Interview: Aaron Webber

Sega had a very strong presence at the San Diego Comic Con this year. Not only did they have a Sega Arcade down in the Gaslamp Quarter, but on the floor they had Captain America at the Marvel booth and two demo stations of Sonic Generations at the Archie Comics booth. Surprisingly (or maybe not), there was no 3DS Generations demo anywhere to be found.

At one of the demo stations, I found Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber. Trust me when I say there’s no more likable fella working at Sega. Look at him. He’s just so gosh darn huggable ya wanna stuff him in your Warner Bros Comic Con bag and take him home with “AHEM!” Anyway, as he manned the station, many people were checking out the demo. Mostly the modern version. In fact, one fan kept coming back every day and managed to beat Aaron’s record on modern by one second! When he had some time, we went to the back of the Archie booth and set up an interview. (I wanted to snuggle, but he refused. XD Kidding, kidding.)

Have you been having fun at the Con this weekend?

Aaron – Definitely.  It’s been very, very busy. We’ve had tons of people playing Sonic Generations. There’s a lot of standing so your legs get a little tired, but beyond that, it’s good.

Classic Tails has recently been shown alongside of a modern model. Since we now have classic Sonic and classic Tails, will we bee seeing classic representations of other characters? 

Aaron – For the most part, classic Sonic and classic Tails are the only one’s you’re gonna see. There’s not much I can go into after that but stay tuned. Classic Sonic and Classic Tails fans should be pleased.

Along with Classic Tails, the Chemical Plant was shown. Along with Metal Sonic chasing Classic in what looks like Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD.  Will we see other surprises like this? Will boss fights be on separate stages?

Aaron – You mean will the boss fights be taking place in their original settings? That’s a very good question. In the majority of cases, you should probably expect that. The other question would be “What are those other bosses?” and you’re just gonna have to wait on that.

Now, the classic demo was recently released and…..I’m sure you’re aware was then hacked into and some assets were leaked. I’m not gonna go into that much as I’m sure you don’t wanna go into that yourself. However, one of the things shown was that there are several missions in each act. One of them appears to be a “Co-op” mission. We know that as you finish levels, you free your friends and the world opens up more. Are Sonic’s friends playable in the game once they’re unlocked or after the game’s finished?

Aaron – Ah the leak. I really wish that hadn’t been published. Several of those assets are from an older build and will not be in the final game. It’s a misrepresentation. As we stated in the beginning, only classic and modern Sonic are playable. You will see many of Sonic’s friends in the game but you will not play as them.

I noticed the demo released to the public felt a tiny bit different to the one at E3. Is this an older build of the game?

Aaron – Actually, the download is a more current build. 

There have been some criticisms of the demo from different forums. Mainly in his short rolling and his need for spindashing to gain enough speed for some loops. Is there a reason for classic Sonic’s heaver pull on gravity? (I mean, he is chubbier.)

Aaron – Well, there’s always a reason. I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is A.) Will it change? and B.) Why was it done? The team in Japan was working to emulate the physics of the original as close as possible. It’s not 1 to 1 or 100% ratio, but more like 90-95% in looking at the original and looking at Generations. 

Well, they are trying to emulate classic Sonic physics on an engine built originally for Sonic Unleashed or Modern Sonic if you will. 

Aaron – Yes, but improved upon as well. That’s kind of the key in that it’s not 100% but very close. In this case I know that the rolling for example, I think is good feedback. I’ve already sent that back to Sonic Team. But a key element like rolling for example, to change that drastically now would mean that they would have to redesign and test every single level, every single move to make sure this change in the roll doesn’t break something. Like maybe he’s supposed to go off this ramp in a certain way and he ends up overshooting it greatly. In this late of the stage in development, a change that small could break the whole game. Like taking one brick from the bottom of a wall you’re building, it could make the whole foundation crumble. 

That’s like when someone on Neogaf, they posted a video in which they changed the value by 1 and it changed the roll dramatically, but even he said it would probably break the game on other levels.

Aaron – Exactly. When you see something like that, it looks so simple to fix, but it’s not so easy. The long and the short of it is, it’s still good feedback. Just like with Sonic 4. People said “Sega didn’t listen! They didn’t care!” But we did listen and we do care and now look at Generations. We’re improving step by step by step. It’s very difficult to go from 0-100 and get everything perfect on the first go, but we are doing our absolute best to do right by the fans and make everything the best we can, and I hope the demo – which I think is really, really solid even with the rolling – is something they’re enjoying.

I think so. I know this has gotten a much more positive response on forums than Sonic 4 had and Sonic 4 still got pretty good review scores. One thing I’ve noticed since E3, is that there are certain spots in the demo that have what I would call “scripted physics”. For instance, in the first corkscrew tunnel, Sonic instantly goes into a high-speed spindash when getting near it whereas the other tunnels have a rock in front that Sonic has to bust with a spindash to get through it. Also, there’s the wooden bridge with a loop. Get close enough and Sonic takes over himself and runs through it with no input from the player. Are there reasons why these particular areas are programmed like this or will this be fixed in the final version?

