Sonic Classic Collection Launch Trailer & Press Release

Sonic Classic Collection Launch Trailer & Press Release


Sonic Classic Collection bringing Sonic’s legendary Mega Drive titles to a portable platform has just been released today in Europe for Nintendo DS and to mark the occasion SEGA Europe have issued a press release and a launch trailer showcasing the game in action.

LONDON (12th March, 2010) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® America, Inc., are pleased to confirm that Sonic Classic Collection™ is now in stores. For the first time ever, the original games from legendary gaming icon Sonic The Hedgehog™ – Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles – will be playable on the Nintendo DS™!

Sonic Classic Collection allows fans both old and new to speed through the much loved zones of the four original Mega Drive adventures, in a bid to collect the chaos emeralds and save the world. Optimised to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS system, Sonic Classic Collection will feature a new save anywhere feature, a first in this original series, meaning that the games can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!

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Thanks to Sonic Wrecks owner and SEGA Europe Community Manager ArchangelUK for the heads up!

Press release at Sonic Wrecks
Launch trailer direct link at SEGA Europe’s YouTube Channel

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  1. The save-game feature is more than welcome. being it a portable platform, it is kinda annoying to play a level over and over again because the bus has arrived or something.

  2. I am not a fan of this game, my brother has it, I played the first act of Sonic 2. Framerate was so sluggish when sonic ran at full speed.

  3. It’s definitely not unplayable but the framerate drops are noticeable. In it’s not always so much when running at top speed necessarily I found, but just here and there in general really. Kind of like Sonic Adventure DX, but not quite such a large gap between highest and lowest framerate, and not as annoyong. Emulation is pretty accurate and I had no problems playing through Sonic 3 as I would on anything else. Don’t expect a perfect experience, but it isn’t bad and it is great to have S3&K potable at last. Recommended if you travel a lot.

  4. Tried it.
    Didn’t like it.
    When back to DS genesis emulator.
    Sorry Sega =( i still love you though

  5. From reading the comments here, it sounds like the framerate is very low on this. Why is it that every time Sega tries to port a Sonic game to a handheld console, this stuff always happens?

    I’ll just stick to my Genesis emulator on PSP, thank you.

  6. Really…REALLY wish they would have put Sonic CD on here, too. Still the best one imo.

  7. @ Lobo-Amaruq
    Heck yea. xD I wonder why they didn’t put Sonic CD on there.I guess they wanted to keep the Sonic, Tail, Knuckles, story line.

    @ bmhedgehog
    Dude, if your not going to put a kind sportive response then STFU >.>

  8. Next Sonic Compilation should be:

    SEGASonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic Jam
    Knuckles Chaotix
    Sonic Schoolhouse
    Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn Version)
    Sonic Pocket Adevnture
    Sonic Game world
    Tails and the music Maker
    Sonic Shuffle
    Christmas NiGHTS

    -yes i am aware that many of those games are terrible, but heck it would be nice to have every Sonic game ever.


    The sound effects during the short clip of “collect blue spheres” are incorrect. I think the sound being used is the sound of one of the charging lasers or something. Not too sure, at the moment. But they’re definitely off.

  10. I’m glad Sonc CD isn’t on here. I know Ill get flack for saying this but I LOATHE Sonic CD. The level designs are annyoing and the time-traveling doesn’t help the game. I’m sorry but I can’t believe anyone thinks it’s the best Somic game. I love Sonic 2.

  11. @sonictoast

    I think Sonic Jam is the most unlikely one, since it’s a compilation in itself, but with videos and pictures. But the rest is possible (would need enough space for Shuffle though)

  12. Though I hated Sonic CD’s bosses with a burning passion, the levels themselves were actually really fun to play!

    It’s just a shame that Europe was “blessed” with the awful Japanese music when the game was released in its original form. Oh well; we got the cool US soundtrack in the Gems Collection version, and there’s always Kega Fusion…

  13. Coolio. Proabably won’t get it since I have all of them on Genesis and in Mega Collection, but it’s a little tempting since it gets boring at college sometimes, -_-.


  14. @ sonictoast
    You know Sonic Jam was a compilation game right? xD
    Maybe the original NiGHTs before Christmas one? Maybe they should save that for a Christmas special….THIS YEAR Possibly xD
    Sonic School House *cough*
    Sonic Shuffle and Knuckles Chaotix would be nice.
    I wish Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series were all on one DS game.
    I would prefer Tails’ Skypatrol and Tails Adventure over Tail and the Music Maker >.>
    Well that my only add two cents xD
    Im shooting for Sonic Advance and Rush all together one DS carterage.

  15. @ Lunar_Sonic96
    The reason he added Sonic Jam was for the extras such as Sonic World, Museums, Time Trials of old games, ect.
    And Christmas NiGHTS instead of original NiGHTS because Christmas NiGHTS featured Sonic as a playable bonus.

