A Half Hour of Sonic Generations Gameplay Footage

UPDATE: The original video has been removed by the user. I have provided another link, but if that goes down then I’m guessing SoA is possibly having them taken down. I’m not sure.

German site GIGA  has a video preview of Sonic Generations that goes way beyond the other previews as it has a half-hour of gameplay footage! Spoilers aplenty here so you’ve been warned.




BTW, does this mean the German version is in English? Special Edition, here I come!


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  1. Y = Switch Characters

    Does that mean you play more than Sonic or just that switching between Classic/Modern.

    1. I think thats how you switch from Modern Sonic to Classic and the other way around. The video has a few example of the switching.

  2. I’m in love with the hub world!! Metal Sonic’s rival fight is simple yes but VERY entertaining. will comment later after seeing what others think

  3. Strangely orginal vid was deleted. It probably broke Embargo stuff. Metal Fight is simple but its 1st boss battle in game so I dont mind. Besides its freaking EPIC and music is great!

  4. Thank god, I watched on youtube before it got removed. Loving the media room, where you can listen to classic tunes even if their stages aren’t in the game. Metal Sonic looked like a kick-ass boss fight.

  5. Guys! this video got deleted BUT i still have a page opened with the FULL VIDEO STILL SHOWING XD
    I wonder if i can screen record it somehow? Someone tell me before I accidently close the page lol

  6. Don’t ever post things like this until you people know the thing’s you post here will stay on the internet.


    1. why? it not our fault that you missed out on it. Anyways other things have been popping up all week and they haven’t been taken down. The site that did that probably broke the embargo

    2. It was on when I commented. Man Someone really broke Embargo if even re-uploads are taken out that fast.

  7. Most European releases have all languages included. You used to select it from a menu at the start of the game, but now it’s probably autodetected from your console.

  8. Saw the whole thing already.

    Game’s looking pretty nice, though I would’ve liked to see them do a Modern Sonic run of Sky Sanctuary.

    Also, DAT METAL SONIC BATTLE! They even remixed the Stardust Speedway music!

    Can’t wait! Get hype, Sonic fans!

    1. Again naw!

      Let the people that saw it comment on it. think of it like a contest, or something along the lines of early bird get the worms.

  9. Man I can’t wait for this one, it looks good and fun to play. I really hope there’s a ton of DLC for it, yet I wonder if there is will it be more levels based on the old games or just extra missions and acts like Unleashed.

    1. I lol’d at how Chris contradicted himself. He complained so much just to find out there was a working version all along.


  10. the Hub world is pretty cool, love the green hill zone theme for the hub world, Ive tryed city escape pretty good level, who else got to try city escape at eurogamer?

  11. To Will…

    No buddy. I just wanted to piss you off. Early bird gets the worm?


    I “AM” A MOTHERFU@$ER!!!!

  12. At Nuzamaki90…

    Contradictions make up Sonic’s universe. Like how Robotnik always being faster at running than Sonic trashes the “Fastest Thing Alive” motto.

    1. you i cant believe i never notice that but not just once or twice, like three or four times robotnik was right in front of sonic and yet sonic couldnt catch him, that just blown my mind. but technically the fastest thing motto was used moreso in cartoon and comic versions of our hero, the games welll obviuosly he fast , didnt say the lines fastest thing alive till like what sonic riders, but then again they didnt have to it pretty obvious sonic is fast. but not fast enough to catch robotnik? 0_o

  13. That was just… I must be dreaming… I never imagined they would make the boss fights so awesome…so much detail and effort has gone into this…how are they ever going to top this…it’s just such a good time to be a Sonic fan…*faints*

  14. At Nuzamaki90…

    You love me. Now silence before I show you my shirtless Robotnik belly pump dance!!! Mwua ha ha ha ha haaa!!!

    I shall Pingas your Sproingus!!!

    1. Inflammatory trolls are inflammatory

      I feel hurt that ur a fan of such a big icon. A troll loves to troll the ones he loves.

      So very,very, sad

  15. Now can we enjoy the video and love each other like the happy gay Sonic friends we are? lol

    I’m done folks. Sorry about the pingas line.

