First Piece of ASR DLC Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

First Piece of ASR DLC Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

The first piece of downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing at least has hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. Priced at 400 Microsoft Points you get what is essentially a key to unlock all content in the game, so those hoping for characters, tracks or music will have to wait a little bit longer.

The content is described as below –

Race past the competition and speed your way to victory with a whole host of Sonic & SEGA All-Star characters and exhilarating tracks. Unlock all 24 tracks and 22 characters from the start with this exclusive download. Winning has never been so sweet!

In a post at the SSMB Steve Lycett Executive Producer at Sumo Digital has confirmed there is better DLC coming –

Yeah, that’s the boring DLC, it gets better

Laser gates? LOL – yet another one to add to the gaffe list. The Final Fortress tracks used to have laser gates that popped out of the tracks to block you. We took them out as they really slowed the race down – and could pop up right when you least wanted them.

Of course there was a cameo on the Final Fortress tracks too….


This first piece of DLC hasn’t hit the PS3’s PlayStation Store yet but we’ll keep an eye out for it.

UK Xbox Live Marketplace

U.S. Xbox Live Marketplace

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  1. so.. you can pretty much pay to get someone else to go through the effort of unlocking everything.
    How boring…

  2. Yeah, boring indeed. Especially as it doesn’t really take that long to unlock everything anyway. I mean, if you bought this, then used the characters you paid for to do like Grand Prix and Time Trials and stuff, you’d have ended up with enough to Sega Miles to just buy them all anyway.

  3. crap, i wanna a pack with least 5 more Sonic characters and five other Sega characters, make a total of 10 new characters.

  4. Also, can’t you just download a gamesave off the internet (like gamefaqs) then use that? Pretty much every current console allows this ability (though Nintnedo’s annoying block of certain games is a pain, if it connect to the internet you can’t use someone’s save). Interestingly you can still use someone else’s save on internet compatible games on the other consoles. Anyway, my point is this is a free feature, why would you pay to do this? Or even bother to do this (I can see this being done for bug filled games or for people who don’t have enough free time), but a racing game?

  5. Funny, if this was relased for PS3 it would look like they are charging you to fix they bugged achievements…

    Hopefully I am wrong, and they relase a patch (I also hope this doesn’t include THE patch for support future DLC).

  6. The last sentence sounds like a very vague hint.

    Just a question with no answer, sorry.

  7. I wish they would stop this “paying for stuff you can easily unlock within the game” crap. That’s ripping people off!

  8. No ones getting ripped off. Not like you have to pay for it ;). You can just…unlock things with SEGA Miles.

  9. What’s the point of paying 400MS when you can unlock everything by getting Sega Miles? I’m sorry I have to say this but this is not good. But with the new characters,new tracks,and new musics besides those who were already in the game will be much greater.

  10. I’m actually going to side with the majority of the comments here…that’s a bit of a lacklustre download. I find it hard to believe there are people who really don’t have the patience to play the game a few times around before they can unlock characters. What exactly is downloaded in this content if all the material you unlock is already on the game?

    I think this might have been justified if it was a fraction of the price, but…for 400G you can download a game! My advice is go and download S&K or Streets of Rage 2 instead…or if you really can’t be bothered to earn SEGA miles, just hand your controller to your Gran and go make yourself a sandwich – before you know it she’ll be cornering like a pro, racking up the miles and smashing your lap time record on Whale Lagoon.


  11. This is pretty strange DLC. But I admit it’s a pretty good idea nonetheless- imagine you want to use this game at a party but haven’t unlocked all the characters yet. It would have been useful in SSBM or SSBB.

  12. @Hudson: I wouldn’t call it a rip-off as much as I would call it a very bad idea. It would be a rip-off if someone was stupid enough to buy it.

    This reminds me of a certain fighting game that includes souls, ultimate, and joke weapons that were sold on Xbox Live when they could have easily been unlocked and purchased in the game itself. My question is why are these idiots charging people for this content when it can be unlocked in the game itself? More importantly, why put it up at all? The content is not very hard to unlock. Just play the game, earn Sega miles, and head to the store and claim your prizes. So as a certain angry video game nerd would say: “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!”

  13. Wow, unlock all the tracks, characters, and music. That would be so cool…

    If I Didn’t Do That Already Within The First Week I Purchased the Game!

    Come On! Give us good DLC! Hell, I’ll even settle for some stuff over at the Avatar Marketplace.

  14. I unlocked everything in less than 24 hours, this DLC is pointless. I would never waste five dollars on it.

  15. If I had Lycet’s email I could ask him to ask rare to ad some Banjo-Kazooie chars and levels as DLC (or a banjo-pack as I’ say) My ideas for tracks are showdown town (nuts and bolts) mayahem temple (tooie) and Treasure trove Cove (banjo-kazooie) and the characters in my words are Mumbo Jumbo (the shaman who is NOW a mechanic) in a skull kart, and Grunty and ehr little cat Piddles (from nuts and bolts) in her witchy wagon (from the same game) Mumbo’s allsatr my guess he either uses glowbo magic (tooie) or his zapper stick. And grunty, I could say either she casts a spell to make falling magic rain on the opponents (like jiggy rain) or she adds an egg or grenade turret for Piddles to fire at unsuspecting racers. I hope you guys like my dieas thank you.

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