Aaron – Well, even in Sonic 1 when you would go through those tunnels, it would give you an automatic speed boost even if you went through them backwards. So even if you went uphill, it would give you that speed boost. What’s interesting here is from what I’ve played around with in the demo is that if you go in as a spin, it will push you though the tunnel, but if you run full speed it won’t force you though or force you into a spindash which is interesting, so I’d say these spots are kinda half-scripted. It’s going to check to see if you are in ball form before shooting you through which is kind of cool. You’ll see some of that stuff in the game, but not a lot. I wouldn’t use the term “scripted” which is kind of a derogative term used like “scripted vs. non-scripted” in some Sonic games in the sense that some scripted events are cool and dynamic, but mostly you have control over.

I won’t say much about the hack, but one of the cool things from it, was that someone put modern Sonic in the classic level and vice versa and it was actually pretty cool and looked playable. Especially modern Sonic. Is that something that Sonic Team would look into adding?

Aaron – (Laughs) That’s definitely something I couldn’t answer. That would be up to the dev team in Japan. There’s no intention to my knowledge of flip-flopping them into each other’s stages. Admittedly, the “what-if” scenarios are pretty neat.

In the classic Sonic games, you would have to press down and rapidly tap jump to make Sonic spindash. In Generations, it can be done the old fashioned way, or the simpler “hold X” style. But that style can be done even when running full speed or on sharp inclines. Is there a reasoning behind that? 

Aaron – I couldn’t give you the exact reasoning as that would be up to the dev team. I can tell you it makes it a lot simpler and in many ways that’s a good thing. That said I’m sure a lot of the purists might think that it makes it too easy. I think this is something where the dev team is trying to please both groups which is why the other way is optional. In fact, many of the kids playing Generations here at Comic Con were unfamiliar with the spindash and were getting stuck. I told them to hold X for a second and that’s simple and they got that quickly. But at the same time, you want to appease the retro fans. Which is why down and A is also in there. Personally, I get both sides. I kind of like what they’ve done here to make it easier to play for kids who’ve never played a classic Sonic game before. Although I did have one eight year old kid who told me Sonic CD was his favorite game. I was flabbergasted and told him: “Kid, you’re awesome!”

(Laughs) Awesome. I’ve noticed, not so much in modern, but in classic mode the environments are so lush and so detailed that Sonic can get lost in them. There’s one time where I’m hitting a spring and collecting gold rings and I see a platform to right of me that makes it look like I can land on it, but I fall right through because it’s just background detail. Is there a way for them to make it so Sonic pops out a little, or possibly fade the background a bit?

Aaron – If you turn the 3D option on and you have a 3D TV, Sonic will definitely pop out. Alternatively, I know exactly the spot you’re talking about as I’ve made that same mistake myself. Beyond that, there’s not too many spots where that happens. Most backgrounds are either easy to recognize as background or deep in the back. It’s a very minor thing and I wouldn’t worry too much about it

Now in the case of the 3DS, is there much you can tell us of the streetpass feature?

Aaron – There’s not too much I can say about the 3DS version in that regard. 3DS has some very cool stuff and is very unique. We went the idea that we can either do a lazy port or build something from the ground up that’s very cool and very unique and we went with the latter. I can’t tell you much right now, but stay tuned in the near future as we will have a lot of info going out about the 3DS version as we go forward.

What excites you most about Sonic Generations?

Aaron – What excites me most? At first it was just classic Sonic being there. Now, it’s that we get to introduce Sonic to two very distinct generations of people at the same time. We get the younger fans who love modern Sonic and we get to introduce them to classic Sonic and show them why so many of us older fans adore the Genesis games. But likewise, we get to pull in the older fans who might not have played a Sonic game in a long time. I’ve had some people come up to me who’ve said “I’ve not played a Sonic game in 15 years, but this looks amazing!” Every time I hear that (and it’s happened like, 150 times) it’s such a nice feeling that this is finally the game we can show that Sonic is really back. While Colors and Sonic 4 did a good job of bringing us back, but Generations is the one to unite both fans. While we may not always make 100% of both Sonic fans happy all of the time, but I’m betting the majority will be very pleased with this game.

One final question, I know Takashi Iizuka has stated that he feels Sonic Adventure on is the main cannon and that the current Chaotix are not the same ones from 32X Chaotix and he doesn’t seem to want to use any of the real old characters. While we do have poster in City Escape of some of the forgotten characters, one of those being Nack/Fang. There’s a poll on First Four Figures to see is there is enough interest to do a Fang statue. If this does come to fruition, do you see a possibility of Sonic Team bring him back in the future?

Aaron – That’s a good question, but one I couldn’t decide myself. We could make the case for that if enough fans ask for him. (But PLEASE don’t spam our Facebook. PLEASE! My bosses will not be happy.) There are much better ways to get people to recognize a fan following. I mean look at NiGHTS in SASASR. The entire campaign that Trippi and Digi (Sorry if I’m not getting the names right) did which was wonderful. So, if you really want to see Nack there’s always hope. It’s not my decision of course so I can’t answer the question completely. Make the case for it. Try to rally support. That helps. But, Sonic is so out there anyway, with so many cannons and universes. I mean, we are standing in the Archie booth right now. But, if you really want it, I say don’t give up, rally support around it and who knows?

