New Jazwares Sonic Figures Out Now, Nendoroid Sonic Figure Coming This Winter

Reports are coming in from the SSMB that the special 20th Anniversary Jazwares Sonic figures we told you about back in February are now appearing in stores across the US. The figures are currently nowhere to be found online on GameStop’s, Toys R Us’ or Target’s websites, but have been spotted in store at Target and GameStop.

SSMB member dirupti reports that Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Modern Tails and Shadow figures can be found at various GameStop stores. These figures appear to be a ‘series 1’ set, with other characters following at a later date.

All right! I can confirm that about every gamestop in Colorado has a box of these.
Each box that the stores got in stock contains:
2 Modern Sonic
2 Classic Sonic
1 Modern Tails
1 Shadow
So, Classic Tails, Silver, Knux, and Eggman apparently are some sort of series 2.
I picked up one of each and the cashier gave me the box (made to hold 6 figures) they came in for buying the rest of that stores stock.

TheDanimator, also from the SSMB, found the Classic Sonic figure in stock at his local Target store and has recorded and shared the below video showing the figure out of its packaging.

You can find pics of some of the currently available figures, as well as upcoming ones in the below eBay listings:
Sonic & Spinner
Shadow & Mono Beetle
Tails & Sandworm
Classic Sonic
Dr.Eggman With Egg Fighters
Classic Tails & Grabber
Silver & Iblis Biter
Knuckles & Egg Pawn

We’ve also heard from mikeblastdude at the SSMB that buying these figures from GameStop will get you an Avatar Award item for your Xbox 360 Avatar.

In other news, a company known as Good Smile Company has revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid figure. Like all Nendoroid figures, Sonic is around 4″ tall, poseable and appears to come with a checkpoint gate accessory. This figure will be available to purchase this Winter.

Check out some pics below:

Sources: SSMB, Video from SSMB member TheDanimator, eBay and Sonic

Thanks to TheDanimator for the Classic Sonic figure video and to STrainer for the Classic Sonic & Motobug figures pic!

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  1. Oh man I wanna go to Wal-Mart to see if they have them now…! Let’s just hope somebody random I know doesn’t come up to me and say “Hey, um… Why are you in the toy isle…?”. I always tend to run into someone there…

  2. Thanks for posting my video!
    Haha I should of made it better, I was tired πŸ˜€

  3. I would love to have Sonic, Shadow and Silver figures. Maybe I’ll try to buy them. To bad I have to import πŸ™

    1. i know. i live in newcastle and i have to import too. too bad importing is expensive so my parents wont buy one.

  4. Is it just me or does the Silver packaging read “Lblis biter”?

    Still want them ALL!!

  5. If you ask me this series proves who is most important in Modern Cast. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver oh and EGGMAN.

    BTW Guys I found this comment on Youtube and its so hillarious tha I need to post it here.

    “it was shdow the hedgehog for ps3 and gamecube who was meant to be sa3 because in sa2b shadow fell from the colony ark in sa2b an in shadow the hedgehog in the first level you fall fromο»Ώ the sky”

    I lol’d πŸ˜€

  6. Ok thats it im seriously ticked off with tomy now. Their website just got updated but the sonic range hasn’t. They we’re meant to be selling jazzwares figures in the uk and while yes they are doing that, compared the the US line of toys tomy need to up their game. I’ve emailed them twice and not got a reply so who knows whats going on. Sorry this isn’t trolling but anyone in the uk will agree that we are being left out of some epi figures. Btw motorbug figure ftw!

      1. We barely have them in the UK. I’ve only ever seen Sonic, Tails, Silver and the Werehog. Not even Knuckles seems to be available here.

        1. You can get knuckles and shadow but only in the all stars racing pack with their vehicles. The problem is that most of the range is some variation of sonic himself. I noticed the only update they’ve made was recently where they took off the knuckles super poser and replaced it with the sonic colours figure. So thats yet another sonic. I’m just after emailing them so if I dont get a reply this time then I give in

    1. AMEN TO THAT!! Tomy is so lazy with the releasing of these figures in UK territories. The amount of figures they’ve given us are so few compared to what fans in the States are getting.

      Sure we do have a few things released here, but there’s still so much more that the Americans have. Where are the comic packs? The play-sets (I want my Big and Fwoggy!!)? Vinyl mini-figures? That kick-ass 10” inch Sonic!?

      1. I sent them an email yesterday asking about whats going on. Once I get the reply I’ll put a post on ssmb so all uk fans can get informed

      2. Yea, Its annoying, I’ve had to import all of these, alone the 10 inch sonic cost Β£80 to import

  7. Hahaha that Classic Sonic figure looks better than the actual model of Classic Sonic in the game. XD (except for the parts that are obviously toy parts) Heck it even looks better than most normal Classic Sonic figures. =P

  8. Urgh for us U.K collectors have to either go import through ebay, or amazon but fret not guys… go to TOYWIZ.COM and they are up for pre-order although import prices i dunno how much they charge. shame the guys at dont do them πŸ™

  9. LOL, Shadow looks a little like a dog! xD
    Still, very nice figures. I would get them, but I don’t have the money for these things any more. πŸ™‚

  10. I want that bad!!!! I’ve always wanted a classic Sonic and classic Knuckles action figure!!

  11. I bought the classic sonic at my gamestop, some gamestop stores have them, others still don’t. And yes you get a free avatar of xbox 360 with a code in your receipt, mine for classic sonic was the moto-bug to use as an avatar pet which is also the enemy that comes with classic sonic. And yes all gamestop have the same ones over here in Puerto Rico, both Sonic modern and classic, and modern tails and shadow. And I checked 3 different gamestop stores today. They are for only 10 bucks over here. Now I have to wait for knuckles and classic tails only , since the other tails, shadow and silver are the same ones from the previous line that I already have.

  12. HEY! That’s my photo (the one with the hand holding the package)! I’m so glad someone used something of mine on this site! I was wondering how long it’d be before someone saw it on my page and sent it to you guys lol

  13. By god, you people never read your twitter, do you? I tipped you people about the nendoroid the day of the WonFes.

    1. Are you talking about “in-game” or just a figure? If your talking about a figure, i think i saw a blury pic of classic knuckles i toy form, but i dont remember much of what i saw or read there.

      1. Sorry about my grammatical errors! I meant blurry, not blury. I also meant “in”, not i. πŸ˜›

  14. Too bad the last time I bought a Jazwares products, it crumbled on me. (I’m looking at you, SDCC 2011 Action Figure…)

  15. Yesterday, I found Classic Sonic and Classic Tails plushies at Target. They’re so cute! X3

  16. i got the figures and thare awsome vary cool but classic sonics nose will break vary easily be careful with his nose

  17. The figures cost US$3 less at Target than at GameStop, so if you don’t want the free Avatar item or if you already bought a figure at GameStop, it’s better to get them at Target. Also, Target has 5-inch Sonic and Classic Sonic figures for US$9.99 and plushies for the same price.

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