  16. I just saw the video…and im flabbergasted…AGAIN! Sky Sanctuary was done well, Chemical Plant exploding all over the place was a great twist, and that accidental (maybe) leak of Speed Highway just lit me up like a Christmas Tree. The Metal Sonic fight was awesome! I love the little cut scenes as well. This game…has stolen my love.

  17. I like the “Change music” option they have. maybe i can use the original bad future stardust speedway music instead of the regular stardust speedway. I was hoping to see some Modern sky sanctuary gameplay but oh well, it’s still looks F’ing sweet! And btw, i beat Sonic 06 this morning, woohoo! The hub world looks cute lolz.

    It was funny hearing those guys go “Wahhhh” or “whooooaa” when they were either about to mess up or fall or something. I wonder what the special stages are going to look like…

    1. I don’t think there will be special stages in the console version, sorry if you wanted them. But I might be wrong.

  18. What are all the little purple portals for around the Metal Sonic fight area? Quicker transportation around the hub world? If the tv ads and original artworks are unlockable in the movie and art bits of the collection room and it isn’t just Generations stuff, my poor Sonic Jam will be left to rest without being used for quite a while!! This is totally the Sonic game that will show nay sayers that Sonic can and is still an awesome gaming icon!

      1. When I say missions, I mean like beat the boss within 1 minute or other stuff like that. But I am guessing.

        1. When the selected the level but before they hit play, you notice there are arrows to the left and right of the main picture of the level, maybe that’s for switching missions, since we know you switch Sonics in the hub not the level menu. That’s why the little portals had me wondering

  19. I’m back and wow I’m blown away, that was sweet! I only watched bits and peices of the whole video so I don’t spoil myself but that metal sonic battle was awesome!

    1. Hahaha! That’s comedy man. Metal Sonic got Falcon Kicked. 😀 All I wan to see now is gameplay of Perfect Chaos, Giant Mech, Silver the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. 😀

  20. wait a minute light bulb went off, german version is gonna be english. so does that mean special editon in english ? can i start smiling? =D

  21. It’s good I watched this around 3.

    For the people that missed it, someone called Ikethehedgehog (I think) posted it up

  22. Hi. I have seen the video twice. Very cool stuff. It may have been too soon for this footage because who know, the version those were playing may not be final because a few things caught my eye. Lets talk about the characters in the hub world, Classic Sonic is standing next to Classic Tails by Green Hill and when switched to Modern, Tails also becomes Modern, cool but Amy and Knuckles are still Modern even with Classic Sonic. They should turn Classic so which means the game is set that way because till they are offically announced. A spoiler such as Speed Highway with Cream standing next to it could have something to do with the video being removed because that was something unexpected, it should have been skipped. It would make since if Cream is there because she was thrown in as a cameo in Sonic Adventure DX for a few seconds. What do anyone else think? Thanks.

  23. wow!! the framerate is nice fast and smooth!! it rlly looks like it mite be 60fps!!! metal sonic boss looks awesome i cant wait for this game!!

  24. 1. Classic Stages are really amazing.
    2. Modern Sonic’s chemical plant stage was way too linear and scripted for me.
    3. Metal Sonic Battle was just ok for me.
    4. I’m still excited for this game.

    1. 2.scripted and linear? oh my,another classic fanboy.You do realize that this is just like the second stage of the game right?And it already had more of plataforming than in the first stage that everyone was so bitching about.And it wasn’t a full footage of the stage in the case you didn’t noticed.And there’s more in the alternate routs that they didn’t take.Indeed i found it a bliitle bit too short but still i think it’s amazing i’m liking both the sides so far

  25. The victory over Metal Sonic was (shall I say) Classic, haha. I think that was payback for the upside-down spin kick Metal Sonic did in the Sonic OVA Movie.

  26. oh wow… this is jaw dropping and the hub and metal sonic boss…. oh HELL YES! Now im really glad i preordered this!

  27. I wonder when they’ll show trailers for the game on TV…Sonic colors had a Commercial for it not long before its release.