Thank you so much Aaron. It’s been a great interview.

Aaron – Thank you.

NEW COMMENT:  On the last day, I was pretty much done with Comic Con and just hung out with Aaron for a bit at the Archie booth. I played the modern demo some more and watched as some really skilled players went back and fourth on the game. They were kind enough to let others play. I was amazed at one player’s skill. Ends up he’d been hanging out for quite awhile. Aaron has decided to leave one final comment relating to this.

Aaron – One of the things we’ve had a lot of fun with here at SDCC is speed running – for the few unfamiliar with the term, it just means getting to the end of the stage as fast as you can.

Trying to get as fast a time as possible is surprisingly addicting – so much so that at least 20 people have returned to our booth every single day to try and beat their previous times. One guy named Sergio literally spent three days here at the Generations console perfecting his time, teaching others how to complete it faster, and waiting to jump on again when the lines died down. As a result, he even managed to match my best time for the level!

So to anyone reading, here’s a little challenge when the game finally comes out: Can you beat 1 Minute, 49 seconds as Modern Sonic in Green Hill Zone? As it stands – and the level may still change slightly – that’s the fastest legitimate time the world has seen thus far. I’m most excited to see what tricks and strategies fans will use to complete even faster runs!

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  1. “Ah the leak. I really wish that hadn’t been published. Several of those assets are from an older build and will not be in the final game.”
    So… that’s mean that the leaked list can be wrong? this is really interesting, i hope new stuff, i spoiled myself to muycho :p

  2. They aways say they that sonic will be the only playpale one they been saying that since sonic unleashed. I miss playing as the other characters to as mush as sonic I want to play with them with good ass gameplay not mario&sonic Olympic games or black knight

    1. I totally agree. I miss the sonc adventure days of being able to play as other characters. Sega needs to realize that he idea of sonic only gamplay is gettin old and they need to add more playable characters. They also let down my hopes for other classic characters like, c knux, c amy (rosy rather), and the c chaotix crew. 🙁

      1. That’s why I’m still hoping they’d come around with SA3 next year..tho’ world adventure could’ve been it with knux and maybe amy replacing werehog stages and let tails have some day and plane stages./=

        And I hope we fight Shadow in Final Rush or White Jungle as Aaron has hinted at. XD

        1. I would also like to see a SA3, but its too late for that. And I think there will be a chao garden in generations, becuse i saw a chao in the leaks next to a kid of play box thing. That should please some people! 😉

          Also I think that the characters that you free will follow you around like in sonic 2.

          1. Same here. (lol my Nick I think I should change it) with 4 teams: Heroes, Dark, Future and EGG Team but I explained it somewhere.

          2. @Supashadowblast
            Heroes:Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
            Dark/Gun:Shadow, Rouge, Omega
            Future: Silver, Blaze and Espio or some new character.
            EGG:Doctor, Metal Sonic and Mecha Knuckles/Fang (still unsure)

            Every character but Doctor, Omega, Rouge, Knuckles and 3rd character in EGG Team (maybe in future too) would have a speed formula with some variations example: Silver psychokinesis and Shadow Chaos Powers.
            Doc and Omega would be like mech shooting gameplay while Treausure Hunters will have treasure hunting (OMG WHAT A TWIST 😉

            I know its large cast but I always wanted to see battle Sonic&Shadow vs. Silver&Blaze (those are most powerfull characters in series)

          3. @ SA3

            I agree with most of those teams but I would add team rose and instead of espio I would have maybe marine the raccon. I don’t know much bout her but it might be able to work. Also this sort of seems like a sonic heroes 2? 😉

          4. Yeah but it wont play like heroes because every character will have its own levels.

          1. I say that’s too many teams and too many levels..I think 3 teams will do to fit with the SA3 motif and all..just drop the EGG.

          2. Yeah. I was thinking about it. Making EGG chars. Playable in multi would do better than not including them at all.

      2. I think Sega doesn’t put other playable characters because one of the fans complaints about Sonic 06 was the fact that there were too many playable characters. I liked that in that game though. It gave some gameplay variety.

  3. What’s that? The fight against Metal Sonic is in fact taking place at Stardust Speedway, and not Chemical Plant, or some kind of “hybrid”? And what’s that? The leaked assets can be fail-able?

    Most constructive interview I’ve ever read.

    1. Assets aren’t always the greatest indicator of what will make the final cut. Tho they are interesting to find after a games release to see what did get cut. Sonic 2’s lost stuff in particular. Sonic Adventure’s robot dragon was a biggie too. And to this day, I swear that trailer on the Sonic Adventure 2 demo disc that came with Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast had an incredibly quick cut with a shot that looked like Shadow had cyborg parts. Then again I could have imagined that lol, one of these days I’ll have to fish it out and try running it through a PC and slowing it down.

  4. I think we should be scared now. I mean some things from leak can be false (probably not boss and stage list tho) probably some missions are false (God I hope no)

    1. Well its not that they were false, more so BETA which means my dreams of Mephilis being a boss might be reality ;-; Oh god, I’m getting teary…And with that, all the Ice Cap and Lava Reef fans stood up in their seats and cheered with high hopes that one or the other might just make it.

