on the later games. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

    3. I’m about the same age as the franchise. I’m happy to see the Classic stuff and Adventure stuff. I was a kid during both and really most of the franchise so far.

      I’m more happy to see Adventure stuff cuz of the depth and detail. I found it as an improvement on the style of the series. (Then of course afterwards it downgraded. Not a lot, just a bit. lol)

      There’s just more to look for in the Adventure era is all. There’s not much story or many characters or even dramatically different stages to look forward to I guess. idk. It’s all good. Seeing them all in one game is even better.

  26. About damn time we got the Hedgehog Engine Shadow! His appearance and boss fight is something to look forward to in this game. Also, am I the only one to notice that he has orange eyes? lol He still looks epic, tho’.

      1. Orange eyes? BLASPHEMY.

        Just kidding. He had orange-red eyes in Sonic Chronicles, although it was different artists. Keep in mind it could be the lighting doing that, because he’s in…You know…SPACE.

        Perhaps they did that for another reason. If this Shadow is from the SA2 era, maybe the “current” Shadow is somewhere else and will be met at some point (probably saving Sonic’s arse from a certain other hedgehog), so to differentiate they gave different eye colors?

        …I don’t know. I’m just guessing here, give me credit for speculation XD

  27. @extaticus yea, especially of the PC version is the NIntendO 3DS version instead of the console versions.

  28. I donโ€™t think speed highway for modern Sonic will have a remixed version of the song, its more of a revamped and it sounds AWESOME!

  29. Hey I have a question guys!!!!! It’s totally not related to this topic but I’m having trouble logging into my YouTube account, it won’t let me log in. Is anyone else having these problems????

      1. Idk maybe, it’s weird because I can watch videos but I can’t see the comments or log in. Hopefully this maintenance problem gets solved soon.

    1. i have the same problem but i thinks its just youtube! they always trying to make their videos look better i think its maintenance

  30. Let me show you my REAL power XD
    Man this games gonna be EPIC!!
    I had a few questions tho; Does anyone know if theres going to be bosses for green hill, seaside hill and planet wisp?
    And will the 3DS version have levels from past handheld games, or from the same games thatre included in the 350/ps3 version?
    Amazing tho, loved the speed highway music, especially the classic version!!!!! It really sucks i have to wait for Christmas…I dont think i can wait that long!!!!

    1. Metal Sonic is the rival for Chemical Plant and Death Egg Robo is the era boss most likely hiding in the newly built Death Egg in Sky Sanctuary, which also explains the reason why *SPOILERS* in his boss battle, Classic Sonic fights him with platforming elements rather than just running into the bitch.

      Shadow is the rival for City Escape while Perfect Chaos is the era boss most likely hiding out in Speed Highway, and then crushing down the city and highway.

      Silver is the boss for Crisis City, and Egg Dragoon is the era boss. He’s probably gonna bust out of his recreated Egg Fleet in Rooftop Run and the battle will start in the clock tower but it will truly take place probably in the Egg Fleet in space or on the falling platform.

      So yeah, Green Hill, Seaside Hill, and Planet Wisp dont get bosses, which is good since all of there bosses suck! ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Holy jeez does Speed Highway look amazing. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I didn’t expect that at ALL.

    Also I’m loving how Seaside Hill is looking. I had my doubts about the level list, but I think it might just pull through and be amazing yet…

  32. I still can’t watch Classic Seaside Hill footage without thinking it could easily be Aquatic Ruin from S2. The water, the stone…it’s Aquatic Ruin in all but name.

      1. To me it looks like what you both said, plus Seaside Hill plus that area near Seaside Hill from the intro of Sonic Heroes (does that count as Sea Gate? Cuz Sea Gate looked a little different.)

  33. WOW SO FREAKING EPIC ๐Ÿ˜€ OMG Shadow and Speed Highway looks so aesome I love the remix for Speed Highway it just sounds so imense OMG wow just Epic I know Heroes wasn’t in the dreamcast era but who cares We have some awesome levels comming up Man I don’t know what’s going on with MightyApe I tried to put the order through but it wouldn’t proceed to the payment screen for some reason now it’s currently unavaliable to order I’ll give it a few days and wait ๐Ÿ˜› It’s also been removed from my trolley :L hoping that it will availiable soon otherwise it will be bad news..


