Four New ASR Screenshots

Four New ASR Screenshots

18th Dec Screen 1

With the official unveiling of Avatar’s and Banjo-Kazooie’s appearances in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing some new screenshots have been revealed of those characters in the game. One interesting tidbit in the screenshot showing the Avatar’s All-Star move is the updated HUD that has a tracking bar instead of a map indicating how far you and your opponents are from the finish line. Wether this will be used instead of a map or as a seperate option to maps we can only guess until we receive confirmation from SEGA/Sumo Digital.

Check out the other three screenshots below (Click the thumbnails to enlarge)
18th Dec Screen 2 18th Dec Screen 3 18th Dec Screen 4

Official Xbox UK site

Thanks to NinMicroSega over at the SSMB for the non-Silverlight link.

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  1. Still looking gorgeous. Hopefully they have some awesome pre-order goodies =D
    love pre-orders.

    Like Unleashed that came with that stupid werehog whos leg broke off 2 hours after i got it.

  2. Wait, so the 360 version will support Personas, but the Wii version still won’t support Mii’s? What up with that? XD

  3. i don’t really like the bar at the top of the screen. would way rather a map, as for the questions about avatars being in and “not mii’s” its cuz mii’s suck in comparison

  4. I’ve never played any of the Banjo Kazooie games, but does his model seem a bit clunky compared to the other characters? or is that just his model anyway?

  5. Besides Avatars being graphically more impressive, I don’t see how the two persona features differ.

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