      1. Mephiles was my favourite viliain in series. I want him in but I dont want to replace anyone 🙁

        1. Hes my second next to Metal Sonic because hes like Metal Sonics shadow but with Shadow…oh god the jokes are everyone. ANYWAY I hope Mephiles works his way in there, I still have my theory about him being the Time Eater after the events of 06 <_< If Crisis City or any of the 06 levels exist anywhere in the timeline of the game, that means in another quantum loop of crazy ville the events are still inscribed into history thus making Mephiles still exist, just trapped in an infinite loop prison that Eggman might have freed him granting him the power over time. UGH listen to me, sounding like I'm writing a fanfic <_<
          Back to Mephiles, he certainly is quite the character, one could say…..the ultimate lifeform…<_< Okay, I think I'm just about done with my silly comment xD

          1. Remembe if there is Crisis City there is Iblis. If there is Iblis there is Mephiles 😉

          2. Mephelis is an AMAZING villan, but 06 ruined some of his darkness. If they bring him back in this game, he will finally be able to be the awesome villan he was ment to be.

          3. @Supashadowblast
            Its kinda the same thing with Silver. Its because those characters debuted in “that” game. They can be great characters thats why I hope they wont delete Silver from Generation boss list it would prove he is good character.

          4. @ SA3
            I am not the biggest fan of silver, but I think that if generations actually uses him correctly he will be more likeable. If they put one trace of Elise in that game I will jump off a cliff.

  5. Oh gosh. I really hope everything that was leaked will stay the same! Im already hyped with what SEGA’s got, i hope they didnt change much! D:

    1. Same here but read my second post. I think it will be some misc stuff that will be changed. They dont have time to change list.

      1. You’re assuming that the list was put together late, or when the levels were created. When he talks about the assets, it could realistically be anything. He knows we all know about the leak, yet questions us to wonder what the bosses will be, and where they’ll take place. There’s a possibility that they made the title cards early as an outline to what they wanted to do, and decided to change things and not amend the title card PNG that was found in the demo.

        He said a long time ago not to trust the leak, and now, even when we know everything and more, he’s still saying this. It’s not that hard to imagine that perhaps a level, or a boss or so, has been altered or replaced.

        1. I made such long post about game develping here and it errored 🙁 When I clicked post. All right I will try to put it short.

          I live near VG developer HQ I have a friend here thats why I know that much about VG distribution and developing. I was talking with him recently and I know some stuff that I can share with you. SG is developed for 3 years right? Here is how it works.

          First 4 months are always making stage list (concept but here we have remakes of existing stages so just list) and then write script for game. Its always planned on PAPER the list cannot make it to code before its near-final. Its to make it safe and dont have massive leaks such as here and MW3 leak this year. After making near-final list (note that it means that at least 90% of list will make it to final game thats why we had this Seaside Hill/Bingo Highway discussion this was level that was created lastly). After making script and list the team divides into 3 or 4 sections (it depends).
          -First one is sound team which obviously works alone with list and music (they need to have concept arts from graphic guys)
          -Second one is team that makes character models.
          -Third one is team that makes levels (textures, ilumination etc.)
          -And 4th one (sometimes they go into action at later stages of development) makes CGI animations (with concept arts from graphics guys)

          So 1st stage of development is “concept” 2nd one is called “action” and 3rd one is called “pre-Alpha”.

          Pre-alpha is dev. stage when models are finished and some of stages are finished so they put models in stages (enemies etc.).

          At alpha stages the game is playable tho have lots of glitches (AT THIS POINT AL LEVELS ARE READY!!!) In my opinion they all were ready in March, April or maybe May 2011. Then they put every model in and test level. (every edit of code creates glitch that has to be corrcted) So at this point game is one big Glitch festival.

          Then we have beta. Beta is what we have now. When major glitches are out but lots of glitches hide in game’s code so they are testing it.
          At this point every stage is ready tho they are editing graphical stuff to make it look better.

          Now game is in late beta stages. It needs to be final in early october to pass Q&A and then burning shipping etc. if it will be relased in early November of course. (you will say delay it. But it doesnt work that way search for my other post here.) So they have 2 maybe 2.5 monts time to finish it (get rid of glitches etc.) they dont have time to make another level put models in , alpha test it, beta test it etc. It would take to long and every delay is money lose for producer. Unless we want another rushed game that had potential *cough06cough*

          The only stuff that wont affect coding and takes short time are: Misc stuff(icons etc.), Graphics correction(includes 3D support) and AT MOST changes in HUD, red rings locations (if they are here) and some level missions. Or they can delete mission but /i dont think we want it.

          I hope you guys understand 😀

          1. @Rickyrick
            There is my post below somewhere. Where I explain evidence for levels that hasnt been deleted. The only levels we dont know about (probably wont be changed) are 2 levels from modern era. If levels stay the same then so will bosses. Look in this post. I think Aaron meant some Misc stuff and maybe missions to be changed.

