Can You Beat this Bentley Jones Video Competition Entry? Part 3!?!

Can You Beat this Bentley Jones Video Competition Entry? Part 3!?!


I’ve put my copy of Sonic Classic Collection down for five miuntes to show you my third and final favourite entry for the Bentley Jones So Much More Video Competition. As you’ve probably guessed, most of my faves have centred on videos where the entrants have roped their mates in to get involved, and this one is no different – Club 9 have banded together in this rather artsy and albeit silly video in which they mime their way through the track, or stand around looking moody. It’s filmed in really high quality, it’s fun to watch, and half the band are called Ryan (ok, so the last one’s not really a selling point). Plus, the guy on the sound board is mental.

Again, I think this is a real contender for top spot in the competition, and in true T-Bird style will send them a goodie bag as consolation should they fail to make the top 10 entries.

Watch out though, the band do start loosing clothes towards the end of the video. Form an orderly queue please ladies.

EDIT: Damn! I keep finding more awesome entries! Check out the Bentley Bird!

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  1. Wow! I got a front page mention. You’ve just made my day 🙂 The animation was originally going to be longer, but as mentioned on the video, I ran out of time. Also, Flash HATES exporting certain Movie Clips, so Sonic doesn’t run as fast as he should. It doesn’t compare to some of the other entries, but it’s been accepted so all’s good.

    So, any chance of a goodie bag? :p

  2. Stasis: Well, seeing as you got a small mention, OK…If you don’t place I’ll send you some swag.


  3. Haha that was actually rather cool. I think the editing was cool, and the video was rather crisp. I think this should be a top contender for sure as well!

  4. YES!! Thanks T-Bird! You just made my day!

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We spent a lot of time on this video, and it’s an honor to have it up here on the Sonic Stadium! 😀

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