New ASR Trailer Now On Xbox Live and YouTube

New ASR Trailer Now On Xbox Live and YouTube

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing banner

UPDATE: Now on YouTube –

A new trailer for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing featuring Banjo-Kazooie has just hit Xbox Live on Xbox 3660. The trailer weighs in at 72.12MB.

The trailer is now available via the Marketplace on the official Xbox web site too.

The trailer reveals your Xbox 360 Avatars are playable in the game for a more custom experience. The trailer also lays to rest any hope fans had for exclusive characters in the other versions of the game with the voice-over confirming “Exclusive Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing characters only on Xbox 360.”

Examining the trailer:
– Shadow’s All-Star Move is, you guessed it Super Shadow!
– The Avatar’s All-Star Move gathers your friends Avatar’s to lift your vehicle and run while carrying your car to give you what looks to be a comical boost in speed while bashing through opponents.
– A track that looks like Dino Mountain from Billy Hatcher is shown.
– A Tokyo type city track is also shown, possibly representing Yakuza, Shenmue or Jet Set/Grind Radio.
– Banjo-Kazooie’s vehicle’s license plate says BANJO for anyone interested.
– Final Fortress from Sonic Heroes also appears as a new track.
– Banjo Kazooie’s All-Star Move has Kazooie peck Banjo’s head then get out her magical wrench from Nuts & Bolts to throw Jiggies behind them to attack their opponents.
– Amy is shown attacking Tails with a giant blue ball item.
– Banjo Kazooie’s vehicle has the Rare logo as a hood ornament.
– The trailer’s description reveals Banjo-Kazooie’s vehicle to be named the ‘Bolt Bucket’ Jeep and the Avatar’s vehicle to be called the ‘Avacar’.
– The UK official Xbox site is now displaying the same box art as the U.S. with Banjo Kazooie on the front so that’s the UK Xbox 360 box art confirmed.

The desert track shown is from Super Monkey Ball. If you pause the trailer at the part where Banjo stands up and waves at everyone behind him to the left you can see a giant stone wheel with AiAi and Mee-Mee’s faces on with a picture of a banana. The track also has banana peel obstacles too. Super Monkey Ball character statues can also be seen at the end of the trailer.

Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital under his nickname S0L has confirmed via the SSMB that the Tokyo track is from the Jet Set Radio games.

Steve also assures fans that Bajo-Kazooie are on the disc and not downloadable content.

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  1. that part could just mean that these charactcers are exclusive to 360. But I’m not getting my hopes up 🙁

  2. Screw this news.I DEMAND MY NIGHTS >:O But also I demand to hear about exclusive stuff for the wii and ds. XD My cousin has a 360 and the other has a PS3 so life might be good but still I want some difference and also About super shadow XD seen that soming when they said super sonic.I mean really what else could they have done *cough*chaos control*cough* WHO SAID THAT but I kinda wish they had super tails XD the true mystery is Eggmans final smash.Do I hear a mega jolopy horn XD I guess we will have to wait.Im hoping for a level themed from sonic unleash *coug*cool edge*cough*eggmanland*cough*empire city*chokes from coughs* XD Maybe if this goes well and they have a squeal more allstar move will be avaliable.Darkspine and Excalibur Sonic……nah but its possible.With Sega anythings possible.Look we have a blue hedgehog running over water and around the world XD

  3. Forgot to mention Crisis City *minus the glitches* and Wave ocean.Emerald coast?Maybe.Or even the heaven,hell level from Sonic riders.Digital Dimension was it?Epic level.Make some changes and longer and itll be perfect.Even Sega Carnival XD I guess Im going on to long.On to your next comment 😛 Ill b back mates XD

  4. That was the worst commercial I’ve ever seen for any video game ever lol. That just sounded like WWE…I don’t miss television.

  5. “Exclusive Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing characters only on Xbox 360.” That could very easily refer to Banjo and Avatar’s as characters exclusive to the 360. There’s a slight chance for other characters on other versions, but since I’ll probably only get the 360 version, I won’t hold my breath.

  6. I hate the post 3d sonic stages, why that beach and dont emerald hill, why casino park, and not casino night, why final fortress and not death egg, Sega die for me too time ago.
    Anyway, this game looks fun.

  7. Wow, the announcers voice is so bad….

    ahem, anyway it’s a pretty interesting development and being able to have your xbox live avatar in is pretty neat (since your friends are your super move).

    I’ll wait for the reviews. There are better racing games I could buy so I wanna make sure it’s worth it.

  8. Screw Banjo, I’ve never played even one of the games. I’m more excited about Avatar support. Me racing against Sonic & Co dressed as a Pirate or in my normal duds will be greatness!

  9. I hate Banjo’s new design. His face looks like a cardboard box. I liked whe he was round and lovable like in Diddy Kong Racing.

  10. @Paul Street: Well that explains why you’re dissing him. IMO Banjo’s having more luck these days than Sonic is. All his games have had excellent reviews in the past until ignorant gamers came along and startedtalking shit about his games being too hard and needs maps and all sorts of crap. Banjo’s too cool for maps.

  11. “Exclusive Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing characters only on Xbox 360” can very well be referring to just Banjo and the Avatars. Sega would be silly to just have exclusives on 360!

    Anyway, I’d say this all but confirms Miis, at the very least. All Sega has to do is replace the models and they’re set. 😛 Mario is also expected, as well as… well, someone on the PS3.

  12. Am I the only who has noticed this but dosent it seem theyre showing everything but the one thing we all want.

  13. @ C.Olimar788
    Sumo Digital have already confirmed the Wii version doesn’t support Mii’s, can’t remember where though.

  14. Well I doubt Mario is going to be in the Wii version. The box art confirms that. If he was he would be on the fron with the text Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing with Mario. Everybody knows Wii has no DLC.

  15. So… screw SUMO, if they include that asshole Banjo but not our beloved NiGHTS…

    Hell!, might as well stick effing Jak and Daxter in there as well….

    naw, how ’bout they include Scaler the shape-shifting chameleon, huh?, remember him? of course you don’t…

    Come on people…

  16. @KjrinKA2: Banjo actually has more luck than NiGHTS as well. He’s had 5 games all which have done excellent whereas NiGHTS has had more cameos than games. And quit whining like a douchebag. BANJO IS IN A FREAKIN SEGA GAME!!! That’s something to cheer about sir! I’m pretty sure SEGA won’t stray away from their beloved cameo filler. One person we really need to worry about is Ulala. God knows we ALL miss her.

  17. @Lunar_Sonic: I for one beg to differ. I actually prefer a Banjo game over NiGHTS any day. NiGHTS is awesome, but Banjo is kick-ass, but people don’t realize how cool Banjo is cause they’re attracted to higher class game companies like Nintendo. News Flash people! Rare worked with Nintendo, but they sold them just for a buck! NiGHTS is cool, but Banjo takes the cake.

  18. @Hudson: Okay mate.Maybe this site should have a little poll. Bear vs. Nightmaren. We should see who is acually better. If you guys create a poll for Night vs.Banjo that would be awesome.

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