  28. I can’t keep spoiling the game for myself >_< haha
    The only thing I allowed myself to see was the Metal Sonic battle; that was incredible to say the least. lol

    1. If you look at the video, if all the red rings are collected it shows one giant red ring. There were only 2 of those so I assume you collect chaos emeralds as you gain all the red rings in one area.

        1. in colors it had 180 red rings and you got a simulator level every 30/40 red rings so it could be diffrent depending on the meerald like 5 for the 1st one 10 for the second etc

  29. Lol. Metal Sonic was amazing,getting to kick him against the ground watch him burn out of energy and Barrel Roll Kick him (not Chuck Noris Approved) was amazing lol. The final build will be so awsome D<

  30. I like how they added when you hit metal sonic, it slides across the floor and rolls around and gets back up.

  31. This was great to watch. I’ve gotta say, Amy is too cute! And the music for Stardust Speedway – awesome that they’re really going all the way with the theming of the boss and rival fights. Metal Sonic rolling around on ground after getting hit was hilarious. I wonder what the friends saved in the last two worlds are? I’m sure Blaze is saved in the Sonic ’06 level. Is it Vector for Unleashed, and Charmy for Colors? Or vice-versa?

  32. That’s what Sonic games need, unpredictability. When Metal Sonic fell behind, I knew it was down but not out, but I never expected it to go into overdrive dragonball Z mode. Here’s to hoping the Time Eater has more than one phase and another epic orchestrated battle theme. All those in favour say “Hell Yeah”

    1. I want another great battle theme but I kinda feel like too many orchestrated battle themes in a row are becoming awfully cliche suddenly. No one cared about orchestrated music before. They were obsessed with rock, then techno, now orchestrals. I’d prefer if they used all of the above and mixed it up.

      Of course this style of Sonic as of late will most likely have an orchestral theme. Tho I have no idea what the main theme will sound like. It could be an extended full-length version of the title theme, possibly even with lyrics for a change. Or it could be something original and exclusive to Generations. Either way would be cool.

  33. I just saw a little picture of tails on one of the portals next to metal sonic! Perhaps this is when you do a mission with tails?

  34. removed again… saw it though. I expect Sega to make a official statement to stop reposting them soon..
    Also, is getting a S rank that easy in this game, or is the german guy just a good player? No ring bonus system?

    1. Hasn’t it always been easily as long as you balance your score, the amount of enemies to hit and finish in a certin amount of time without getting hit more than a certain amount of times? Usually it’s only hard if you slow poke around, get hit a lot, die, skip enemies and rings and so on.

  35. Watched the video, love the presentation! These two characters are something else (although I don’t speak german, you begin to pickup certain words after awhile). Fav moments: 1) Getting rank S , 2) Nailed by the GUN truck, 3) Missing a railing at the tail end of Chemical Plant!, 4) Taking on Metal Sonic

    The hub world looks interesting, not just by level choice, but also the other features. Unlocking goodies as you go along this insane adventure. I was right, they were going to bring it back! Plus your score averages out say 51790 = 5179 points. So the higher, the better points you get to spend. And I’m sure the in-game store will have a ton of goodies to find.

    I think we may even get to take on missions with our old friends. Curious how that will work.
    I have the chills! =D Thanks gang for sharing this video!

  36. I’m expecting to see a mix of every stage song in the game playing as the credits roll. That would be very old-school.

  37. sega is making great stride in shooting this vid down off of youtube. tried all links posted and all are 404s

  38. Yeah I can’t find the video anywhere anymore. Good thing I already watched it. Looks perfect except that all the levels are so far apart in the semi-hub. Particularly cuz there’s no details in the White Space like there is in the teaser. You’d think a colorless road of some sort would be visible so you could tell how fast or far you were moving. lol

    Those “portals” have me curious now too. Were they just visuals or were they entrances to multiple acts or something? And that boss against Metal Sonic is better than expected. People are calling it simple like they forgot the original or something. Kinda makes me wonder what they were expecting. The original was a race. I was suprised you actually had to fight him. lol That and the floor breaking behind them makes me remember the second boss against Shadow from SA2. lol

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