Nintendo Power Preview Wii & DS ASR

Nintendo Power Preview Wii & DS ASR

Nintendo Power have previewed the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing and have also received a few new screenshots of both versions. Nintendo Power re-affirm their earlier confirmation of a Space Channel 5 character presence in the game, no specific character is mentioned but our bets are on Ulala the star of that series. No new information is revealed unfortunately but its always nice to have a look at how the game is looking on the Wii & DS with so much attention always on the HD versions.

Check out the article below(Click thumbnail to enlarge).
Thanks to Emerl over at the SSMB for the scan.


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  1. I’m pretty sure that nobody will buy the Wii or DS versions; most owners of those two consoles are completely up themselves when it comes to cartoon racing games that aren’t made by Nintendo, and will wrongly cite All Stars Racing as the rip-off of Mario Kart that it obviously isn’t.

    In any case, the Xbox 360 version will still be the most favourable due to the inclusion of Banjo and Kazooie. The other iterations don’t even come close to standing a chance…

  2. Actually the PS3 version has a chance for people who don’t own 360’s and aren’t Nintendo whores. Not to mention the secret behind-closed-doors dealing SEGA and Sony are doing with apparent DLC and DLcharacters going around….
    Also I will say this, for the DS the graphics really are very good, they are as good as, if not better than the graphics on MarioKartDS IMO

  3. Actually, they probably only threw Banjo in the XBOX one to widen their audience a little. That’s also probably why they have that lame “Family Game” label on the front. They do all that stuff so people will buy that version, and so they won’t have to give it away free with the system (like Superstars Tennis). They know it will sell just fine on Wii and DS because those are the family friendly consoles.

    I’m for sure buying the Wii version because of the Wii Wheel controls. I loved Mario Kart, but played the toast out of it and need a new challenge. Can’t wait for Superstars racing.

  4. @ Scartillery

    Don’t talk that way about Nintendo. Video Games would have died out back in the early 80’s if not for them. After Atari and all those 3rd party companies ruined video games, Nintendo revived the whole market with their imaginative ideas and clever marketing. Plus Nintendo comes up with all the good ideas, and everyone else copies them (I.E. the light gun, analog joystick, handheld system, four player console, floor power pad, wireless controllers, rumbling controllers, motion controllers, balance board, etc). Only original idea Playstation ever had was that eye toy which failed miserably. They never would have created Sonic if not for the success of Mario. So if you wanna play your sony and Microsoft garbage, that’s your choice, but don’t go bad mouthing Nintendo.

  5. unless the wii or ds version get captain falcon there no point in not getting the xbox 360 version. Banjo and kazooie is the best choice Rare/Microsoft/Sumo/Sega could have made!

  6. @sonictoast
    Why must you complain about a fucking sticker on the box? it just encourages parents to buy the game for the kids.(since the Xbox isn’t known as a family friendly console and thats what the market is asking for…) it has nothing to do with banjo and kazooie being in the game.

  7. Actually, I m going for the Wii version, whenever I decide to buy it, since I play the Wii more then my 360.

    Course, it would be a day 1 purchase if they confirmed a SKIES OF ARCADIA CHARACTER! ;p

  8. @ SMT Xero: They would have to put Mario into the Wii and DS versions of the game not Captain Falcon, I’d swear I don’t want to hear him say ‘FALCON PUNNNNCH!” while he’s driving his car. Also I agree to your comment towards sonictoast, seriously who cares about a stupid sticker if you don’t like it you can always peel it off.

  9. @sonictoast: That may be but Sony is pushing out some pretty good stuff these days (with the exception of the PSP Go). Plus Sony was the first company to actually use disc in home consoles (besides the PC of course) and not the unreliable cartrages which would cause the game to freeze even if a blanket touched (it’s happened to me I know.) Plus the PSOne could also play music CDs as well no matter how scratched up it was (referring to my Pokemon 3: The Movie Soundtrack which I haven’t touched in years due to ripping it on my PSP). Nintendo moved on to disc with the Gamecube however it was the size of a cookie! Then with the Wii and now they’re using actual discs. Microsoft, well…they ruined Rare end of story.

  10. I did not read all thses comments so sorry if i copying anyone but the these screenshots look awful i mean WOW! but O well

  11. @ Dongo

    …Playstation was not the first home console to use CDs. Ever here of “Sonic CD”? One of the classics. It was for the SEGA CD system, a home console that came years before the Playstation.

    Since Sega was Nintendo’s top competitor back in the day, nintendo teamed up with Sony to make a disc extension for the SNES. This is whatr eventually became Playstation 1. When it was finished Nintendo backed out saying it was not up their standard of quality because of the poor controls and tons of loading time. So SONY made it into their own system.

    So you have to hand it for Sony, they have become quite successful considering they started with half a system. But we have to recognize that this is a second example of how PlayStation would not exist if not for Nintendo.

  12. Hey i have a will and im buying this game.
    I may have a wii but im a SEGA Fanboy so ill be buying it.
    I just hope they have a streets of rage stage.

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