            And thanks 😀

      1. You think delaying game is just saying “lets delay it”? Its much more complicated. I have friend in VG distribution. Relase dates are known for Producer like 6 months before actual relase. They just dont guve it to public view. Another thing is that they cant just delay it. Along with producer every distributor around the world know the relase date and is preparing to relase game on this date. Delaying relase for 1 week cost really HUGE ammounts of money and a month? I doubt SEGA will do this.

  6. Ok I read it again and we can see some things here. There wont be any changes in bosses and levels thats for sure guys. I got this when he said “you will have to wait to see them” as we remember classic metal model was named “Rivals:Metal Sonic” so we will probably see models of other rivals too (Arron seems to know bosses from his answer).

    Stages can be added but they putted to much effort to existing stages to just scrap them. But I doubt they will add something. They have like 2-2.5 month to finish game so I doubt it (please dont make me repost my game distribution post that I use to explain this timeframe 😉

    Yeah. I think only stuff that can be changed are for example stuff like werehog icon and maybe some missions design.

    I dont know about you guys but I will literaly sue SEGA if they change my dream boss list (especialy all rivals. I cant wait to see them 😀

      1. Thats what I think too. But they need to make a concept for battle. Make model. Create arena. Beta test it. And implement stereostopic 3D features. This will take some time but I hope for this game to be best Sonkc game of all time.

  7. Admittedly there are many cannons in Sonic (particularly in Carnival Night Zone), but I think the word you’re searching for is “canon” 😛

    1. He can keep his cannons, if there isn’t a red and white barrel in the game, it truly isn’t a celebration of all Sonic’s accomplishments.

  8. So he’s saying that the leaked stuff is from an older build, yet he says that the demo they came from was “A more current build”. Either some stuff was left over, or we’ve got a lying jerk on our hands.

    1. I didn’t even notice that contradiction, good spotting!! Smells like a good old fashioned cover up! 😀

    2. The assets couldn’t have been left in while the demo itself is new?

      I think it’s pretty easy to assume that they refined and created a newer demo, but kept older assets in the file, as it’s just a more refined version of an older demo, as he stated.

    3. @NauseousPenguin:

      Actually, it makes sense – you’re just looking at it the wrong way. : ) To simplify:

      – E3 Demo was created first
      – Public Demo was created second
      – Game continues development following Public Demo
      – E3 Demo is then shown at San Diego Comic-con, because it includes Modern Sonic. (A first for any fans who didn’t get to attend E3.)

      Hope this clarifies!

      1. I understand this very well, but having seen these people trying to cover up so much in the past few years, I can’t help but be suspicious.

        1. No problem, I understand where you’re coming from. Even in the final game, there’s a very good chance Green Hill will have a few differences from the latest version fans have seen, too.

          The team is working hard to make the game as good as it possibly can be. Personally, I think their determination to keep improving Green Hill (which was first completed long ago) is a great sign of the dedication and polish they’re adding throughout the entire game. 🙂

          1. @Aaron
            The fact that the game is in production since relase of Unleash is itself sign of great polish of game. This can be best Sonic game since SA2 and leak proved it. I hope you wont change bosses tho those were my faves of all time bosses 🙂

      2. Hey Webber. Can you at least tell us whether Sonic 4: Episode II is coming out this year or not?

  9. If they did change things a lot of people will be pissed off. And they need multiplayer badly.

    1. The same people that were pissed off that there were too many city, industrial and environmental tropes? I’m sure they’ll live.

      I doubt anything circumstantial will change, but again, when the levels first leaked, we were told not to believe 100% of it, and now, even after we thought nearly everything was leaked, it turns out that not everything is 100% correct. The only people that are going to be upset are the ones who didn’t listen in the first place, or the ones who accepted that something found in a demo, which could’ve been left there after months of development, isn’t going to reflect the final product.

      1. You are talking like no fans liked the list. It actually was my DREAM LIST for this game. I hope they wont change anything 🙁

        1. Not true, I thoroughly enjoyed the list, and with the addition of Stardust Speedway, it became an instant pre-order for me.

          I’m just saying that, at the time “everything” was leaked, the initial reaction was “too many cities”, “another factory?!” “Green Hill clone!”… I’m sure many enjoyed the list as a whole, but many fans (at least the more vocal ones) didn’t. If SEGA replaced one of those cities or industrial parks with, say, an Ice level, or Sand level for diversity… I really don’t think many would see that as a terrible thing.

        2. When Arron Weber said stay tuned for more info, he ment stay tuned for more bs excuses that I come up with to cover up the leaks with.

  10. So we need to try and organize a friendly type petition to get Fang/Nack back. I am surprised that the First4Figures poll didn’t have more numbers on it, considering the amount of people you see around the community wanting Fang/Nack back. Perhaps we didn’t get the word out enough across enough Sonic sites. I don’t even recall seeing a post or mention on Sonic Retro either, or SegaBits. It also amazed me how many people didn’t know who Fang/Nack was, considering the re-releases of the games he was in recently, I guess it goes to show just how many new generation fans there are that weren’t even around in the 90’s or were too young to play games then.

