Gamespot Check Out SEGA Tokyo HQ

Gamespot Check Out SEGA Tokyo HQ

SEGA Japan 6

You may remember last week when we informed you that Gamespot were after user questions for their visit to SEGA’s Tokyo HQ, well they have returned and shared some photo’s from SEGA’s foyer.

Gamespot inform their promised interviews with SEGA’s top developers and producers and previews of upcoming games etc will not be going live on their website until Dec 28th though, probably due to Christmas Holidays from work which we can’t blame them.

We’ll keep an eye out the 28th for any information and let you know here, in the mean time check out Gamespot’s snaps. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge)

SEGA Japan 1 SEGA Japan 2 SEGA Japan 3 SEGA Japan 4 SEGA Japan 5 SEGA Japan 6 SEGA Japan 7 SEGA Japan 8 SEGA Japan 9

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  1. Those windows are spotless! A very ..unique looking Sonic in the foyer.. and

    .. Initial D 5th Stage… when will it end !

    <3 Sega

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  2. wow… pic 6 statue is like… retro sonic and current sonic fused together… never thought id see something like that

  3. @skyblaze: taht’s exactly what I though… it almost seems like they grabbed a classic Sonic statue and painted green eyes on it xD

    Anyways, why is winnie the pooh in one of the second picture?

  4. @ imarafan
    SEGA have some licenses to make toys from third parties for their amusement machines or base whole amusement machines off of third party franchises. Our local shopping centre has SEGA UFO machines with Hello Kitty cuddly toys and other merchandise inside. The arcade in the shopping centre has a Spongebob Squarepants amusement machine made by SEGA and there’s also a Rambo arcade shooter machine complete with gun peripherals.

  5. I love those dolls they look like a bit more chibi version of sonic and tails from SonicX, and why does Japan get all the cool stuff like Initial D, it sucks that we don’t get it

  6. wow what a cool place.
    Are those sonic adventure 2 plushies! Reminds me of that great game.
    The monkey ball plushies are great to!

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