Sonic Generations 3DS Reaffirmed For November Release in Europe & Australia

SEGA has updated the Sonic Generations product page on their website and reaffirmed a November release month for the Nintendo 3DS edition of the game in Europe and Australia. This version of the game was scheduled for November in a press release when it was officially announced at the beginning of last month, but their website has only listed a “Late 2011” timetable until now. The 3DS version was also missing from a release schedule SEGA sent out to press early this month, suggesting it may have been delayed. Now it appears we can rest assured that Sonic Generations will hit Nintendo’s handheld the same month it hits consoles.

Sources: SEGA Europe’s Sonic Generations product page and SEGA Australia’s Sonic Generations product page

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  1. ugh ps3 version for me the inferior version the 3ds is meh maybe its delyaed for an our-haul im hoping tho in future i might pick it up when it 20 bucks

    1. SEGA of America’s website still says Late 2011, just like it does for the other 2 versions. I think their 3DS announcement press release said November like the EU one, so I assume it’s still down for that month, but because SOA haven’t updated their product page, I didn’t include it in the news post.

    1. you know i read on an att news thing that if you bought a 3ds for 250 and not reduced price 170 you get 10 or 20 free virtual console games

      1. Ya, your supposed to get 20 free games from GameBoy VC, or just Virtual Console.

        I bought the 3DS on day 1, and that was a huge mistake. All of the good games don’t come out until 2012. I’m also going to buy the Wii U, but not on launch day. Tbh, the wii u doesn’t impress me. You would expect that Nintendo would reveal the system, not some dumb controller. The only reason I’m getting the wii u, is for mario, sonic, smash bros., and whatever else Nintendo has to offer, that I like.

        But ya, if any of you guys plan on getting a 3DS, then do it when the price cut starts, which I think is in Aug. 12. …….. 20 free games won’t make up for it, but at least Nintendo cares for the people that already have one.

  2. I hope SEGA knows what are they doing. I wont buy 3DS version because I dont have 3DS but I dont want this game to be crap.

  3. Wait…If the PS3/360 version has levels from:
    Sonic 1(Genesis)
    Sonic 3/and Knuckles(Genesis)
    Sonic Adventure/DX(Dreammcast/Gamecube)
    Sonic Adventure 2/Battle(Dreamcast/Gamecube)
    Sonic Heroes(Gamecube/PS2/XBox/PC)
    Sonic ’06(360/PS3)
    Sonic Unleashed(Ps3/360/Wii/Ps2)
    and Colors(Wii),
    Then the 3DS version can have levels from:
    Sonic 1(GBA/DS)
    Sonic 2(DS)
    Sonic 3/and Knuckles(DS)
    Sonic Advance(GBA)
    Sonic Advance 2(GBA)
    Sonic Advance 3(GBA)
    Sonic Rush(DS)
    Sonic Rush Adventure(DS)
    and Sonic Colors(DS)
    This doesn’t include boss fights. So, Who agrees?

    1. Unfortuntely I don’t think it will feature all the games and levels but I hope they just include as much….I’m not getting this version though

      Shame there are no Sonic Rivals levels included in this.. :/

        1. It wasn’t confirmed, some SEGA guy said it at E3 said it, but we don’t know for sure 😉 though it most likely is true.

      1. y would you want rivals in it
        its not a game like colors or unleashed or a classic one
        it’s a racing game

        1. @Unknown

          Come on dude….It wouldn’t hurt to include as much as possible and who says you can’t include Rivals or Rush levels They probably won’t include any levels from those games though they can transform levels into modern/classic ones I’m not counting on it though XD

          1. Hey C.J. How is it going with avoiding spoilers? Oh and just to let you know I am changing my nick to HUNTER297 its nick I use almost everywhere. See ya.

  4. in the UK Game the Console versions are to be released on the 4th of november and the 3DS version is to be released on the 25th of november

  5. Well. I want great improvement about 3DS version.
    The physic is terrible compared with 360/ps3 version (classic era).
    The graphics is empty.

    Actually, I want only ps3/360 version. If ps3 have better framerate (aka sonic unleashed), I get the ps3 version.

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