  16. I have no gripe about Sonic CD it just has it occurred to anyone that it might not fit on the cart.

    Quote Sonictoast with my response in parenthesis

    Next Sonic Compilation should be:

    SEGASonic the Hedgehog (a must have)
    Sonic Jam (no, its already a compilation game come to think of it Classic Collection is just a port of Sonic Jam IMHO)
    Knuckles Chaotix (most definatly)
    Sonic Schoolhouse (Very Iffy if not very unlikely)
    Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn Version) (why not we already have the Genesis version done)
    Sonic Pocket Adventure (sure)
    Sonic Game world
    Tails and the music Maker (for gameworld and music maker this might be hard, unless the next collection does appear on the DS then those games are do able)
    Sonic Shuffle (I still say they should make a sequel)
    Christmas NiGHTS (definatly)

  17. @Dakota Jones Sonic’s School house is a PC game for kids where you basically learn your ABCs and 123s

  18. Both SEGASonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles’ Chaotix were originally planned to be part of the Sonic Gems Collection. They left out SEGASonic because of difficulties adapting the game controls since it originally used a trackball. I’m not really sure why they left out Chaotix, especially since the Museum section contains a bunch of Chaotix artwork.

    And to the Sonic CD haters, I thought the levels were really messy and badly designed the first time I tried it, but after playing it a couple of times I realize it’s perfect. The cluttered levels demand careful thought and skill if you want to make a good future in every zone, since you have to find the right place to keep your speed up if you want to travel through time. And the time-traveling means there are actually four versions of every act (well, two of every boss act)! I think of the game as a sort of Sonic 1 on steroids, and I think Sonic CD truly embodies the principle of earning your speed through skill which is what made the old-school Sonic games so great. It’s for people who want to explore every nook and cranny and not just hold right to win. I’d love to see the time-travel mechanic revisited in a newer Sonic game.

  19. I wouldnt say that this collection is anything like Jam, apart from using the same music on the title screen. The extras in Jam were what any Sonic collection should try and at least copy if not surpass. The music room, movies room, history hall and even the artwork room were better than anything we have seen since.
    The inclusion of the 3D Sonic World was nifty as a way to select the different rooms, and the extra modes on the collected games, the neat 3D models of the carts as well as the games running perfectly just made it the ultimate collection at the time.

    Id love to see a new collection that is as definative as that was back then, now. Perhaps this “leaked” document mentioning Sonic Anniversary Collection if it was real or comes to pass will finally be that new complete definative collecton i have been waiting for.

  20. @ Everyone who read my last comment.

    i did include “Sonic Jam” on my list because of all the extra rare content it contains and for the little 3D environment to run around in, and it has the 4 genesis games, I mean that alone would make up for all the bad games on the imaginary compilation i listed.

    The saturn version of 3D Blast would be good because of the 3D bonus levels which are completely different from the genesis version.

    “Christmas NiGHTS” because of the Level where you play as Sonic.

    “Sonic Shuffle” because maybe if it were ported onto a modern system it wouldn’t take a thousand years to load and it wouldn’t have so many errors and glitches.

    Schoolhouse, Gameworld, Music Maker and Pocket Adventure simply because they are all rare games that would be nice for hardcore fans to be able to have in an easy compilation.

    and on the other topic, Sonic CD is not the best Sonic game, but it is definitely not the worst.

  21. It`s good but Knuckles in Sonic 3 has glitches in 2 zones if you go too fast as Knuckles where your stuck in a dead end with no return back to where you were before the dead end until the time runs out

  22. I myself would prefer having Knuckles Chaotix, Tails Sky Patrol, and Sonic CD in the classic collection as well, but I like the games this classic collection has. I’ll probably buy it. Love the save at anytime feature. No more headaches with having to restart the level.

  23. I’ve got it and am glad that Sega have finally officially released Sonic 3 & Knuckles / Sonic 3 Complete on a handheld as its my favourite sonic game of them all with its brilliant level design, soundtrack and the highly detailed graphics.

    I like Sonic CD but its too large to fit onto a cartridge without modification to its soundtrack and Sega are too tight to do it.

    The games I would have added are Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Chaos and the Master System versions of Sonic 1 and 2.

  24. Crud!I knew I needed to go to best buy for something today!Ah well,another day.Still looking forward to a port for sonic CD that’s not on gamecube*my controllers suck* also a few others that I haven’t played yet*Yep,missed out on some of them,I had the wrong system*

  25. @ sonictoast
    See, that makes more since when you explain it out xD Now I totally 100% agree with you.

    @ S32X
    That sounds like an intersting but fun compilation.

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