Sonic Classic Collection and Second Full Week ASR UK Sales Charts

Sonic Classic Collection and Second Full Week ASR UK Sales Charts

Jut a quick heads up, Chart Track have today unveiled last weeks UK video game sales chart for the week ending 13th March. Final Fantasy XIII has taken the top spot of the all-formats chart but how have Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Sonic Classic Collection fared?

All-Formats Top 40:
ASR down from 5th to 7th place
Sonic Classic Collection 35th

Individual Formats Top 40:
Wi version down from 12th to 15th
DS version down from 17th to 21st
Xbox 360 version down 19th to 36th
PS3 version down from 27th to 40th.

Sonic Classic Collection 32nd

PS3 Top 30:
ASR down from 6th to 10th place

PC Top 20:
ASR hasn’t placed in full price or budget charts

Xbox 360 Top 40:
ASR down from 6th to 8th

DS Top 40:
ASR down from 1st to 2nd
Sonic Classic Collection 6th

Wii Top 40:
ASR stays at 2nd place

It appears all versions of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing minus the DS version have dropped a little in the charts though remaining in the top 10 is still a positive to say the game has some heavy competition in games like Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Will Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing be able to stay put in the top 10? We’ll let you know next week.

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  1. Good to hear that it’s still in the top 10, considering the new titles in the charts. I expect it to go only slightly lower when the likes of Pokemon and the like are released in a few weeks but saying that it’s not that bad really 🙂

  2. The PS3/360 versions of ASR have been knocked down; no suprise there, with Final Fantasy XIII being released.

  3. Well it not shocking that Final Fantasy XIII would be in the top 5. Have you seen that game. On a big screen HD TV. I know someone who’s getting an early birthday present a month early xD Then we have the release of …>*drum roll* POKEMON HEARTGOLD SOULSILVER. xD I had to save a lot of money to get these games AND SAR.
    Its kind of ironic because I never though I would buy a sonic game and Pokemon game around the same time.Interesting. I guess I better post before I go from super sonic mod to shocking Pokemon mode.

    -Pokemon Master and Speedy Go Getter-
    -aren’t I cute-

  4. I’m far more tempted to pick up Pokemon Heart Gold then ASR. Final Fantasy 13 is also very tempting but I have to choose carefully; there are so many quality games coming out this year I’ll run out of money if I’m not careful.

  5. Its nice to see those titles do so well. I’ve picked up both the PC and DS version of S&SASR and I’m having a blast with both!

  6. Eggman : Sure is & the only sequel I want is a ASR 2 not a different sport/party game becuase Sumo Digtal really did great with ASR infact it`s the greatest racing game I`ve played since Mario Kart DS

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