    1. True….but, I still know who Fang (I don’t like the name ‘Nack’) is, and I was born in 1998… And it would’ve been great if Mighty, Ray, Bean and Bark got more attention than just posters that I didn’t see until a still image was released.

      1. It just seems like a missed opportunity to make a bigger nod to lost characters. If you can’t figure out what to do with them yet, that’s cool, we can wait, we have since like 1995. But to not include them in a game celebrating the series history seems a bit harsh, especially Fang/Nack since he was in more than just one or two games, unlike Mighty, Bean and Bark.

        What easier way to get away with showing them again than the concept of time travel that this game uses. You don’t need to put them in a new role or fit them in, they were there in the past in Sonic’s history, Sonic falls through time, he ends up seeing them as they were in the past. It could even perhaps help drum up support for the characters, if they get a small cameo beyond a poster you have to be really keen eyed to see. Which could eventually lead to their return, Sonic wondering what happened to them, where they are now, perhaps finally meeting them again in a future game, and at that point giving them a modern makeover and role to play.

        Still gutted the handheld version doesn’t have some Gamegear level love too, the Master System/Game Gear games had some unique and interesting levels, and bosses.

        Don’t get me wrong, the game looks brilliant, and I can’t wait! And I realize it must be difficult narrowing down what to include in a game trying to cover such a broad and varied history. I’m just giving some constructive critique on some of the missing history.

  11. Guys look at the bright side! If the leaks are false we can still tell our grandsons and grandaughters about “How we were trolled by SEGA in The most Epic trolling in this decade”. 😉

    1. Amy Rose is the most redesigned character of the entire cast. From long quills, green shirt and gold skirt to short quills, red dress and red boots, not to mention more hot tempered and obessive. That’s why I hope Classic Amy makes a cameo because it is an important part of her history. The Sonic CD manual says Classic Amy used Tarrot Cards to see the future but I never saw her use them in any game. The only games she was playable in were the classic racing games and the only game where you actually play as her was Sonic the Fighters, and this was first time she has the Pico Hammer. Closing though, Modern Amy should meet Classic Amy so she would understand who she used to be. It would surprise fans who don’t know what Classic Amy used to look like.

  12. I don’t really know what to say….maybe the levels we haven’t seen pictures or trailers of won’t appear but of course City Escape, GHZ, CP and one other _____*Spoiler* is definitely appearing, I wish they could change the Heroes level but it’s too late as we’ve already seen pictures…..I’m hoping we won’t have the 06 level and maybe KV instead or something else. The good news is though at least some of those will be appearing but I hope in some way they have a variety of change and maybe extend the number of levels….I’m not sure about the bosses though….most will probably be the same….aside from Egg Dragoon I guess….

    I hope some levels will be different but a few will stay the same…..

    1. They wont change half of levels. If game was developed for 3 years they just wont change half of it in 2 months maybe they can but then we will have another *cough06cough*


      I actually hope they wont erase Crisis City. Its really epic and varied level.

      1. I’m not saying half will disappear but there might be a possibility that we shall see a different level or two that weren’t on the list that could replace the ones which we’ve seen on the leaked list but I’m sure most things will stay the same anyway but then again who knows….Aaron could not want to reveal anything or maybe we shall have some shocking news o_o

        I kinda hoped for Kingdom Valley instead of CC

        1. I was kinda hoping for Wave Ocean and Crisis City, the only thing that made me drool during Kingdom Valley was the speed run through that water temple.

        2. I know i had said this weeks ago and i will said it again! I know Ricky already know what comment i said before. The leaked stages and bosses are not really finsish! Its half finish like i said it like 3 times!

    2. You never knooow. SEGA might be trolling and the Egg Dragoon might be the same. They did find the werehog icon didn’t they? 😉

      1. Your right……so do you think the Werehog could appear just for the boss too? O.o….I mean of course if there’s a chance I don’t think that will happen though they could be leftovers but like you said you never know ah well….. all will be revealed soon 🙂

      2. *-* I hope I’m not the only one hoping that the werehog will be back during that boss, I loved it on the 360 version <_< Wii version just kinda shaved it and turned it into a dull boss…

        1. *SNAP* Your not the only one……

          I love that boss…It’s one of the best Sonic fights IMO just felt so good giving Eggman a taste of his own medicine…Sorry for the hell we gave you on Eggmanland…here’s some revenge Kick Eggman till it hurts him 😀 I loved the 360 version you could just break his screen leaving a crack and then swinging him around while I kept doing those QTEs combos my friend laughed through the whole thing XD and yeeah your right the Wii made it dull and lifeless I’m hoping that this boss can return too and the Werehog for this O_o wishful thinking *_*

          1. IKR <_< QTEs are what made the major high light of the perfect Dark Gaia battle, I hope they return with future bosses. They make you feel so inside the boss battle especially when you finish it and he howls…I found myself howling and my cousin was staring at me like the hell? xD The wii was dull but it still had some high lights, such as the inner works of Cool Edge and Eggmanland certainly took more work to get through <_< If only it was longer…..30mins FFFFFFFFFF, curse Eggman -n-