    …but again I ask: why is Sega so insistent on spoiling all the stages for their recent Sonic games? :/

      1. This really would’ve been the best game to keep the stages secret for. At least with other games we know nothing about the stages and they’re all just new stuff. These hold memories to people tho and it would’ve been fun to know you’d recognize the next stage but not know which one they chose to come next. lol

        On the bright side, we don’t know what the full acts look like on all the stages, or what all the music really sounds like, or what the additional acts are like. We don’t know all the alternate paths, secrets or all the methods for fighting all the bosses. (And we also don’t know what the stages look like on a larger and clearer TV screen. lol)

        Most of all, we haven’t watched any cutscenes.

        1. On the one hand, yes, this would be a great game to curb spoilers for. Wait and see what levels were chosen for maximum excitement.

          But, on the other hand, exposing all the levels up to release is a great way to market the game. Showing the levels off will hook fans of all the different eras. And, knowing the chosen levels doesn’t really spoil much. The levels all have new designs. You just know what levels you’ll be creamin’ your jeans over when you finally get to play the game.

          All in all, I see both sides of the issue here. And, personally, I’m not real bothered by the level exposure. I just want to see snippets of the last two levels now. . .

  35. I made the fuck the police pic as my screensaver ๐Ÿ˜€

    That ending was sexy and totally unexpected, that’s why Shadow rapes

  36. Am I the only one that has the feeling that Classic Sonic’s Planet Wisp music will be the Game Land Planet Wisp music but with a techno drum beat added to it.

        1. Planet wisp has already had a bunch of remixes in colours alone, so it’ll be interesting to see what the SG remix is.

  37. Can you guys believe that one person in the Sega forums made a thread about Shadow’s eyes being different than the ones in SA2?

    1. Considering this is the fan base that made a fuss over Sonic’s eyes, yes, I can see it.

      I don’t mind. For a while Shadow’s eyes have been an orange-red instead of pure red. Personally, I like pure red better (fits in a little better) but all in all, eyes are just eyes. How often are you going to be seeing a close up of Shadow’s face in Generations? Probably not much (they tried, but he kept punching the cameramen in the face so they had to give up…XD).

      All I know is that he’s going to slaughter me just like he did in SA2B.

  38. I’m not gonna watch the next trailer. I’m only gonna check out the ending to see how they will show off Silver.

    Since all stages in the Modern Era I have seen no gameplay or pics of. I skipped all parts in the 2 hedgehog trailer that had Rooftop Run lololol

    1. I’ll watch it, because seeing the levels played out doesn’t take away the actual experience when you play it yourself. and plus i’m going to gut all 3 era trailers together in one ๐Ÿ˜€ should be fun!

  39. …Excuse me as I go squeal like the little fangirl I am.

    I wish November 1 would be here sooner, but the problem is I have a midterm on that day…And I’m busy with other classes in college so I couldn’t play it if I wanted to. Why SEGA? Why a friggin’ Tuesday? Make it Friday! I can’t play it on Friday anyway, but then I have a three day break. WHY?!?

  40. The Silver fight would be so awesome if he was in the Crisis City super speed section. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. As the other Rivals are fought in seperate stages, I think the Silver Boss Fight will also take place somewhere else. It might be Kingdom Valley or Radical Train. The latter sounds realisticaly, since Sonic fought Silver over there.

      1. Yeah, I guess so. It’d suck if the fight was in Soleanna. That fight SUCKED. I want it to be in the super speed section of Crisis City because I want Sonic to be up against Silver and the Tornado. ^_^

  41. According to my calculations, (Dreamcast era trailer came out 15 days after the Classic era trailer, so…) I think that the Modern era trailer should be out by October 14.

    ….hey, that’s the last day of my exams! Yipee! I’ll get a reward for studying hard if this is true ^_^

    *goes off to revise for exams*

    1. I’m not watching the Modern Era trailer, I’ve spoiled this game way too much for me. I want Crisis City, PW, and RR to be a surprise for me, especially CC. Its going to be tempting not to watch the trailer though D:

  42. I am so stoked for this game! It very well may be the best Sonic game ever created, maybe even one of the best video games created at all! Can’t wait to play those rival bosses. I’m expecting at least one “IT’Z NOE USHE” out of Silver before the game’s end.

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