ASR Steam Release Silently Pushed to March 2nd

ASR Steam Release Silently Pushed to March 2nd

What’s the deal with the Steam release?

If you were looking to download the PC version of Sonic and Sonic SEGA Sonic All-Sonic Stars Sonic Racing featuring Sonic yesterday, you might have already seen the date change and have gotten miffed at it.  The game’s Steam profile changed the release date, with no announcement whatsoever, to March 2nd.

Previously, the release date was changed to yesterday, the 25th, from its original release date of the 23rd.  SEGA and Sumo Digital have not acknowledged the delay at this time and many retailers are listing the PC version “out now.”

ASR’s Steam Profile

[via The Temporal Conduit]

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  1. The PC disc version in the UK released fine today so its odd that the Steam release which didnt have to go through any disc manufacturing or anything would be delayed. I wondered if it was delayed for a frame-rate fix since the Xbox 360 version got a patch for that but that would have meant delaying the disc version too so I’m confused.

  2. I’d assume it’s because of a glitch with steam intergation (that wouldn’t be a issue in the retail version, so that got shipped on time). Or maybe it’s last minute “steam-exclusive” tweaks, like added the Steam achievement system to the game.

  3. Coincidentally, this is the day my copy for Xbox is supposed to arrive after Amazon delayed my delivery.

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