Win a Sonic Classic Collection Limited Edition Box Set with Sonic Wrecks!

Win a Sonic Classic Collection Limited Edition Box Set with Sonic Wrecks!

So while TSS takes a break from competitions for a moment, our friends over at Sonic Wrecks are taking up the reins! In fact they’ve got an extremely tasty morsel to give away in the form of the Sonic Classic Collection Limited Edition Collectors Tin set, containing a copy of Sonic Classic Collection on the Nintendo DS, 5 glossy postcards of classic art, and a First4Figures mini Sonic statue. This isn’t available outside of Spain and Australia, so this is a must-have for you die-hards outside those regions!

All you have to do is simple:


Sonic Classic Collection brings the classic quintet of Sonic’s original Mega Drive outings to the Nintendo DS for the first time, but what we want to know is something completely bogus. That’s right, I want your best entirely ficticious Sonic The Hedgehog “facts”!  The best one wins… simples!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s an example: “The idea for the character of Knuckles the Echidna came about from one of Yuji Naka’s anecdotes, in which he claims to have defended himself against an army of Nintendo fanboys in a bar fight, using only an anteater “.

Ok, so my mind works in wonderful ways. Lucky for you, I’ve already got one. It’s very nice.

Anyway, the competition is open until the 26th of March 2010, so get yer thinking caps on; a crackers fact could bag yourself a lovely piece to add to your collection!

Check out Sonic Wrecks for full details and to enter!

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  1. i get serious brain farts from coming up with useless facts. I’ll just wait for someone in Spain or Australia to put one up on e-bay.

  2. I bought from EB Games Australia, The statue isn’t worth it, though the postcards are pretty cool

  3. I have mine:

    ‘Super Sonic was created when Yuji Naka had a sexual affair with Shigeru Miyamoto and his hair turned yellow and spiky. All of it.’

  4. In the Doomsday Zone in S3&K you actually controlled Goku while sonic and amy were off on their honeymoon in twinkle park.

  5. Here’s mine:

    Knuckles is Bob Marley in disguise, and in Sonic 3, he had a stunt double who wore yellow socks.

  6. Fun fact for the kids!

    Did you know that during the development of the character Ray the flying squirrel, they considered giving him a super form in which he would have the ability infect his enemies with RAYbbies.

    ~The More You Know!~

  7. Did you know:

    All of the humans in the scenes from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) were live action placed on top of CGI. …Until the kiss scene came up. Then the actors went on strike, and it was all done with computer animation.

  8. ummm… let me try one i guess. ok, ok i think i got this: did you know, once you collect 5 chaos emeralds, sonic can validate your parking? no too much fail there, lets do one a bit more authentic:
    “roughly after sonic adventure 2 sonic team ran out of original ideas until Bryon the Intern suggested we pull plot ideas from internet fanfics (but no lemons cause this series is also for the kiddos) thus all games from shadow the hedgehog to sonic and the black knight were born!”

  9. “Knuckles Chaotix” didn’t get a PC release ’cause Vector never found the computer room.

  10. Did you know Robotnik was once married? It’s true.

    One night, when he was up trying to think of new ways to kill Sonic, Mrs. Robotnik asked, “Why don’t you just make a zone out of spikes?”

    Robotnik filed for divorce the next day, mad that he didn’t think of it first.

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