New characters for Sega Superstars Tennis

New characters for Sega Superstars Tennis

PlayStation 2 Official Magazine UK have a new 8 page section dedicated to Sega Superstars Tennis. In it they have new information and screenshots, the screenshots show Amy, Dr.Eggman and Super Sonic playable. Amy and Dr. Eggman’s “Shadow the Hedgehog” art is being used for their character icons, how lazy.

The mag reveals Ulala changes costume from her orange suit to a white suit and Sonic changes to Super Sonic during a match which makes both characters turn the ball sparkly. Sega had no comments on this right now.

Controls are simple just using the analogue stick to move, X to do a straight shot and O is a slice. Press them one after the other and your character will do a lob shot or a cheeky drop shot. Pick up and play can’t get any better.

Not much other information worth noting from the mag.

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Source: Official PlayStation 2 Magazine

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