        2. Definitely not! I freaking love playing as the werehog. Sometimes I rather play with him than the fast stages so I can whoop some Dark Gaia ass 🙂

  13. I bugged the heck out of Aaron at Comic-Con 🙂 But seriously, to stand there all day is beyond dedication

      1. Wow Webber, you’re really dedicated to Sonic and the fans if you’re signed up for the Sonic Stadium…!

        Not really much else I have to say… lol

  14. Well I can tell from reading the interview that Aaron that he did not want to comment much about Sonic Generations, that would be spoiling surprises when the game comes out. The only questions he really answered were the physics and controls in Sonic Generations demo. He probitly wanted to tell us about the other characters and levels like Classic Amy, Stardust Speedway (those I am hoping the most) and more but his bosses at SEGA wouldn’t like that at all as he mentioned about the Facebook page, so it’s best not to take his answers seriously, just in a “caught off guard” kinda way. There will be more Classic Characters although the only ones left would be Amy, Knuckles, and the Chaotix. The rest of the characters were born modern like Shadow and Cream.

    1. I noticed it too! For most questions he is playing it safe. Maybe its because it wasnt ecpected for him to give interviews or he just cant talk about news update because there is no news update 😉

      1. Yeah. I’m glad Aaron came to this forum and clarified more for the fans. I respect him. Off topic I have with Sonic community since 1996 when sonic fan pages were being made. As proof a fan video was made using an old sonic cd opening animation. It would be obsolete today but back then it took a week on an old pc. You can find it on YouTube, search for my channel using “Star Hedgehog”. I heard a rumor Sega was not pleased with it before.

        To Aaron,
        Thank you for your time in answering our questions. You are the man. I wish I could have attended Sonic Boom 2011 but I live in Louisiana and didn’t know who all was going to be there. If another is being planned I will be on a plane to attend 2012. Thanks.

  15. Aaron Webber is cool beans. i met him at New york city and he is definitely friendly. I may not like a lot of current sonic games but i did get colors and it was definitely much better than the rest. They guy even autographed my artwork and I posted it on My DeviantArt. But it, obvious RE tries to to get fandeeb back from the fans but remember who’s the boss back in Japan, and we all know he’s pretty much clueless. All in all if RE was the “big man on campus” he would probably do a better job then the head of sonic Team.

  16. So Only Classic sonic and Classic Tails? im kinda fine with that but i thought Classic Robotnik would be in it? seeing as theres a boss with him on 3DS based on Sonic 3 final boss…… Heres hoping a sonic 3D Blast level and Ice cap are now included ^^ Also Isn’t Classic Metal sonic the boss? so really theres 3 Classic versions in the game, You know im getting a feeling this game may get mixed Reactions from the fan base along with critics being mixed about it too :/ but ill wait till its out. P:S classic sonic isn’t heavy he’s very light, i played Sonic 3 after the Generations demo and Sonic in the megadrive titles is heavy he feels fat lol.

    1. Hi. Aaron might have been caught off guard when he answered about the classic characters. “For the most part, Classic Sonic and Classic Tails are the only ones we will see, so stay tuned”. Meaning we will only see Sonic and Tails in images on the internet or magazines till they release more information when the time is right. Yeah the way Aaron said it was confusing but i’m sure he didn’t mean they were the only classic characters literitly in the game. Just not in the cards at the moment.

      1. Yea, that and the signpost at the end of the classic demo level had classic Eggman on it.

  17. I’ve never really thought that there had to be a distinction between canons in the Sonic universe. The only character the Chaotix (except Mighty, RIP) interacted with was Knuckles, and as they rarely cross paths now there’s no reason not to just assume they’re the same from Knuckles Chaotix.

  18. As for the physics: I understand it’s like what he says: Modify gravity or some movement at this point, and you can’t be certain that the game will work ok.
    But, can it be that difficult for SEGA to emulate 100% right a game that was programmed more than 20 years ago, by just one person, without todays technology, research and knowledge, not even taking into account that the same company did the game? Just google sonic physics, it lays there!

  19. Wait I realized something. Aaron you are very tricky person 😉

    Guys his job is to create as much hype as he can. Its a masterplan! If we know the game we are not as much excited so he put us in doubt saying that “some can be false” and he isnt lying! Some are already changed like life icon (now its ST logo look at CP screens) And he succed we are all hyping here but nothing will be changed 😀
    Nice plan Aaron 😉

  20. “The team in Japan was working to emulate the physics of the original as close as possible. It’s not 1 to 1 or 100% ratio, but more like 90-95% in looking at the original and looking at Generations. ”

    So let me get this straight…..SOJ can’t match the physics 100% from a 20 year old game? Yet the guy who made Sonic Fan Remix pretty much nailed it?

    Sega your pathetic.

    1. The guys that created Sonic Fan Remix was using upgraded Sonic1-Knuckles engine so it was easy. Now they are recreating them in Havok and thats hard. (Trust me I tried it)

  21. “The guys that created Sonic Fan Remix was using upgraded Sonic1-Knuckles engine so it was easy. Now they are recreating them in Havok and thats hard. (Trust me I tried it)”

    That is no excuse. Sega are useless and unless the fanbase stands up to Sega by not buying this game then it will continue.

