Choose Which New Sonic 4 Info You’d Like In SEGA’s Poll

Choose Which New Sonic 4 Info You’d Like In SEGA’s Poll

SEGA of America community staffer RubyEclipse has posted a new topic at the SEGA forums informing the Sonic community that SEGA are ready to reveal new information about Sonic the Hedgehog 4 but they want to get the fans involved again. SEGA are holding a poll with two topics to choose from, either the homing attack or music and sound effects.

RubyEclipse’s post is below –

Hey everyone,

In the near future, we’re going to get a chance to talk to you guys more about Sonic 4, including some in-depth discussion about the finer parts of the game.

So, we’d like to let you guys decide which parts you’re most curious about and would like to hear more info on. There may be even more polls like this in the future, but this time around we’re letting you choose between more details on how the Homing Attack works in the game, or, alternatively, the Music / SFX in the game.

Cast your votes between now and this Friday – there’s not an “all of the above!” option just yet, but we’d like to see what interests you the most.

Thanks all!

If you are interested in taking part you will need to sign up for a SEGA Pass if you don’t have one already.

Source: RubyEclipse’s topic posted at the SEGA Forums

Thanks to Dusk the Biohazard Keeper at the SSMB for the heads up.

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  1. I just love it when developers get in touch with the gamers, it’s much better to play a game when you know what happened behind the scenes. For one, I’ve been following the Rocket Knight blog in facebook, for example, where they talk about steps of the game design process.

  2. Music, I CHOOSE YOU! *throws pokeball*

    for some reason I feel the Homing attack wont be so usefull in this game (despite the leaked gameplay prooving me wrong in this statement D: ).

  3. music, homing attack will be either like in unleashed or rush.
    btw homing attack won’t help much in the end of the game.
    i just say shellcracker and asteron.

  4. Stop voting homing attack, music ftw!

    Unless we get to see a long footage video of homing attack in action.

  5. No it will not be released in disc form, at least not for the near future, it’s already been said several times that this game is download exclusive, meaning we probly won’t see it in disc form untill some sort of sonic collection in a couple years.

  6. I don’t care about any of that!, just show a video of some real gameplay… then we’ll decide whether or not the music/homing attack etc. is good…

    (It’s not like they’re gonna listen to us anyways…)

  7. @ YoshiAngemon
    Your not the only one buddy.

    I’m kinda predicting the homing attack will be used in the same way sonic unleashed used it, but with a different style. Its interesting, but I’m even more curious about the special stages and the bosses. Personally I love eggmans ideas and machines, but eventually, I’m gonna want a challenge. I was kinda hoping for the at the end of sonic unleashed but beating him in under 3 min ((360 version)) is kinda child’s play *sigh* Eggman don’t disappoint.

  8. I voted for the music/sfx. Reason being that I already have a good (if not vague) idea of how the homing attack will work in-game, and the music is really the only reason I’ve even played any of the recent sonic outings (this includes Secret Rings & Black Knight, despite the fact that I hate both games passionately).

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