    1. Overreacting much? Be realistic, dude. Naka isn’t here anymore. Just because it doesn’t have the damned physics you want, doesn’t mean the game is crap. Be more openminded, and learn to enjoy other kinds of gameplay, at least.

      1. Thank you, Tatsumaki. I’m not sure why some people overreact so much; further to that, while not a 100% match, the physics are already leaps and bounds closer to the originals than anything in recent years, including Sonic 4.

        Some people just want any excuse to get mad and yell, I think. 🙂

        (All that said, SonicSALES – your feedback about making the physics a 1:1 match is not bad, so please don’t get the wrong impression. It’s all in how you present it, which is where a little courtesy and respect will go a long way!)

  22. -_-

    There was no upgrading about it. One guy simply rewrote the physics in SFR. It’s not magic.


    Guys I just realized how we can figure out wchich levels wont be scrapped!
    Remember those hub worlds screens (or level select)
    At sides of of those screens we can see fragments of other levels. So list of levels that are confirmed to stay is: Sky Sanctuary(CP screen) speed highway and Seaside Hill (CE screens). Tho we are still unsure about modern era since we havent see any screens from it. But if levels stay the same then bosses probably too. Thank God 😀 I would be worried about extra missions tho.

  24. Personally they should of stuck with a “Lazy port” for 3DS the game would be alot more like its console brothers, as well as that he mentioned “What-if Scenario” Hmm…..sounds interesting, remember DB Raging blast what ifs with stuff like Super saiyan 3 vegeta

  25. “Overreacting much? Be realistic, dude. Naka isn’t here anymore. Just because it doesn’t have the damned physics you want, doesn’t mean the game is crap. Be more openminded, and learn to enjoy other kinds of gameplay, at least.”

    AKA giving in to the lame efforts by Sega.

    1. Honestly, I never have expected Sega to be able to perfectly recreate the classic physics. And to be honest, how exactly are you able to base that the game is terrible based on the physics? I would at least give the game a chance before instantly assuming it’s a pile of garbage.

    2. So, even with improvements, just because one iteration isn’t the same as the other, it’s a lame effort, and thus shouldn’t be accepted?
      Sonic 3 felt different than Sonic 1, it’s terrible.
      Sonic Adventure 2 had different Light Speed mechanics than Sonic Adventure 1, therefore, it sucks.
      Sonic Colours had more 2D sections than Unleashed… and SWiMMING?! Inexcusable.
      Sonic Generations has a jumping and forward momentum system better than Sonic 4, yet he still doesn’t roll 100% as he did 16 years ago? Wow, what a lame effort.

      Get over it. Sonic Team’s doing something great with this game, and just because you can’t roll down a hill like you could in the originals, doesn’t mean it’s some amazingly half-assed game SEGA’s releasing.

  26. “Get over it. Sonic Team’s doing something great with this game, and just because you can’t roll down a hill like you could in the originals, doesn’t mean it’s some amazingly half-assed game SEGA’s releasing”


    1. To be honest, Knuckles hasn’t changed that much…He got lego shoes, but that’s about it, in my opinion. It’d be sorta like making a classic Shadow – they haven’t changed enough to warrant it.

      I look forward to seeing Shadow in Generations though (that isn’t a spoiler…He is considered a friend/rival. Friendly rival?), and seeing how Kirk improves with his voice. Haven’t heard too much of it.

      And of course, I get to relive the horrors of classic Sonic XD

    2. You never know, if Sky Sanctuary is there, maybe Classic Knuckles is a boss before the level.
      Its sad that no one remembers their rival fight <_< Even though it was kinda just three hits, they could mix in a QTE while you fight him to make things a little more interesting. Speaking on the topic of Kunckles and rival fights I hope he and Rouge get DLC for their fight in SA2 ;_; I was playing it the other day and thought with todays tech, they could really make something more out of it.
      Who else has a rival/boss fight no counting Eggman? Sonic vs Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shade, and Blaze. Then theres the question of would the storybook characters act as bosses as well, including Eazor and the Black Knight/Dark Queen, and finally this big guy Time Eater. Would he be a boss that takes through a time stream of Super Sonic bosses ending with kicking his karcus at the end <_< Oh how epic would that be…going from the Final Hazard to Dark Gaia, and hoping in between super bosses *-* I think I just drooled…welp thats the end of my comment on bosses <_< Odd how it started with Knuckles…

  27. I get how changing the rolling late into development might make everything wonky but how did they get rolling wrong in the first place? I know that it’s highly improbable that Sonic Team can make the physics 1:1 but if they actually studied the Classic games then how did they miss rolling physics being such a big part of the games? How could they not notice the rolling physics?

    Polygon Jim over at Sonic Retro hacked the demo and showed us that the rolling physics could be closer to how they were in the Classics but that it would mess up the levels. But why didn’t they have the physics like that BEFORE they made the levels?

    Regardless, this game looks fantastic and I’ll be getting this game as soon as it comes out. November can’t come soon enough.

  28. NO FFS the ramps are scripted fixing the Rolling wont screw the game,removing the Sripted Events will you retard!

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